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WTA Chapter 5

Attack on the Bed

Li Shuo cooked some porridge, stir-fried okra and eggplant. Then he made another bacon salad. He doesn’t like outsiders entering his own private space. So the family only asks for part-time worker regularly. Cooking is mostly done by his own hand so the taste is good. The speed of him cooking is also fast. He put the food on the table. He shouted: “Come and eat.”

“My hands hurt. I can’t get up.” Zhao Jinxin muttered.

Li Shuo was really not convinced: “The door got your hand, not your brain. Hurry up.”

Zhao Jinxin brat moved over to the dining table. It seems that his spirit is not very good. Li Shuo saw that his fingers are more swollen and purple than before. It looks really scary. The guilt in his heart deepens. He pulled out the chair for him to sit: “Come. Sit.”

Zhao Jinxin sat on the side of the chair. He pulled his tie away with one hand. He took a breath. Then he glanced at the dining table. He smiled: “It looks good. Very fragrant.”

“It also tastes good.” Li Shuo handed the chopsticks to Zhao Jinxin but his hands stiff in the air. Zhao Jinxin shook his “seriously injured” hand as if he were waving a trophy.

Li Shuo put down his chopsticks. He picked up the spoon: “Scoop it with your left hand.”

The two said “You feed me” and “Don’t let me feed you” almost at the same time. Then, they stared at each other.

Li Shuo said helplessly: “Can you not be so childish?”

Zhao Jinxin looked at him with his chin on his back: “My hands really hurt.”

Li Shuo didn’t know how many times he sighed today. He scooped up a spoonful of porridge. He brings it to Zhao Jinxin’s mouth: “Come.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled happily. He opened his mouth and took a sip: “The porridge fed by my baby is really delicious.”

Li Shuo ignored him. He clipped a section of eggplant into his mouth. “I didn’t know you can cook.” Zhao Jinxin licked the red lips. Squinting his eyes slightly. “This adds another reason to like you.”

Li Shuo picked up the okra to block his mouth. Watching him holding up his injured hand, he didn’t forget to tease himself. He couldn’t help laughing. Zhao Jinxin also showed a dazzling smile, looking at Li Shuo with a gaze like he is staring at a treasure: “You look so beautiful when you laugh. It is so gentle. If you were mine, I would worry letting you out alone. “

Everyone loves to listen to compliment, especially from the mouths of such elegant person like Zhao Jinxin. This compliment is more than nice. It is almost lethal. Li Shuo felt a numb scalp. He quickly settled his mind and said frankly: “Thank you for the compliment.”

He has been tempted a lot in his life. There are temptations of money, status, and desire. It was only a matter of whether a man can overcome himself. It is all reflected in the strength of one when facing temptation. Today, Zhao Jinxin said that he was the “third party” and it was the reason why he got angry. He was furious. This is probably because he always used the excuse of “that man is hurting Li Chengxiu”. He can’t just sit and watch the person he likes to suffer but at the same time, he won’t do anything against his own principles.

“Actually, I heard my parents mentioned you before. But you have been in China for a long time and we haven’t met each other. If I knew you are so perfect and just happens to be my favorite type, I will definitely get to know you earlier.” Zhao Jinxin lowered his head slightly. The smile on his face looks lonesome. “So that you will like me first.”

Li Shuo put down the spoon. He cleared his throat. He said gently: “Jin Xin, you don’t like me. You like things that you can’t get. But I have no obligation to satisfy your desire to conquer. I cherish my feelings for Cheng Xiu. I hope you can be out of respect for me and out of respect for the friendship of our fathers. Don’t do any more ambiguous things. Normally interact with me. This is the best for us. “

“I …” Zhao Jinxin lowered his head and gently bit his lip. Li Shuo saw that he was like a child with a broken hope. He was a little bit soft-hearted. In the end, it was just a young man in his early twenties. “I don’t want to.”

Li Shuo froze. Zhao Jinxin raised his head. A pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes concealed a sly smile: “You will be much happier with me. Good birds choose the right wood and live. You are so smart. Why don’t you understand such a simple truth?”

Li Shuo felt like he was being fooled. After a while he said, “why do you think we are better together? You are totally …”

“I said…” Zhao Jinxin’s upturned eyes contained a hint of charm. “You, with that Li Chengxiu, you won’t even have a real orgasm. How can you be happy?”

Li Shuo asked politely: “It’s ridiculous. How do you know we don’t have it?”

“You are top with him.”

“So?” Li Shuo’s tone rose unconsciously.

Zhao Jinxin narrowed his eyes. He tilted his neck and looked at him for two seconds. He suddenly smiled: “It’s strange. To avoid the problem, your tone of voice rises. You feel guilty. There are two possibilities. First, it could be your body essential essence is low so it was difficult to have sex or… second, you … haven’t done it yet.”

Li Shuo is being poked straight through the heart and he swears at Zhao Jinxin in his head. He is really unlucky. He really would rather be caught in the hands instead. “Ha ha ha ha ha-” Zhao Jinxin suddenly laughed out of the abdomen. His shoulders shook straight.

