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YNRHPCYC Chapter 1.2

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By the time his consciousness came back, he realized that almost half of his body was submerged in the cold water of a riverside. His pants and coat absorbed a lot of water, making it difficult for him to even lift his arms when he tried.

His guards Qin Qi and Shu Hua soon arrived. The two had to make a strenuous effort to bring up Wen Chen, whose clothes had sucked up a lot of water from the river. The cold river water flowed down his body and converged into a small stream.

Wearing thick clothes was a disadvantage to him this time.

Ah Fu came down fast, stopping beside Wen Chan. He shouted in panic, “Your highness! Are you hurt?”

“I am not injured. It is just that it is a bit cold here.” Wen Chan’s frozen lips were trembling. With every word, his teeth chattered. His legs were numb.

Ah Fu touched Wen Chan’s hands. Feeling the cold and moist hands, he started to take off his own cotton-padded clothes without any hesitation and said, “Your highness should quickly change out of these wet clothes and wear this slave’s clothes.”

“No need.” Wen Chan pushed aside his hand and refused, “Let Qin Qi and Shu Hua go back to the palace hall and bring me back another set of clothes.”

Who knew that Ah Fu would cry at these words. With snot and tears flowing out, “Your highness! If you get frostbite, this slave won’t be able to keep his head! My body is not as valuable as yours!”

While crying, he took off his cotton-padded coat.

Wen Chan did not expect that he would not only fall, but most of his body will also be wet, so he couldn’t help being a bit frustrated too. He used the hands that were about to freeze to untie his wet cotton-padded overcoat.

After putting on Ah Fu’s cotton clothes, he felt a touch of warmth, and although the innerwear was still wet, it was better than having his whole body and clothes wet.

Qin Qi and Shu Hua accepted his order and swiftly went back to the temple to get clothes. Wen Chan then led Ah Fu along the river. He remembered that there was a small warm pavilion not far from the east of this river.

There are many such small pavilions in the palace. They are warm in winter and cool in summer and facilitate the rest of the masters of the palace. Right now, both of them were thinly dressed and weren’t able to withstand the cold wind blowing. They tried finding warm pavilions to not only avoid the cold but also to change clothes in it.

Wen Chan still remembered the place correctly. Only after a short walk, he found the pavilion.

The pavilion was not big. It was closed on all sides, with just one window on the right and one window on the left with bright lights shining through.

As soon as he saw it, he subconsciously sped up his steps forward. Ah Fu had to bend down to remove some snow that got into his boots. By the time he had bent down and taken off his boots to pour out the snow, he fell a step behind Wen Chan. When he reached near Wen Chan, Wen Chan whispered to him, “Just now I found that I dropped the jade token on my body, you go back and find it for me.”

On hearing that the jade token had fallen off Ah Fu, he promptly went back to find it.

Wen Chan watched him going, and without waiting for much time, he tiptoed towards the pavilion and stood below the window. He heard a sound transmitting out.

A woman’s deliberately suppressed delicate laughter and a man’s whispering voice were heard. This was the reason why Wen Chan made Ah Fu leave.

He knew that this matter was not trivial. But if this woman in this private meeting was any of the concubines in the harem, then it would be a shocking event. Wen Chan was curious, but he should not get Ah Fu involved.

Wen Chan carefully gouged a small hole through the lower corner of the window and peered in with one eye closed.

He was a bit disappointed with his first glance because this pair of a man and woman were with their backs facing him. He couldn’t see their faces clearly, but one thing can be confirmed. The man and woman were wearing the costumes of court ladies and guards.

He was not willing to back off. He quietly went around to the other side of the window and made a small hole to look inside. This time he was able to see clearly. It was the first time he saw the man’s face, but the woman looked a bit familiar.

She was a servant girl in the concubine’s palace, and the reason why Wen Chan remembered her was that Ah Fu had once asked him for this woman for doing it.1Doing it: Means s*x without penetration

But it turns out that this woman already has someone in her mind.

While Wen Chan was thinking, a hot breath suddenly came to his ears, instantly staining the tips of his ears red. This voice was so familiar like it was engraved in the bones. He felt as if this low breath squeezed his heart.


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    Doing it: Means s*x without penetration
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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