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Vol. 3 Ch. 3

Translator: Empress

This world was the world of otome games that Irene had played in her previous life.

If someone honestly told her they believed her, she would have taken them to a doctor first. That’s how ridiculous her life story sounds. That’s why Irene never talked about it. Except for one person who had the same memories as she did.

(In the first place, this world is the reality as long as we’re living here like this)

However, the game setting had continuously become true. Irene had experienced them twice since the day she regained her previous life’s memories.

The game that troubled Irene was called 『Regalia of the Saint, Demon, and Maiden』. Despite its sketchy settings and storylines, the game gained popularity due to its arts and voice-actings. There were few numbers of original stories and their respective FDs (Fan Discs). Irene was sure that the developer had announced a release date for the remake in the new port (to new game devices) even after Irene died in her previous life.

Irene was reborn as the villainess in the first-ever of the series. According to the original timeline, she should have been dead by now. However, Irene evaded that fate by capturing the Demon King, the Last Boss of the game, and the one who caused her death. It may sound like there was no love between her and Claude, but that wasn’t the case.

The reality is like this.

「After much deliberation, I have come to a conclusion that we no longer need such unromantic things such as words between us」

Claude pushed Irene and held her down on the long couch, where she could lie down comfortably, in his office, with a gentle smile on his face. And Irene pushed his chest away with both of her hands.

「C-claude-sama, I think we need words to talk to each other to understand each other」

「There are many means of love that could deepen our understanding with each other besides talking」

「Y-you’re angry, aren’t you? Fine! It’s my fault. I just didn’t have time to inform you, Claude-sama ――」

「Didn’t have time? James? Repeat what you have reported to me」

「I suggested that the King should be informed, but Irene-sama threatened me to keep quiet about this matter」

「James, you traitor! It turns out you’re the one who told Claude-sama about this!」

Irene tried to get up from anger, but Claude pinned her down from above.

The strength he used, above all, was so gentle and by no means forceful and violent.

「I think it’s better to let your body knows just how much I care about you」

The look in his eyes told Irene that he was serious.

「W-w-w-we aren’t married yet! You are too immodest in a place like this in the first place!」

「Weren’t you the one who refused when I invited you to my bedroom earlier? Then, we can only do it here」

「W-we’re in front of other people! Auguste, James, Walt, Kyle, and Isaac are all here! Please think about your dignity as their superior!」

「I understand. I’ll have them leave the room」

「You can’t do that too. Please, wait a min――Hiii!」

Claude bit her earlobe. Claude whispered in her ears that immediately turned red:

「Now then, I need to make you unable to go out in public first」

Irene, panicking inwardly, proposed a plan to calm her lover’s anger while struggling to escape from his arms.

「H……How about I’ll give you lap pillow, Claude-sama?」

「Shall we turn the lights off? Or do you prefer we leave it on?」

「N-not only I’ll give you a lap pillow, I’m also going to give you a goodbye kiss!」

「You prefer to leave it on, is it? I like how bold you can be」

「They’re still aren’t enough?! Then, how about going out for a picnic in incognito? You like sneaking around, do you? Anyway, I did turn your offer down the other day because I was busy……っ」

「Oh, you’re right. I also don’t mind doing it outdoors」

「No……F-fine, I’ll make “Give all of my attention to Claude-sama all day long” Day」

Claude, who was holding Irene’s chest ribbon in his mouth, stopped. Irene hurriedly slipped away from under Claude. Her action caused the ribbon to become undone, but she didn’t have time to care about it. Or else she would miss the opportunity to turn the situation around.

「I will give all of my attention to Claude-sama all day long. I haven’t been able to relax since I was busy with work lately」


Claude got up, brushed off his glossy black hair, and acted like he was pondering about something.

Irene desperately kept on talking.

「I won’t do anything other than stay by Claude-sama’s side on that day. I also won’t pay any attention to anything else」

「――What happens if you pay attention to something else other than me?」


Irene clenched her fists when Claude turned to look at her the moment she stopped speaking.

「T-then at that time, as a punishment, I will kiss your cheek, your forehead, or anywhere other than your lips!」

「……。Do I have your promise?」

「I promise! I will never break it!」

「……Then it’s fine」

When she sighed a breath of relief, a deep smile appeared on Claude’s lips.

「I’m sure you’ll look so cute as you shyly look away when doing what you’ve promised me to do. I’m really, really looking forward to it. I won’t let you go no matter how much you cry or scream」


Irene heard what Isaac had muttered but decided not to think deeply about it until the day arrived. Since it was already apparent that she had been forgiven, she hastily re-tied her ribbon then stood up straight.

「Anyway, Claude-sama, I have something to report」

「What else have you been up to? We’ll resume where we left off, depending on how things go」

「No, I didn’t do anything! I’ve only been asked to help for an audience with you, Claude-sama…… I’m asking this just in case, but you guys don’t know each other……do you?」

Irene once again looked at the young man standing in the middle of the office while wearing a black hood as she asked him that.

Claude shook his head as he crossed his legs.

「I’ve never met him before.…… You’ve picked up something unusual again. You’re a mage, aren’t you? What’s your name?」

「My name is Alphas Levy, Your Royal Highness Crown Prince, Claude Jeanne Elmeier.」

Even though he had been forcibly transferred from the black auction’s venue to the Demon Lord’s office, Alphas seemed calm as he bowed reverently to Claude.

T/N: So, umm, hi, nice to see y’all again, if y’all still reading… so, once-a-week update? how ’bout that?

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Lia says:

    Welcome back translator-san! I will absolutely take a once a week update, but make sure it won’t be taxing on you to do so 💚💚💚

    Thank you for the chapter!!

  2. Avatar Red says:

    Its so nice to see this translated. Take your time with the pacing. Ill read from the very start. This is such a great story, I just love FL so much

  3. Avatar Sky says:

    Thanks for coming back and continuing to translate. This series s quite fun to read and I am really looking forward to the continuation 😄

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