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YNRHPCYC Chapter 15


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There was a lot of noise on the shore of the East Lake. Several young ladies from wealthy families, together with their maidservants, came over and quickly surrounded the girl who had fallen into the water. They pushed Wen Chan with every step and after making him move aside, they stood under the weeping willow.

At last, a girl wearing a water-blue brocade dress walked over slowly. She looked exquisite and her delicate eyebrows stretched out giving off a lazy manner, her bright eyes first glanced at the lively crowd, before they then moved over to the face of Wen Chan.

The moment their eyes met, Wen Chan’s heart suddenly started beating rapidly. Looking carefully at the girl’s eyebrows, eyes, nose, and lips with his eyes, the memories of the dusty evening emerged in his mind again. That night, in which blood was swirling in the air.

Qiao Yanci.

In the previous life, the gate of the capital was knocked open by a foreign enemy. During the boiling murder and looting, only the Qiao Yanci from the lady’s chambers came out, military armor draping over her shoulders, and holding a sword so she could join the alignment of the national defense.

The reason why Wen Chen wanted to marry Qiao Yanshi and make her his queen was because of the deep love of Qiao Yanshi for Liang Yanbei.

She once grabbed Wen Chen by the collar and said to him with a fierce expression, “Do you think that the reason why I abandoned my clothes and put on this armor to fight on the battlefield was because of my wholehearted loyalty? No! I did this because I wanted to stand by the side of Brother Yanbei. To live together and to die together! ”

Qiao Yanci who was still in the prime of her youth was incomparably glamorous. Liang Yanbei seemed to be the only one in her beautiful eyes. She had a brave and fearless heart in that delicate body of hers, She was willing to give up everything for her love.

Wen Chan truly hated her for a while. Everyone in the army camp commented that she and Liang Yanbei would make an ideal couple and that they were made for each other, and as soon as she heard someone make such a compliment, she immediately ran to tell Liang Yanbei about it, just the way the others said it. The way the two of them talked and laughed could make Wen Chan’s face brick red.

Later, Wen Chan slowed the pace of the military reinforcements and Qiao Yanci was accidentally injured. She was wounded by seven swords, with both her legs and left arm completely broken, and a slash streaked across her delicate face, ruining it’s complexion.

Qiao Yanci, who managed to save her life with great difficulty, couldn’t bear her appearance anymore, to which she then yelled at Wen Chan with a hideous face, wishing to bite his throat with a sharp tooth. Wen Chan knew that he was wrong. So he silently faced Qiao Yanci without saying even half a sentence to explain himself.

She then smashed Wen Chan’s head under the spell of madness and this made the old ministers and generals furious. One after the other, they wanted to execute Qiao Yanci. Even Liang Yanbei couldn’t stop it. And in the end, Qiao Yanci smashed a porcelain bowl and slashed her throat. In just a short time, the flower that bloomed so beautifully quickly decayed and withered to death.

Liang Yanbei erected her tombstone in the house where she originally lived, he said that it was the house of Qiao Yanci and she was buried with Qiao Xiangcheng, which was like a falling leaf returning to the roots2lit. a falling leaf returns to the roots (idiom) / fig. all things go back to their source eventually / in old age, an expatriate returns home..

What happened to Qiao Yanci could be regarded as a big knot in Wen Chen’s heart. Wen Chen had nightmares and sleepless nights for a long time after her death.

“This young master. Why are you always staring at me?” Qiao Yanshi had already walked to the front of Wen Chan. When she saw this person standing motionlessly there with his gaze frozen, she couldn’t help but feel that it was a little rude. So she asked, feeling discontented.

Wen Chan snapped out of his thoughts all of a sudden. He suddenly felt really embarrassed. He promptly said, “I’m sorry for spacing out earlier, I was thinking over something. I hope you understand I didn’t mean to come off as rude in any way.”

He didn’t know if she believed him or not, regardless, Qiao Yanci didn’t answer him. Leaving Wen Chan, she then walked towards the group of people.

Qiao Yanci and Wen Chan were of the same age, but she was still a little girl, and she already has a bit of a stunning appearance. Wen Chan saw her going back leisurely and he inwardly sighed, saying in his heart that fortunately, it was still too early.

A group of people draped a thick coat on the shoulder of the girl who fell into the water. And made a mess with all the pampering. Qin Qi and Shu Hua swam to the shore while carrying the remaining two servants. Even though their bodies were strong from practicing martial arts, it was unbearable for them to stand the invasion of the cold air to their body. Wen Chan saw that the complexions of both of them were not so good, so Wen Chan quickly stretched out his feet to kick Ah Fu, who was lying on the ground half dead and half alive, and asked him to get ready to leave.

