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It was 3:20 in the morning.

23rd Floor of Building 14, Xingfu1Happiness Garden Community in City A.

Mr. He, an ordinary citizen, picked up a man on his doorstep.



He Yunzhou lowered his head and looked somewhat dumfounded at the man at his feet—

It was a fairly tall man. Even if he was lying on the ground with his body slightly hunched over, he could still occupy the small piece of land in front of the door completely.

From He Yunzhou’s perspective, only half of his face can be seen under his elbow, but it was enough. Just from his side profile alone, the man is also quite handsome—not the kind of ordinary handsome, but the kind of handsome who can be confident, photogenic, and can take on many so-called little fresh meat2handsome young males mostly celebrities or rising stars on the ground.  It can also be seen that the other party is not a pure Asian. The depth and fineness of his facial features are comparable to that of a well-carved human doll. The skin pigment is also very light, it’s as white as if it’s translucent. A silver-gray hair… No, long hair, tied into a ponytail behind his head which was almost scattered messily on the man’s cheeks. He was wearing a suit that seemed to exude an ‘I’m very expensive’ electric waves, but at this time, it had become wrinkled and dusty because of the man’s action of lying carelessly in front of someone else’s home.

But even so, the man lying on the ground still gives a kind of an elf-like illusion—though the elf probably wouldn’t limp to the ground and couldn’t move, his whole body emits a suffocating smell of alcohol.

Well, this is a very handsome drunkard who was drunk to the point of losing consciousness. He Yunzhou’s first reaction was to look at the door number but found that it was indeed his home number. Taking a closer look at the drunken gentleman, He Yunzhou faintly remembered that he seemed to know such a person—

Oh, that’s right, there seems to have been a commotion in the owners’ group (chat) not long ago.

The reason is that several female owners are talking about the moving in of a peerless handsome man who is so handsome that it was suffocating and so handsome that it breaks through the dimension (a certain aunt language). In their impression, the other party seems to be a tall young man with dyed silver hair.

He Yunzhou frowned. He had almost guessed the general idea of the matter in his heart. It was nothing more than that this beautiful gentleman fainted after drinking himself unconscious and attempted to go home, staring in a daze. However, he was too drunk that he walked to the wrong floor and couldn’t enter the door. Then finally managed to successfully sleep in front of the unlucky ghost He Yunzhou’s home.

After calming down, He Yunzhou crouched down and pushed the drunkard’s shoulders forcefully… Didn’t budge.

Although the other party is thin, his muscles are surprisingly quite strong to the touch.

A few minutes later, He Yunzhou despairingly found that this drunk gentleman has completely lost consciousness that couldn’t be awakened by manpower. 

“What the hell.”

He Yunzhou muttered a curse. He took out his cellphone and called the property management—no one answered.

After looking through the messages of the owners’ group, there were quite a lot of female face-con3not sure how to term this in English but it meant a girl who is into looks remarks about Mr. Drunkard, but no one mentioned the floor he lived. He Yunzhou also managed to get the mobile phone from the drunkard’s pocket but it was password locked and couldn’t be unlocked. 


After He Yunzhou tried all the ways he could think of, he was a little slow to realize that things were a bit troublesome.

The drunkard at his feet lost consciousness and he couldn’t find anyone to help him deal with this matter. As the delay went on for a long time, a heavy sense of drowsiness climbed up from the base of He Yunzhou’s neck again—before going home, He Yunzhou had been dragged by his editor to catch up on the manuscript for 48 hours without sleep. 

The other party was beautifully named4to call it by the fine-sounding name anyway, He Yunzhou was just weeping endlessly alone at home. It was better to use the rushing the manuscript directly to withstand his internal grief and fight evil with evil.

Of course, it was impossible for He Yunzhou to submit on ordinary days, but this time, he really couldn’t stay at home. Thus, he obediently listened to the editor’s words to rush up with the manuscript and bring back his brain in the gutter that was almost flat. Indeed, he was sleepy to such an extent as if the great sorrow had become slightly more distant.

The plan is always very good but the reality is always full of situations.

For example, He Yunzhou finally forced himself into such an extremely sleepy situation of just wanting to go home and sleep—a sleeping drunkard could still appear out of nowhere at his doorstep.

He Yunzhou forcibly propped his eyelids, dumbly staring at the beauty of Mr. Drunkard, his mind a mess.

Anyway, he is indeed a very beautiful adult male ah, as if every strand of his hair is glowing……

Even as a straight man, He Yunzhou still couldn’t help but express such emotion.

However, the deeply moved He Yunzhou suddenly reacted. It wasn’t the other’s hair that was glowing but he himself was dizzy. 

Both his spirit and his body were telling him that he might pass out in the next second. 

He Yunzhou realized that this wasn’t going to work. If he continued to dawdle any longer, he might also be able to wake up at his doormat tomorrow. 

Theoretically, He Yunzhou can also just ignore this drunken gentleman in this way. However……

He Yunzhou couldn’t help taking another glance at Mr. Drunkard.

His gaze paused slightly on Mr. Drunkard’s long messy gray hair. The extremely beautiful gray hair of another creature suddenly appeared on his mind.

That unusually similar hair color caused pain to abruptly rush into He Yunzhou’s heart, at the same time also making him unable to leave the other party alone no matter what.


Well, that’s it, he thought to himself. Then he wiped his face, pulled Mr. Drunkard’s leg, and dragged him into the door of his house.

  • 1
  • 2
    handsome young males mostly celebrities or rising stars
  • 3
    not sure how to term this in English but it meant a girl who is into looks
  • 4
    to call it by the fine-sounding name
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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