Your Ninth Royal Highness, Please Change Your Clothes
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Your Ninth Royal Highness, Please Change Your Clothes

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Synopsis Your Ninth Royal Highness, Please Change Your Clothes

After his rebirth, Wen Chan said, “ please don’t disturb me. I am concentrating on my revenge. “
Therefore there was an uproar among the people, “ Shocking news. His highness, the ninth prince, played with a hooligan in the middle of the streets. “
“ Did you hear that? During the Yuan festival, his highness the ninth prince made a young lady kneel for a colored lamp and threatened to smash down someone’s stall. “
“ I heard that the ninth prince is licentious, rude, and arrogant. He tore a young girl’s clothes in broad daylight. “
“The nine princes mocked Lord Liang for being bald…”
Wen Chan: “ This is not the world I know. ”
The people who he wanted to deliberately avoid started sticking to him.
Liang Yanbei: “You tore down a young girl’s clothes? You unexpectedly have this kind of habit. “
Wen Chan: “ What are you doing? Take your hand off my clothes. “


  1. LittleYen LittleYen says:

    The synopsis seem funny… ❤❤❤

  2. xiaoxi xiaoxi says:

    Hehe…. this looks cute waiting for more chapters

  3. Avatar Concubina Chú says:


    I really like this novel a lot, and I was wondering if you could give me permission to retranslate it into Spanish 😔💞.

    1. Avatar goldturtle says:

      Sorry, but I think it will be better if you translate from the original raw itself. In that way, you can support the author too.

      1. Avatar Concubina Chú says:

        I would like to but I don’t really know Chinese, so it would be very complicated; anyway, I plan to buy the chapters as I translate them in order to edit the translation. But I would like to have your translation as a base to translate better.

        1. Avatar goldturtle says:

          Ok then. Sure. Go for it.

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