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WTA Chapter 51

"I haven't played enough"

Title: 谁把谁当真 (Winner Takes All)

Author:水千丞 (ShuiQianCheng)

Translator: 月野 見事 (TsukinoMigoto)

Protagonists :黎朔 (LiShuo), 赵锦辛 (ZhaoJinXin)


Due to the tight schedule, the two of them were very busy during the day. Wen Xiaohui always answered the phone and talked for an hour when he was on the phone. Li Shuo naturally knew who was calling him.

The entire soft decoration process was done by themselves. They were worried that hiring someone to do it would arouse the hotel’s suspicion. Li Shuo intends to lose money directly after using it up, and does not want to currently cause a hassle with the hotel. He feels extremely tired at times, but when he thinks that he can give Zhao Jinxin a heart-warming blessings and comfort, and he feels that everything is worth it.

That night, Li Shuo puts his arms around Zhao Jinxin and reads a story to him. This is a recent best-selling thriller novel. It is a one-kind of a story and is quite interesting. Zhao Jinxin was sleepy when he heard it, and he acted like a baby in Li Shuo’s arms: “It’s scary.”

Li Shuo laughed: “Are you really listening? You just simply say it’s scary.”

“You are very brave.” Zhao Jinxin laughed.

Li Shuo closed the book and wanted to test if Zhao Jinxin really forgot about his own birthday. He played with Zhao Jinxin’s slender fingers: “How long are you going to stay here?”

“I’ll wait for my brother’s injury to stabilize. I am a bit sick today. His dad is out on a mission. If he can’t come back, Sister Wen has to take care of the company. It’s too tiring to run on both sides, so I can’t go home for now.”

“Doesn’t he have two older sisters?”

“He does.” Zhao Jinxin smiled, “It’s not gonna work. Unlike Sister Wen, I panic when something happens.” He looked up at Li Shuo, “Are you bored? Do you want to go back?”

“No, I am half an idler now. It’s the same everywhere. Let me accompany you.”

Zhao Jinxin pursed his lips: “Only me or also accompany other ‘men’?”

Li Shuo smiled and rubbed his hair: “Compared to you, I am still more worried about Cheng Xiu. This is a different nature, so you have to be jealous?”

“You give me a kiss and I’ll be fine.”

Li Shuo smiled and kissed him: “How old are you, why do you love to be so coquettish… By the way, let’s go to watch a movie together on Sunday? I am interested in a science fiction movie. At that time in the United States, I didn’t have time to watch it. Now it’s just in time for the domestic release.”

“Okay, let’s go and watch after dinner.” Zhao Jinxin smiled gently, “I have no time to accompany you during this time. When my brother is all good, I will give you all my time.” He leaned over and bit Li Shuo as he said, “I will ‘feed’ you every day.”

Li Shuo ambiguously said: “Okay, I’ll wait.” He saw that Zhao Jinxin had no response to this time on Sunday. It seemed that he was really busy and had forgotten. Or maybe he remembered but he didn’t think much about it. No matter which one it was, it was enough. He feels distressed, after all, this is the birthday of their first year together. He kissed Zhao Jinxin’s hair, “Be good, go to sleep.”

Early on Sunday morning, Zhao Jinxin went to the hospital while Li Shuo and Wen Xiaohui went out together behind their back.

The two ran to the largest department store in Yangcheng and picked up gifts for Zhao Jinxin.

Li Shuo originally wanted to customize a couple ring but he missed the right timing to order. In the end, he bought a collectible pen with valuable diamonds embedded in it.

When swiping the card, Wen Xiaohui looked at the number and clicked his tongue: “You rich people, it’s so annoying.”

Li Shuo smiled and said, “I really don’t know what to give him.”

“What did you buy this necklace for?” Wen Xiaohui pointed to the gift box next to it.

Li Shuo picked up the gift box, handed it to Wen Xiaohui, and said with a smile: “This is for you.”

“Huh?” Wen Xiaohui looked at him in surprise.

“Xiaohui, if it weren’t for your reminder, I would definitely miss Jinxin’s birthday. This is the first birthday since we were together. It is very important to me. Moreover, you are also helping me with my plan these days. “Li Shuo picked up the necklace and put it on Wen Xiaohui. “With you, it will never be boring, there will always be surprises, thank you.”

Wen Xiaohui’s expression was about to melt: “Brother Li, why are you so good?” He stretched out his arm, “Come on, let’s hug, anyway, Luo Yi doesn’t know.”

Li Shuo laughed and gave Wen Xiaohui a hug. He was very fortunate to have such a straightforward and lovely friend.

Wen Xiaohui picked up the mirror and look at a beautiful piece of work: “Oh, my neck is thin and white, and it really looks good in everything I wear.”

