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Third Meow

He Yunzhou blinked. His gaze stayed on Huo Zheng’s face for a while.

Wait, is he unhappy?

Of course, Huo Zheng didn’t really show any strong emotions. The expression on his face didn’t even change at all. But He Yunzhou almost instinctively sensed that Huo Zheng’s mood had deteriorated.

This is probably because, at that time, Guaji also had the same particularly difficult stinky temper as Huo Zheng. To get along with a cat like that, even He Yunzhou, who was born slow, is unknowingly being □□1 Censored word. MTL gave me ‘pierced’ but I’m not sure about that so I’ll leave it like that. with sharpness; although this sharpness is only for cats… and Huo Zheng.

If it were an ordinary person, they would probably have begun to feel that Huo Zheng is a very difficult person to deal with and unpredictable at this time. But for He Yunzhou, this eccentric temper is so familiar, so familiar that his nostalgia and love for Guaji surged once again from the bottom of his heart.

He didn’t expect that there would be someone in this world who resembled Guaji to such an extent.

The hair, eyes, temperament, and even this peculiar temper are all exactly the same.

Huo Zheng’s ragged temper might be too much for ordinary people to bear, but He Yunzhou was happy to endure it.2 lit. as sweet as a syrup (idiom, from Book of Songs); to endure hardship gladly. It was as if being looked at by the man in front of him with his death stare for a while more, he could steal a little more time to reunite with Guaji.

“Is your stomach better? If it doesn’t hurt anymore, don’t take any painkillers.” He Yunzhou cautiously said to Huo Zheng. He had to work very hard to restrain his loving gaze.

As for Huo Zheng…

He felt that he might have been enchanted today.

Otherwise, why was he still a little angry at first but once he heard He Yunzhou’s soft, thoughtful, and gentle voice, he felt soothed all over?

One must know that due to Huo Zheng’s identity and appearance, there are countless people around him who are willing to bootlick,3 lit. licking dogs and various methods of flattery to curry favor emerge endlessly.

Huo Zheng has been through hundreds of battles and has a lot of experience. Most of the time, he can perceive the various ideas hidden under the glamorous appearance of those people from the start without having to think about it. Because of this, just watching those people barking in front of him, Huo Zheng couldn’t help but be annoyed, making him want to cut people. His temper is also getting worse…

However, He Yunzhou doesn’t give Huo Zheng that annoying feeling.

Huo Zheng looked up at He Yunzhou coldly and then narrowed his eyes.

Previously, he only thought that the other party looked like an ordinary passer-by, but now that he set his mind to observe a bit more, he found that the man in front of him is also quite good-looking.

He Yunzhou didn’t know that the evaluation of him by the man in front of him had changed in just a short period.

He happily accepted the business card with a little excitement on his face that he couldn’t hide.

He Yunzhou is usually said to be very slow and very thick-nerved—but that doesn’t mean he’s a fool. Just by looking at Huo Zheng’s appearance and bearing, it can be clearly perceived that the other party isn’t in the same world as ordinary people at all.

According to the norm, after a brief encounter, I’m afraid that Huo Zheng and he will not cross paths for the rest of his life. But now, this ‘norm’ was broken by Huo Zheng himself.

Huo Zheng is willing to leave him contact information. Roughly how much can it prove that he is still likely to continue contact with the other party in the future?

He Yunzhou couldn’t help but glance at Huo Zheng once again with the corner of his eyes. The moment when the silver-gray hair and dark green eyes came into view, his heart began to beat in disorder again.


He Yunzhou hurriedly turned his head. In order to hide his slightly hot eyes, he pretended not to care and walked over to the side of the cupboard. “Would you like something to drink? I actually have a good hand-brewed coffee here. But Mr. Huo, your stomach doesn’t look too good. Do you like rooibos tea? This is □□4 Another censored word. MTL gives me ‘harmless’ which is probably a wrong term. and will not cause irritation to the stomach…”

The slightly incoherent He Yunzhou didn’t know that the snooping he thought he was careful of, as well as the obvious happiness earlier, was clearly almost deliberate in the eyes of the flower5 being surrounded by a group of women and men veteran, Huo Zheng. Even after He Yunzhou quickly withdrew his gaze, Huo Zheng still stared meaningfully at his back for a long time.

“Heh…” The man, who was being treated like a cat by He Yunzhou in his heart, let out a soft chuckle.

“You can just call me Huo Zheng.” He said.

Once the words were out, Huo Zheng himself couldn’t help being surprised by the hint of careless intimacy in his tone.

Of course, in the past, there was no shortage of types who rolled into bed6The they ‘slept together’ kind. directly after a drink, but Huo Zheng instinctively felt that he and He Yunzhou probably couldn’t take that fast-paced route.

But now, Huo Zheng suddenly realized that in front of this young man, who could only be described as a “stranger”, seems as if something wasn’t quite normal.

Thus… It turns out that what I really like is this old-school home style?

After a brief pause, Huo Zheng sighed from the bottom of his heart.

Of course, He Yunzhou is completely ignorant about the thousands of twists and turns in Huo Zheng’s mind in this short moment.

Huo Zheng didn’t reject the rooibos tea. He Yunzhou honestly brewed the tea for him. Drinking tea or coffee after a meal is He Yunzhou’s personal habit. But at this time, he just subconsciously wanted Huo Zheng to stay at his house for a little longer so he could relive the past with Guaji.