Li Shuo endured his annoyance. He said calmly: “We have just been together. Not all feelings need to be measured by sex.”

“Hahaha.” Zhao Jinxin smiled with red ears. He drank some water and he took in his breath. He waved his hands and said with a smile. “I agree. Strongly agree. But, he really is not for you.”

“It’s only for me to know whether he’s suitable or not. I don’t have to discuss my personal life with you. Are you finished with your meal?” He got up and wanted to clean up the dishes.

Zhao Jinxin also stood up. One step was in front of Li Shuo. He smiled and said: “You will never be satisfied from Li Chengxiu. A serious man like you, it is my instinct that you are most suitable to be bottom. So … You should be mine. “

Li Shuo’s body was stiff. He stared at Zhao Jinxin in disbelief. There was a feeling that the clear sky was thundered. He never thought about it. Zhao Jinxin… actually… wanted to top him? ! This kid who is 11 years younger than him. The bunny with a hippie smile and a thicker skin than the city wall actually wanted to top him? !

In his heart, Zhao Jinxin’s positioning has always been sloppy and bold like a little wild cat. Although the kid is taller and more muscular than him, in the gay circle, the body shape does not define who’s top or bottom. Zhao Jinxin is saucy and loves to be flirty. Li Shuo is already suspicious of him wanting to do something. But … this really stunned him.

Li Shuo laughed silently: “Are you crazy?”

Zhao Jinxin smiled and gestured in a manner of squeezing a skirt that didn’t exist and gave Li Shuo a charming curtsy: “I’m serious.”

“Your courage is not small. It blows my mind.” Li Shuo felt a big joke. He couldn’t stop laughing. He didn’t believe that Zhao Jinxin really hit his awareness. After all, there should be nothing reliable coming from this person’s mouth.

“I like you. I want to sleep with you.” Zhao Jinxin spread his hand. Very calmly. “Where am I wrong?”

“You’re not wrong. You can continue to dream.” Li Shuo put down the dishes and went directly to the sofa to get his coat ready to leave.

“Are you going to leave like this?” Zhao Jinxin waved his hand while laughing: “I will complain.” Li Shuo turned to stare at him. “I’m going to tell my dad and mom that my elder brother bullied me. He hurt my hand with the car door. I can’t take care of myself but my elder brother still feels troubled and refuses to take responsibility.” Zhao Jinxin is getting into the drama.

Li Shuo looked at him with suspicion: “You couldn’t have possibly put your hand in the door deliberately, huh?”

“I’m not that stupid.” Zhao Jinxin pouted. “It really hurts. I don’t know if I can still play the piano with my hands in the future. I may not have the strength to grab tennis rackets, ski poles, or basketball. I don’t know if in the future, there will be any long term effects. Some of these effects cannot be seen when you are young but when you are old … “

Li Shuo put down his coat: “Okay, okay. What else do you want me to do?”

“At least help me change into my pajamas.”

Li Shuo heaved his breathing heavily. He secretly told himself. Be patience. Be patience. Then he said quietly, “Where is the pajamas?”

Zhao Jinxin raised his chin: “Bedroom.”

The two went into the bedroom. Zhao Jinxin opened the cloakroom door. Pointing to a row of pajamas: “The black one.”

Li Shuo took out the pajamas. Zhao Jinxin had already stretched out his arms waiting for him to take his clothes off. The posture was like waiting for a hug. Li Shuo walked behind him. He took off his suit jacket. He was careful not to let his cuffs touch his hands.

After taking off the jacket, he starts to take off the vest, and finally the shirt. Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo with a smile. Li Shuo’s heart somehow throbbed, but he unbuttoned the shirt on the surface casually. That chest looks exactly like the one in the picture.

No. This vigorous chest muscles that slowly rise and fall with breathing is more powerful and beautiful than the picture. The process of unbuttoning, for Li Shuo, is like opening a gift. Every part of the peek making him excited. And opening the gift box completely is like opening a huge surprise. There was a bang and it will instantly impacted the human senses.

When Li Shuo was young, he had lingered around many beautiful people. He had seen many beautiful bodies. But this Zhao Jinxin… how to say… Not only he is good-looking, but he is full of male pheromones. Even his hair was spreading strong hormones. Zhao Jinxin straightened his chest deliberately. A low magnetic voice sounded in Li Shuo’s ear: “Would you like to feel it? You don’t only feel good, but you also don’t need to pay for it.”

Li Shuo didn’t respond. He carefully unbuttoned Zhao Jinxin’s cuffs and took off his shirt. He then quickly put on his pajamas. Then he pointed to his pants: “You can do this by yourself.”

Zhao Jinxin joked: “No.”

Li Shuo just wanted to hurry up and leave. He unbuttoned the belt buckle, unzipped it, and pulled off his suit pants. In an instant, a pair of long rimless legs was exposed in front of him. Zhao Jinxin smiled and said, “What do you think?”