Li Shuo smiled and led him away.

Back at the hotel, they ate lunch hastily, and then Wen Xiaohui took out his stylist skills and began to style Li Shuo—starting with a facial massage.

Li Shuo didn’t think it was necessary, but because of Wen Xiaohui’s sparkling eyes, he had to let him do as he pleases.

After finishing with the facial, Li Shuo touched his face. It was as smooth as he had never felt before, which made him feel kind of awkward, but also a little happy.

Wen Xiaohui looked very excited. He then drew on Li Shuo’s eyebrows for ten minutes, saying that he must draw the effect as if it were not painted, and he worked on his hair for almost an hour, saying that he wanted to pursue a natural look that does not look overdone.

Li Shuo couldn’t understand the meaning of the effects of “painting the image but not painting” and “doing the image but not doing it” until he put on Wen Xiaohui’s choice of attire for himself and stood in front of the mirror. He was really stunned.

Of course Li Shuo knew that he was good-looking, but he didn’t know that he could be so… so much more good-looking through the hands of a professional stylist.

He was still worried at first that Wen Xiaohui would make him look like a girl. Facts proven that he underestimated Wen Xiaohui’s professional ability. His eyebrow shape and hairstyle were designed according to his temperament. The seemingly simple decorations made him completely had become more energetic, unrestrained and brave.

Wen Xiaohui jumped up and down with excitement like a monkey: ” Brother Li, how come you are you are so handsome? Let me take a few pictures.” He slapped Li Shuo a little, “take one with a smile, don’t laugh. One, a cooler expression, yes yes yes, a gentler, oh, great, I’m such a fucking genius, I deserve to be popular.”

Li Shuo was amused by him that he is laughing all the time.

After taking the photo, Wen Xiaohui did not forget to harass Li Shuo a little by touching a few chest muscles and buttocks and enjoyed it. Finally, he patted Li Shuo’s face, “Brother Li, if you go out today, you will be sought after by a thousand people.”

Li Shuo raised his forehead and said, “Xiaohui, your description sounds too scary.”

Wen Xiaohui laughed and said: “Anyway, if Zhao Jinxin sees you today, it is possible that he will propose directly. Oh, no.” He covered his face, “If you become a married man, I can’t hold you anymore.”

Li Shuo smiled and squeezed his face, “Okay, stop being dramatic. It’s all done now, I’ll go up and wait for him?”

“Okay.” Wen Xiaohui looked at his watch, “He’ll be back soon, too, every day, it’s almost dinner time.”

“Yes, it’s almost time.”

As he was talking, Li Shuo’s cell phone rang, and it happened to be Zhao Jinxin. Li Shuo answered the phone with a gentle smile that couldn’t be concealed: “Jin Xin?”

“Baby, I’m sorry, I can’t watch the movie with you today.”

“Oh, what’s the matter?”

“My brother pulled the wound and it split open, and then my sister-in-law got angry and went home. Oh, the order is reversed. My sister-in-law was angry and went home. My brother wanted to get out of bed and chase, and the wound broke.” He then sighed.

Li Shuo said helplessly: “Then when can you come back?”

“I don’t know, I’ll accompany him in the hospital for now. Uncle Li, can I accompany you to the movie tomorrow? I will accompany you all night.”

“Well, the movie…is not important, it’s okay, then what about dinner?”

“The nurse has brought food. You don’t have to wait for me.”

“Okay then.”

After hanging up the phone, Li Shuo feel a little bit lost and spread his hands: “Shao Qun’s wound has re-opened. Jin Xin will accompany him tonight. I don’t know when he can come back.”

Wen Xiaohui howled: “Then what about our honeymoon suite!”

Li Shuo smiled helplessly: “We can only use it tomorrow then.”

“Won’t it be meaningless after 12a.m.?” Wen Xiaohui grabbed the bag, “Uncle Li, let’s go. Let’s go to the hospital. I will accompany Shao Qun for Zhao Jinxin, and you two will come back for the birthday surprise.”

“How can that work? Because of what happened between me and Cheng Xiu, you and Shao Qun are also quite in a conflict.”

“It’s okay. Shao Qun is actually good to me.” Wen Xiaohui scratched his head and said embarrassingly, “Between me and my boss before, he helped me. The big deal is that I will talk to him about Cheng Xiu. We know each other. After so many years, he will at least give me face.” Seeing that Li Shuo was still hesitating, Wen Xiaohui went up and took his arm and pulled him out, “Let’s go. Even if Jinxin comes back for two hours for a meal. Otherwise, it was all for nothing.”

Li Shuo smiled: “Okay.”

The two arrived at the hospital and went straight to the private ward on the top floor.