However, He Yunzhou’s tenderness was broken up by another living creature in the family the moment he turned around—just as he was about to pass the teacup to Huo Zheng, he saw a fat orange furball leaping stealthily from the chair to the table slowly. At this moment, it was leaning over and silently probing towards the duck tongue bones left on the table by Huo Zheng when he ate.

This is exactly Nangua’s daily bone stealing activity.

In the past, He Yunzhou was always careful to dispose of all the leftovers quickly lest one would accidentally be remembered by Nangua. But Huo Zheng hasn’t been trained in this area so much so that a large ball of fat of Nangua was about to be squeezed into his hands which he didn’t even notice.

“Nangua!” He Yunzhou subconsciously issued a warning.

After hearing that violent shout, Nangua quickly scampered out the table, fleeing from the crime scene quite skillfully.

Then, some of the residual soup in the bowl in front of Huo Zheng was all overturned on him by Nangua.


Huo Zheng lowered his head and looked faintly at the shirt he was wearing that was already in a mess.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… No, my cat didn’t mean to…” He Yunzhou looked at the juicy stains on Huo Zheng’s body. He was stunned for a moment before he suddenly reacted and immediately apologized in a row.

He doesn’t look much into anything about luxury goods, but Huo Zheng’s outfit can be seen to be expensive even by a layman. Now, I’m afraid that it’s been ruined.

“You didn’t get burned, did you… Nangua has been too fat recently and hasn’t cut off the hair between his toes so it may be a bit slippery…”

He Yunzhou unconsciously quickly muttered and easily pulled a large handful of paper towels to wipe the stains on Huo Zheng’s body.

He is indeed pure and innocent but in Huo Zheng’s perspective, He Yunzhou stretched out his hand directly to his lower abdomen.

It’s a little too fast, right…

If he hadn’t known that a creature like a cat is basically unlikely trained to be obedient, Huo Zheng would’ve thought that this was some kind of conspiracy made by He Yunzhou.

Fortunately, He Younzhou’s behavior afterwards proved that he didn’t intend to increase the pace too fast (at least in Huo Zheng’s opinion). After hastily absorbing the excess soup with a paper towel, he retreated from Huo Zheng’s side quite naturally, and his hands didn’t move to other parts of the body as Huo Zheng had thought.

Huo Zheng: “……”

The mood was inexplicably a little subtle.

“I’m really sorry, I’ll send these clothes to dry cleaning, ok? I didn’t expect this to happen…”

He Yunzhou really didn’t notice that Huo Zheng’s expression was a bit complicated. His attention remained on Huo Zheng’s clothes.

Even after wiping, the traces of red oil and soup on the shirt are still quite conspicuous.

Nangua has been clumsy because of his fat before and it’s not uncommon to spill something. However, the same thing fell on Huo Zheng. He Yunzhou also didn’t know why he was so nervous.

“It’s ok, it’s not a big deal.” Huo Zheng stood up and said calmly, “It was just an accident.”

“But…” He Yunzhou brows wrinkled. His face still looked a little embarrassed.

Huo Zheng really didn’t take the clothes thing in his heart: most of his clothes are top luxury brands and he never considered any washing situation. Just wear them once or twice and then throw them away.

“It’s just as you said, you didn’t do this on purpose—neither did your cat.”

After saying this, Huo Zheng subconsciously glanced at the surprisingly large cat. As the culprit, Nangua just seemed to have an attitude of not knowing what happened. While He Yunzhou was in a hurry to apologize for him, it had already squatted on the armrest of the sofa with a calm expression, and calmly began to lick up its chrysanthemum.

Squelch, squelch, squelch—”

And it made a rather loud sound.

He Yunzhou: “……”

Huo Zheng: “……”


Ultimately, while Huo Zheng really didn’t care, He Yunzhou was really apologetic and insisted on helping Huo Zheng pay for the dry cleaning.

It’s rare for Huo Zheng to be patient and be on a stalemate with someone on such a trivial matter. He has such a good temper that even himself felt that he had been enchanted—or maybe because the breakfast made by He Yunzhou earlier has really evoked some of his softness.

“I really don’t need any dry cleaning fees. If you really feel sorry, you can just invite me to a meal next time.” Huo Zheng didn’t even know why he said these words suddenly.

God knows how many people racked their brains to earn a glimpse of Huo Zheng, but now he offered an invitation to a meal with He Yunzhou, a mediocre young man.

Even Huo Zheng himself can’t remember the last time he sent out such an invitation so bluntly. It was probably the stage where he first tasted it7 sexual passion when his mind was full of hormones.

“Then it’s a deal—I will definitely invite you to a meal!”

He Yunzhou immediately breathed a sigh of relief, then flashed a smile at Huo Zheng.

This person isn’t much good-looking, but his smile is… a bit enticing.

Huo Zheng was unable to prevent being swept by the softness between He Yunzhou’s appearance that his heart slightly swayed.

  • 1
    Censored word. MTL gave me ‘pierced’ but I’m not sure about that so I’ll leave it like that.
  • 2
    lit. as sweet as a syrup (idiom, from Book of Songs); to endure hardship gladly.
  • 3
    lit. licking dogs
  • 4
    Another censored word. MTL gives me ‘harmless’ which is probably a wrong term.
  • 5
    being surrounded by a group of women and men
  • 6
    The they ‘slept together’ kind.
  • 7
    sexual passion
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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Sweetness is too addictive, sigh… I feel sorry for ML, lol.

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