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First Meow

It hurts.

This was the first thing Huo Zheng realized after waking up from a hangover.

Joint pain, muscle pain, headache—the pain swept over him like a huge wave which even caused some inexplicable worry: He didn’t really think he drank too much and got hit by a car on the road, right?

At the moment of thinking this way, Huo Zheng felt that something cold and soft stepped on his face.

Then his chest tightened and he almost couldn’t breathe.

It was almost as if someone felt that he wasn’t uncomfortable enough and put a sack of rice on his chest.

Is this murder?

Or is it a new form of torture?

In order to achieve her goal, his so-called mother has completely given up her sanity and intends to use severe torture?


Countless grotesque thoughts slipped through Huo Zheng’s alcohol-soaked chaotic brain and he suddenly hit a nerve. No matter how uncomfortable he was, he forced himself to wake up.

Huo Zheng abruptly opened his eyes, then directly met a pair of big round amber eyes.

The owner of the big eyes had a fat face like a plate, a round body like a ball, pink nose, dense fur, fierce gaze, and a huge W fairly printed on its forehead as if to show the world its kingly grandeur.


From an early age, Huo Zheng has been ordered to “restrain it” because his eyes are too fierce and sharp, otherwise, he would easily scare others. Yet the amber-eyed King wasn’t frightened at all by Huo Zheng’s gaze. Instead, it opened its ferocious mouth and yawned, and then unceremoniously stepped on Huo Zheng’s face with two fleshy paws and kneaded it similarly to a dough.

Huo Zheng could even clearly feel that the opponent was intoxicatedly stretching its fleshy paws as he stepped on his face. The curved nail tips regularly popping out of the pink fleshy pads—retracted—popped—retracted—

Then he was completely sober.


Huo Zheng slowly reached out and grabbed both the cat’s paws, then forced the opponent to remove the paws from his face.

His intention was to settle the matter calmly and reasonably. But obviously, there is a serious communication problem between them. The big orange cat squatting on Huo Zheng’s chest was quite unhappy with the other party holding its paws without permission. He stomped his two hind feet heavily on his chest and jumped out of him with one leap.

It was as if he had been hit in the chest by an elbow strike from the combat instructor, Huo Zheng’s eyes went black and he almost didn’t breathe.

The various pains of hangover also doubled up as his intense movements soared, especially his stomach, which was like a pinball rolling around inside. In just an instant, Huo Zheng’s forehead was covered with a thin layer of cold sweat, and his entire body looked increasingly white as snow.

“Ah, you’re awake?” After Huo Zheng finally got his breath with difficulty, he heard a hoarse and tired male voice.

He looked up and a very strange man poke his head out from behind a door, frowning at him.

It was a man who seemed to have no characteristics, probably older than Huo Zheng. He was wearing a loose set of home clothes. The corner of his eyes behind the lenses was a bit drooping, revealing a soft look.

Huo Zheng sat up with his arms propped up.


Who are you? What do you want to do?

Huo Zheng rubbed his forehead and subconsciously wanted to speak, but the skin on his temples throbbed with pain, making him silent for a while, and his facial expression was slightly distorted.

Fortunately, the other party didn’t need Huo Zheng to really ask before he took the initiative to answer, “You’re also a resident of this building, right? You were drunk last night and lay directly on my doorstep.”

The man’s voice was quite nice but it was a little hoarse as if he was exhausted.

“… I couldn’t contact anyone else either, so I had to drag you inside first.” Hearing what happened last night, Huo Zheng’s brow wrinkled to death.

“Thank you.” He said dryly. Then he immediately went on to smoothly pull out his wallet from his pocket and express gratitude in cash.

However, at this moment, the severe pain from the hangover swept over once again without any warning.

Huo Zheng’s body swayed and his whole body almost fell straight to the ground.

“Be careful!” Then he was firmly supported by someone else.

“Are you ok…” The man’s hand was very warm with some faintly rough calluses on the palm of his hand.

However, the contact brought by others when they touched Huo Zheng made his scalp instantly numb and his whole body trembled.

“Don’t touch me—” Huo Zheng slapped away the other party’s hand.

Well, the atmosphere instantly became stiff but Huo Zheng had long been accustomed to this situation, but he didn’t put pay too much attention to it.

“I’m not used to humans touching me.” Huo Zheng endured the dizziness in front of his eyes caused by the pain before he raised his head and said coldly to the man in front of him.

“Well, sorry…” The other part said hesitantly. Then, the moment he met Huo Zheng’s eyes, his entire person stiffened.

He obviously doesn’t quite know how to get along with people like Huo Zheng…

But it wasn’t his fault!

In fact, when most normal people first met Huo Zheng, they thought he is a celestial fairy, but then they later realize that this celestial fairy has more thorns than a porcupine and he couldn’t get along with ordinary people in the same way.