This is the first time Li Shuo has come at night. The corridors are dimly lit, and the floor is covered with thick carpets. It was originally a very elegant decoration, but when he thought that this was a hospital, he felt a sense of coldness.

The two walked side by side to Shao Qun’s ward. As soon as Wen Xiaohui was about to knock on the door, he heard Shao Qun’s unhappy voice from the inside: “Why did you bring Li Shuo here? It made us quarrel again!”

Wen Xiaohui’s hand that was about to knock on the door stopped. The two looked at each other, and Li Shuo motioned for him to wait.

The soundproofing of this ward is not bad, but the corridor is so quiet that even a drop of needle can be heard. So, even if the conversation between them is not loud, it is clear to the ears outside.

Zhao Jinxin’s lazy voice sounded: “Am I not doing this for you?”

Li Shuo was stunned.

“For me? Did you bring him here to piss me off? Or do you want me to kill him?”

Zhao Jinxin smiled: “In order to show him how miserable you are, so that he can calm down, otherwise, will he easily let you go?”

“You think I’m afraid of him?” Shao Qun’s voice was full of disdain.

“It is not a matter of whether you are afraid or not. I found out the video of that day is in his email. That is at least enough to prove that there was a private enmity between the two of you. It shows 100% of the motive for committing the crime. It will be sooner or later that the legal person will be fixed by them. You like trouble so much, do you still want to be known as the perpetrator?”

Li Shuo felt his blood freeze instantly.

Wen Xiaohui also has his face paled, he pulled Li Shuo’s sleeve cautiously, but Li Shuo didn’t respond.

“Huh!” Shao Qun sneered, “It’s okay to settle him down earlier. I’m tired of Cheng Xiu’s affairs, and I really don’t want to bother to talk to him.”

“So, you should thank me.” Zhao Jinxin said with a smile, “I also told him about your child. He was so surprised at the time. He is a man with a kind heart and will never try to embarrass you anymore.”

“You know him well.” Shao Qun’s tone is still not very good.

“I understand him too much. I had slept with him for half a year anyway.” Zhao Jinxin’s tone sounded proud.

Wen Xiaohui opened his eyes and reached out to smash the door.

Li Shuo grabbed his slender wrist and pressed it down slowly.

Li Shuo lowered his head, his body was stiff as a sculpture, and his face was hidden in the shadow. Wen Xiaohui couldn’t see his expression. He only knew that Li Shuo’s grasp on his wrist hurts, and his persona turns quite terrifying.

“Jin Xin.” Shao Qun’s voice sounded again, “You little brat, you could not have possibly really like him, right?”

“I like him, I actually really like him.” Zhao Jinxin said casually, “He is a superb, from inside out, from head to toe, I like him so much.”

“Fuck your ‘like’. Get rid of the relationship as soon as possible. I get annoyed when I think of him.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled: “You need to bear with it. I still want to get along well with him. I haven’t played enough yet.”

Li Shuo clenched his fists. His brain went blank. Only the phrase ‘I haven’t played enough’ repeatedly rippled in his mind, getting louder and louder, and finally sounded like a bell, wishing to shatter his brain!

“You played for too long this time, don’t blame me for not reminding you. Li Shuo is not easy to deal with, be careful not to be able to get rid of him.”

“No, I know he likes me. He still wants to be with me. But he also has high rationality. And when I get tired of him, I will definitely find a decent reason for us to separate and he won’t refuse it.”

Li Shuo felt every inch of his body’s muscles twitching and trembling, and his heart hurts as if it was dug out on the spot. The rotten internal organs bleed all over the floor with blood. This gloomy hospital corridor instantly became a slaughterhouse of his own.

Wen Xiaohui couldn’t help it anymore. His eyes were blood-red and his expression was grim. He kicked towards the door loudly.

Li Shuo was like being touched by a valve, moving in an instant, covering his mouth with one hand, crossing his waist with the other, and hugged him into the air.

Wen Xiaohui made an angry sound in his throat, but it was all blocked by Li Shuo’s palm. He kicked his legs hard in the air, but he couldn’t touch the damn door. That door seemed to be a barrier between him and the thing that had humiliated Li Shuo. He wanted to kick it into pieces to save the dignity of the big brother he admired!

Li Shuo felt his palms wet, and Wen Xiaohui’s warm tears flowed into his fingers, so slippery that he almost couldn’t cover his mouth. He approached Wen Xiaohui’s ears and said in a trembling voice, “Xiaohui, stop making trouble, please.”

Wen Xiaohui’s eyes went blurred from the tears.


Next Update: 2021/8/2

*Translator’s rant: Through all of those bad breakups in my life, why didn’t I have a good friend like Wen Xiaohui?!

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