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Fourteenth Meow

“Why are you here?”

He Yunzhou felt that his brain was a bit numb.

The man standing outside the door didn’t seem much different from usual, except that there was no arrogant expression on the face that was so handsome that made people want to hold their breath. Even the speaker’s voice became exceptionally gentle as if it was an electronically synthesized voice.

If ordinary people saw this scene, I’m afraid they wouldn’t notice anything unusual.

However, He Yunzhou is not an ordinary person after all.

It was impossible for him to ignore the tiny dark fire ignited in Huo Zheng’s green eyes that strikingly resembled Nangua.


He Yunzhou seemed to be able to hear a voice in his heart muttering slightly.

With a somewhat heavy chest, He Yunzhou stood dumbly at the door staring at Huo Zheng, unable to find any suitable expression to face the other for a while.

“Yes, I was indeed at home today… Well, today… I have a friend at home. I thought you probably don’t like contact with strangers and didn’t call you.” He Yunzhou said dryly.

In fact, he shouldn’t feel guilty for being reasonable. After all, He Yunzhou has good reasons to explain all this.

However, with a hint of resentment in Huo Zheng’s pair of angry eyes, He Yunzhou inexplicably felt a heavy pressure.

While thinking, He Yunzhou instinctively turned aside, trying to pull Huo Zheng into the door.

“Since you’re here… I stewed some soup, would you like to come in and drink a bowl.”

However, Huo Zheng still stood there and didn’t move.

“I had dinner a long time ago,” Huo Zheng said slowly, word for word, to He Yunzhou with a frosty expression, “Didn’t you say that? Let me have a good meal by myself.”

He Yunzhou, “That…”

“I’m sorry to have interrupted you.” Huo Zheng took out a wooden box and threw it into He Yunzhou’s arms as if at random, “I ordered a fresh matsutake from Japan earlier. I saw that your house was lit up, so I brought it to you in passing.”

He Yunzhou’s breathing slowed down a beat.

The exquisite wooden box in his arms was still faintly exuding cold air. Although the lid hasn’t been opened, he can still smell the faint aroma of matsutake. Huo Zheng said casually but this kind of real high-grade matsutake can only maintain the most perfect taste and freshness if it is picked and shipped by air on the same day. Of course, the price is also very expensive.

He Yunzhou still remembers that it was the last time after dinner, the two of them casually chatted about the origin and taste of matsutake. At that time, Huo Zheng didn’t seem to care much about saying “then I’ll bring some over for dinner next time”.

Huo Zheng’s words fluttered lightly, sounding more like a joke than a promise. 

He Yunzhou also didn’t expect him to really remember it to heart.

In an instant, that invisible pressure became even heavier.


“Oh, I was originally worried that you wouldn’t be able to eat it tonight because you had some business. It would a pity that the quality of these matsutake mushrooms would decline, but now it looks like there is no need to worry.”

Every time Huo Zheng said a word, his eyes become a little more gloomy.

Very angry… Even his internal organs are tightly twisted together in anger. 

He also finally realized his own abnormality—those peculiar words before were really not something he should’ve said. 

[It’s really ugly.]

Even he couldn’t help but mentally spit on his sorry figure at this moment.

Obviously in the afternoon, when he received the premium ingredients for today’s dinner, his heart was still full of excitement.

A box of matsutake mushrooms was nothing in itself, but for Huo Zheng, this box of mushrooms gave him an excuse to meet with He Yunzhou in the evening with confidence.

But now, the expensive wooden box fell into Huo Zheng’s eyes as if it was laughing at his idiocy.

Hoo1breathing outClassmate He… out of alcohol la! Go buy me some alcohol! I said that I won’t go home until I’m drunk today!”

It was as if God thought that Huo Zheng’s mood wasn’t gloomy enough, just when He Yunzhou and Huo Zheng were at a standstill, Shu Ran drunkenly swung from the living room to the entrance, moving her hands and feet about and yelling at He Yunzhou. 

At this instant, Huo Zheng and He Yunzhou both felt stiff for a moment.

Little by little, Huo Zheng’s gaze moved from He Yunzhou’s dull face to the beautiful woman leaning against the wall and then saw the beer bottle in the other’s hand. 

It looked familiar.

For almost a few seconds, Huo Zheng didn’t say anything.

He Yunzhou, however, involuntarily fought a cold war, feeling a little cold. Moreover… was it his illusion? He always felt that the air around Huo Zheng at this moment seemed to have suddenly become particularly cold and dark like the entrance hall light suddenly broke down.

On the contrary, Shu Ran’s eyes lit up when she saw Huo Zheng. She stumbled on He Yunzhou’s shoulder, looking at Huo Zheng from head to toe with a pair of drunken eyes.

“Hehehe, Classmate He ah… This is the one you said… that…hee hee hee… right…”

Shu Ran hiccupped, put her arm around He Yunzhou’s shoulder, and shook it vigorously.

As soon as she opened her mouth, He Yunzhou instantly got a headache and hurriedly interrupted her words before she had time to say some unreliable drunken words.

“Shu Ran, you’re drunk, go sit on the sofa, have some soup, then go to bed.”

He held Shu Ran, looked back at Huo Zheng with extreme embarrassment, and dryly explained, “This is my friend. I’m sorry, she got drunk because of something. That, you…” 

Why don’t you go back first?

Just as He Yunzhou wanted to say so, he saw Huo Zheng, who had previously remained motionless before, calmly walked into the entrance, changed into slippers, and followed him behind.

“What’s wrong?” Noticing He Yunzhou’s confused gaze, Huo Zheng asked coldly in return.

“No, nothing.”

After knowing Huo Zheng for so long, He Yunzhou realized for the first time that he couldn’t understand the thoughts of the man in front of him.

The author has something to say:2I decided not to add the first paragraph here, in case you’re wondering, as it’s not related to the story.

Huo Zheng: [Although I’m very annoyed with the drunkard, I would like to know “who that” “who” is.] 3 the one where Shu Ran said in her drunkenness, where she mentioned ‘that’ in this chapter.

Suddenly concerned.

  • 1
    breathing out
  • 2
    I decided not to add the first paragraph here, in case you’re wondering, as it’s not related to the story.
  • 3
    the one where Shu Ran said in her drunkenness, where she mentioned ‘that’ in this chapter.
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