And at this moment, some girl with very sharp eyes pointed out in a harsh voice, “Ah Yi, didn’t you lose your handkerchief then? How did you find it so quickly?”

Wen Chan was delighted when he heard this. He had thought that he would be blamed if he gave back the handkerchief which he had picked up on passing to the person who lost it. But now it seems like his previous misgivings were all trifle. He accidentally gave back the handkerchief to its owner and also got out of all the trouble.

While he was thinking about this, those people turned to look at Wen Chan after discussing something. He was surrounded by layers and layers of people’s gazes, and the girl who was in the middle with her body covered in water was also looking at him. Her gaze was unpredictable, and her fingers were tightly clasping her handkerchief.

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Wen Chan thought it was time for him to explain. Just when he was about to move his mouth to talk, he was forestalled by a person, “What a swinger. He did such a nasty thing.”

Wen Chan was immediately dumbstruck, “What?”

“Let me ask you this. What is your surname? Where do you live? Who is your father? ” The other girl opened her mouth to question him one by one. And each question smashed on his head one by one, making him a little confused.

Shu Hua was wringing out the water on his body when he heard this aggressive tone. He couldn’t help frowning when he heard this and said, “Girl, why are you asking these questions?”

“Of course. We want to ask clearly. Your young master was very disrespectful to our Ah Yi. We will go to your house to seek justice for her.” That girl said angrily.

Both Qin Qi and Shu Hua gazed at Wen Chan simultaneously, as if questioning with their eyes: Your Ninth Royal Highness, what did you do when we went to save the people just now?

Wen Chan also wanted to know what he had done. He allowed the people to look at him with such strange gazes and said in confusion, “Don’t say such venomous slander. When did I disrespect this girl named Ah Yi?”

“You dared to do it but you cannot bear the responsibility like a man? ” That girl leaned over to take the yellow handkerchief. She raised it into the air and confidently said, “Didn’t you secretly take this handkerchief away? No wonder the subordinates sent by Ah Yi couldn’t find it. Turns out that you hid them in your sleeves. Pah3to spit (in contempt)! ”

Wen Chan was taken aback by her last contemptful spitting, and couldn’t help taking a step back. After looking at the handkerchief and then at the girl who had fallen into the water, he retorted, “I was the one who picked up this handkerchief! But then I originally planned to hand it over to the authorities…”

“Still quibbling! You clearly knew that it was the handkerchief of Ah Yi. Otherwise, why would you take it for her to use again? I can see that you admired Ah Yi from the start itself but you couldn’t get what you sought. That’s why you did such a despicable thing! ”

This girl was born tall and strong and her voice was loud. She had two slightly thick eyebrows and looked quite vicious when she was angry. When she stared at Wen Chan fiercely, Wen Chan had only one word in his mind: Tigress.

“I really didn’t know that this girl was the owner of this handkerchief, so I handed the handkerchief to her to wipe away the water. How can you accuse me of such things!” Wen Chan shouted in grievance.

Now he clearly experienced the grandiloquence of the women.

“How can this be a false accusation?”

“You can see that he is seeing nonsense with just one glance.”

“He is indeed shameless and vulgar. I wonder which family this young master belongs to, to do such a thing.”

“So terrible…”

Those girls had an arrogant look of “I won’t believe it. I won’t listen to it. You are just spouting nonsense.” Wen Chan was so anxious that sweat was dripping from his nose. And then he suddenly remembered that before he picked up the handkerchief, Ah Fu stayed inside the boat for a while. So Ah Fu surely would have seen the handkerchief.

He immediately went to kick Ah Fu, “Ah Fu! Wake up immediately! ”

Shu Hua stepped forward two steps and stood in front of Wen Chan. He then said in a deep and low voice, “Girls, our young master came to the East lake not long ago. And as soon as he came here, he went for a tour of the lake in a boat and didn’t come in contact with anybody else. That handkerchief may have been picked up by our young master from the boat. I think you girls are misunderstanding. ”

This statement was very reasonable. After all, these girls did tour the lake a while ago, and the statement of the handkerchief falling on the boat also made sense. When some of the girls became silent the girl with the big and thick waist bitterly said, “Who knows? Of course, you will stand in favour of your young master.”

When she said that, the other girls swayed again.
When Wen Chan heard this, he stopped calling Ah Fu. Even if he called out to him to testify for him, they would deny Ah Fu’s words because of the same reason. He furiously glanced at the rough-looking woman and thought in his mind that she was deliberately nitpicking on him.