And Huo Zheng has long been used to this situation.

However, the man in front of him seemed to be possessed.

After being glared at by Huo Zheng, his attitude became softer and softer instead.

“You look quite uncomfortable, which always happens after drinking. I’ll get you some medicine…and then cook something hot for you to eat?” The man asked gently.

“Just give me some painkillers.” Huo Zheng said coldly.

He wasn’t touched by the other party’s attitude. After all, although he has a bad personality, his face1appearance-wise is good enough.

“Taking painkillers on an empty stomach will irritate your stomach, so I’d better cook you something to cushion first.” The other party unexpectedly reveals a touch of worry between his words.

Huo Zheng froze, the discomfort in his heart was spreading.

He was never afraid of cold words and hypocrisy, only using each other—but he doesn’t know how to respond to this kind of concern and worry without interest, even if they’re only from passers-by.


He was expressionless as he forced his cold persona to glare at the other party again, only to be met with the man’s gentle gaze and soothing smile.

“Just wait a minute, it’ll be quick.” The man said, his voice soft.

It inexplicably made Huo Zheng a little……fuzzy.

What Huo Zheng didn’t know was that after He Yunzhou walked back to the kitchen, his whole body seemed to be stepping on a cloud.

“My god…” He Yunzhou’s complexion was pale and restless.

Originally, he only intended to open a cereal for the man to cook a oatmeal and milk porridge but by the time he realized it, his hands were already washing the white radish. Not only that, he almost dropped the white radish directly in the sink when he washed it.

Wait, why am I washing the radish here?

He Yunzhou seems to hear the voice in his body asking himself.

However, at this time, his brain is blank. There was no way to give an answer.

Last night, He Yunzhou only took people at home and settled temporarily only because the other party’s fur color resembled it. He didn’t expect that the other party’s real appearance would have such a big impact on him.

The man has a pair of dark green eyes.

Not long ago, his dear cat Guaji, who was lying on He Yunzhu and went to the Cat Planet, also had a pair of identical green eyes.

It was fine when he was unconscious and unaware, but when that Mr. Drunkard came to his senses, whether it was the dyed hair, eyes, or that haughty and guarded attitude—

They are exactly the same as Guaji!

Thinking of Guaji, He Yunzhou’s eyes became hot and he almost burst into tears again.

Guaji is a cat adopted by He Yunzhou after graduating from university. When it was adopted, he was already a two or three-year-old adult cat, and it was even the kind of cat that is a very unappealing and very unsightly cat.

At that time, the people from the pet hospital told He Yunzhou that this cat was originally a breed cat. It is said that at first, it was only abandoned because of illness. Later, it was adopted and returned because of its bad temper. Thus, after tossing and turning several times, it was transferred to the pet hospital. It was already a bruised and skinny little monster—

[It could only go on peacefully roughly in a couple of days. This cat is sick and its personality is too bad… It’s impossible to keep it here all the time.]

He vaguely remembered that at that time, He Yunzhou’s heart was so soft that he took home the fierce little guy who was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws. It was exactly what the nurse at the pet hospital said intentionally or unintentionally.

In fact, He Yenzhou never thought that he could really keep it for too long. After all, the nurse had reminded him that this cat has a grumpy temper and would even go on a hunger strike and that it would starve itself to death in a few days.

He Yunzhou didn’t even give it a proper name, casually giving it a cheap name Guaji,2Gua – melon; ji – grumble and slowly raised it… Who knew he accidentally developed his heart by taking this skinny cat with a bad temper.

When Guaji passed away some time ago, it was tantamount to digging up the softest piece of meat in He Yunzhou’s heart. The pain was too much that he hadn’t recovered for so many days.

Yet now, there is a man who looks exactly like Guaji, sitting in his living room waiting for him to feed.

He Yunzhou subconsciously glanced at his phone and become increasingly confused.

At 9:30 am… When Guajia was still alive, it was also at this time that he would run reservedly and arrogantly to ask for snacks.

“Wu…” He Yunzhou sniffed and forced himself to calm down.

That’s right, it must be because he missed Guaji so much that he deliriously regarded another human as a substitute for Guaji.

Thinking of this, He Yunzhou didn’t hold back and glanced from the kitchen to probe at the living room……

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    Gua – melon; ji – grumble
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Bambootriangle says:

    Pahahaha this premise is great!

    “I seem to have adopted a strange man found on my doorstep as my cat, what to do” ahahahha

    1. nen nen says:

      #Waiting for answers online ahahhaa

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Human cat almost adopted, lol.
    I do feel sorry for the guy, because I can attest, being used as a jumping board by a cat freaking hurts! Those little devils pack a lot of punch un their jumps, even the lightest ones.

    1. nen nen says:

      Hehe. Yes! You’re welcome!
      I didn’t know about that! I never had a cat or a pet. That must’ve surely hurt a lot!

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