Li Shuo carried the pajamas in his hands: “Sit on the bed.”

“Wow. Get people go to bed so quickly.”

Li Shuo really wanted to sew that mouth. He pointed to the bed: “Do you want me to Wear it for you or not?”

Zhao Jinxin stepped back a few steps. He then sat down with his legs wide open. Those legs had tight muscles and slender lines. At first glance, they looked like the kind of legs that had exercised all year round. Li Shuo squatted down. He put two trouser legs into his feet. Then he said: “Stand up.”

Zhao Jinxin stood up obediently. His body leaned forward deliberately. Almost affixed his cock to Li Shuo ‘s face. Li Shuo leaned back. He quickly lifted his pants: “Okay …” The words were not falling.

Zhao Jinxin’s left arm embraced Li Shuo’s waist and with a spin, the two fell on the bed. Zhao Jinxin pressed Li Shuo down with his heavy body. Li Shuo grabbed Zhao Jinxin’s shoulder, trying to turn him over but suddenly realized that Zhao Jinxin’s strength with one hand was already quite remarkable. The younger man clutched his waist so he couldn’t move. He didn’t dare to make big moves to push him away in order to avoid hurting Zhao Jinxin’s injured hand.

Li Shuo’s voice sank: “Zhao Jinxin, I’m angry.”

Zhao Jinxin lowered his head. He leaned his nose against Li Shuo’s nose. He said softly, “I want to kiss you.”

Li Shuo’s body was stiff. He felt something was poking him from underneath. He frowned: “Get up. Otherwise I won’t care if I break your injured hand.”

“If I can kiss you, I don’t care what happens to my hand.” Zhao Jinxin trailed his eyes on Li Shuo’s lip shape. He is not hiding his desire with every line of his sight. “What will it taste like … “

Li Shuo gave up his hesitation to hurt Zhao JinXin so he retaliates by grasping the wrist of Zhao Jinxin’s right hand. Li Shuo loved sports. Therefore, the strength of his hands is not to be taken lightly. He gripped Zhao Jinxin ‘s wrists.

“Ah! That hurts.” Zhao Jinxin frowned slightly. Li Shuo’s strong grip of his wounded hand was too much for him to bear. He had to climb up in dismay. Li Shuo secretly released the grip. Zhao Jinxin rubbed his hand. He would have to react fast so he get up quickly or else it would be embarrassing. Zhao Jinxin pitifully pointed to the his injured hand: “Uncle Li, you bully people.”

Li Shuo patted his face: “You still have your left hand.” After that, Zhao Jinxin was pushed away. He left the bedroom without looking back. He took the coat and threw the door shut, leaving Zhao Jinxin’s house.

Li Shuo wiped his face. He took a few breaths of fresh and cold air. The chaotic brain started to become clear. He returned to the car. He took out his phone and dialed Li Chengxiu. “Hello. Brother Li.” Hearing the moment of warm voice, Li Shuo felt his mood calmed down instantly. Li Chengxiu had such ability. Being with him, the emotions will quickly calm down. It made people feel very quiet and comfortable .

“Cheng Xiu. Are you asleep?”

“Not yet. I work overtime today. I’ll be home late.”

Li Shuo smiled softly: “Your boss is really bad to let Little Chengxiu work overtime.”

Li Chengxiu smiled: “It’s nothing. How about you … how is it there? Is it fun in America?”

“Where do I have the time to go around? I am busy with business and staying with my parents. Hey, you will be on holiday tomorrow. Then, talk to my mother. She has been chattering about you these two days.

“Okay.” There was a silence on the other end of the phone. “I, I don’t know how to talk to her.”

“It doesn’t matter. My mother has a particularly good temperament. Better than me.”

“Alright then.”

“Do you miss me?” Li Shuo closed his eyes and leaned on the seat, thinking of the white and clean face. The corner of his mouth unconsciously chuckled.

“I thought of you.”

“I miss you too. I bought you a lot of gifts.”

“Don’t buy anything. I don’t need anything.”

“But I want to give it to you.”

There was nothing but silence on the other end of the phone: “Ah … that’s too much.”

“You don’t have to think about this. Just obediently wait for me to go back.”

“Ok.” There was another silence on the phone.

Li Shuo sighed in his heart: “Then take a early rest. Good night.”

“Brother Li, good night.” The phone is hung up.

Li Shuo smiled bitterly. He and Li Chengxiu don’t have many topics to talk about. Li Chengxiu seems to be bored. And there is almost nothing in common between them. Time and experience is needed in order to cultivate common topic in the future. But he is not in a hurry. What he knows clearly is that in his heart, he can’t let go of that person. So, he can’t be too open about what he feels to him. Although he minds it, he can’t show it. This, he will take his time.


*Translator Reminder: I would like to remind you guys again that I am not Chinese and I am still taking Mandarin class so my translation will not be perfect. But I tried to make it as simple as possible for you to understand. Although most Japanese characters are derived from Chinese, some of them are used differently and sometimes I can get confused but I’m trying… so, bear with me. 

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