Since they didn’t listen to all the explanations, Wen Chan didn’t want to mess around with these girls anymore. He simply played the rogue, “I already said that I picked up this handkerchief. Believing it or not is up to you. I’m leaving. ”

He glanced at Qin Qi and Shu Hua and gestured to them to carry Ah Fu who was dizzy. When everybody was ready to leave, they saw the group of servants coming up and surrounding them. The sound of Qiao Yanci rang out from behind, “Don’t be in such a hurry, young master. Leave your name first.”

These servants were strong and vigorous. Although their martial arts skills were worse than Qin Qi’s and Shu Hua’s skills, it was still inconvenient for Wen Chan to tell them to fight since there were common people there. Turning around, Wen Chan took out his jade pendant from his bosom, before he raised it and said to the girls, “My name is Wen Chan. My family lives in the palace and my father is the current emperor.” After saying this, he withdrew the jade pendant back into his bosom and asked a bit helplessly, “Girls, can I go now?”

Nobody expected that this person who left the palace with just three subordinates was the current prince. The girl who had just yelled for justice was shocked. The strong woman who scolded Wen Chan the most severely pursed her lips and quietly took back a few steps.

After Wen Chan revealed his identity, the noisy shore suddenly calmed down. He sighed in his heart and said to Qin Qi and Shu Hua, “Let’s go. ”

No one dared to stop him this time. So one by one, they moved out of the way, and Wen Chan left East lake with a body full of bad luck.

He was still annoyed when he got back in the carriage, he had obviously burned incense and bathed before, how come he is still so unlucky when he leaves the palace? Could it be that he was under some kind of curse?

It was originally out of kindness. But those girls scolded him without discriminating between good or bad, and anyone who experience this would feel uncomfortable.

Wen Chan leaned on the soft fur, and Wen Chan glanced at the dizzy Ah Fu from the corner of his eyes. He became really angry in his heart and kicked him with his foot to vent his anger. Although the kick was not very heavy, it still woke him up. Ah Fu opened his eyes and got up while grunting. He glanced around, and asked Wen Chan, “Your Highness, how did we get back on the carriage?”

When he saw Ah Fu like this, he became even angrier, “I kicked you so many times and you didn’t wake up. Could it be that you were pretending? ”

Ah Fu didn’t deny it either. He scratched his head timidly, and whispered, “Your Highness, didn’t you see the situation just then. Those girls had sharp teeth and sharp mouths. It was like they were going to eat people. So how would this little one dare to get up? ”

“Good for you! ” The two nostrils of Wen Chen were fuming with anger, “Unexpectedly you actually know how to hide. Didn’t you know that I was almost eaten by those girls?!”

“How would they dare to eat Your Highness?” Ah Fu mumbled in a low voice.

“What use do I have with trash like you! ” Wen Chan slapped Ah Fu’s hat, “Get out and drive the carriage! I don’t want to see you now! ”

Ah Fu slipped out of the carriage quickly. But after going out, he stretched in his head again, and said to Wen Chan, “Your Highness, Ah Fu really admires you from the bottom of his heart. I, for one, didn’t dare to pick it up in the fear of death. Unexpectedly, not only did Your Highness pick it up, but you also took it out in public…”

“Get lost! ” Wen Chan became angrier and angrier as he listened, and he took the soft fur and threw it. Ah Fu withdrew back his head and dodged, he didn’t hit him. He picked up the soft fur again and leaned on it to close his eyes and rest.

The more you think about it, the angrier you get. So just simply don’t think about it.

Ah Fu, Qing Qi, and Shu Hua were crammed in together. The clothes of the two were still wet. After sitting together for a while, Ah Fu’s clothes were also wet. He pouted and touched his sleeves, “Where are we going?”

“His Royal Highness said that we will go to the clothes shop to buy a new suit of clothes before going to the Heyue Building. ” Qin Qi replied.

“What are we going to do in the He Yue house? Aren’t we going back to the palace? “Ah Fu was puzzled. Whenever something bad happened in the previous few times, Wen Chan would always go back to the palace immediately without stopping.

“To eat braised chicken. Wasn’t he not able to eat it last time since something went wrong last time?” Qin Qi sighed and prayed sincerely, “God bless His Highness to eat the chicken smoothly and steadily this time.”

“I hope so.” Ah Fu said.

“I hope so too. ” Shu Hua also repeated.

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    lit. a falling leaf returns to the roots (idiom) / fig. all things go back to their source eventually / in old age, an expatriate returns home.
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    to spit (in contempt)
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