Writer’s Benefits

KnoxT’s goal is to provide a free and creative space for people who are passionate about writing. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and we welcome you to bring your story on board with us and share it with your followers. Gain new readers along the way and help us further grow this community!

Before you join us, you might have some questions. Take some time to read through the guide below!

► Is recruitment open?/How to apply?

Sign up here. But please read the rest of this page before you submit your application.

► Are you exclusive?

As of now, KnoxT does not require writers to post exclusively on our site. However, that may change in the future. Writers who join us before then will not be affected by any changes made to this policy in the future.

You are allowed to cross-post, which means you can post on other sites like Scribblehub, Wattpad, RoyalRoad, etc, in addition to KnoxT to gain greater traffic. However, we encourage authors to nudge readers to read on our website by releasing chapters ahead on our site.

► What kind of novels do you accept?

It must be original and your own work. Any novels found to have been copyrighted or stolen from another author will be removed immediately.

We are open to most genres but KnoxT reserves the right to refuse authors from hosting their work on the site if the content is found to be problematic.

Pure erotic/slash fiction are accepted, but such content are classified as restricted according to ad revenue policies. Therefore, they will be subjected to extensive review and they have a low possibility of earning ad revenue.

► Do you accept poems/short-stories/one-shots

Yes. Unfortunately, poem and one-shots are currently ineligible for earning. Short-stories (more than 30k words) are subject to review.

► Can I look for an editor/artist?

You are free to post on our discord #recruitment channel if you wish to look for one, after you have posted at least 1 chapter on the site. Benefits are recommended to incentivize potential applicants but KnoxT will not be responsible for payment of external help (other than authors) in any way.

► Criteria to start earning (By author*) – Only applies if you’re looking to monetize your work

  • Over 30k words
  • At least 5 chapters
  • Each chapter must have a minimum of 1k words
  • at least 5-10k views in a month

*By author: criteria are calculated according to the author, regardless of series. If the author has 1 popular series (with 10 chapters, 30k words, and over 10k views per month) and multiple short stories with (~1k views per month), they will still be able to earn from the pageviews to the lower-performing works.

► Additional notes about Earning

  • Earning with ad revenue is completely optional.
  • Authors are only paid via paypal
  • Unrequested earnings are held up to 12 months. Anything older than that will be deleted.

► Can I earn apart from ad revenue?

You are free to plug in your kofi/patreon buttons!

KnoxT may host writing events/contests in the future (once there is enough authors on the platform)

► Other general guidelines

  • Freedom & Flexibility! We don’t have a required update frequency.