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ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama and His New Guards [Part 5] (Unedited)

Demon King-sama and His New Guards

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Translated by: Empress ||

ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama and His New Guards [Part 5] (Unedited)

Novel Raw: 魔王様と新しい護衛たち 其の五 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

魔王様と新しい護衛たち 其の五 (Google docs)

「I wonder if that’ll be alright?……」

「My, are you worried about something?」

It seems like Irene had heard Kyle’s monologue. Irene called out to him from the other side of the partitioning screen. 

There were only a few hours left before the private talk between the Demon King and the Church. But, they couldn’t tell Irene about that at the order of the Demon King.

Wearing his newly tailored clothes, Kyle came out of the fitting room.

「No, it’s nothing.――There’s nothing wrong with the size, it’s perfect」

「That’s right. It looks good on you. My choice wasn’t wrong」

Kyle looked down on the clothes that were prepared for him while feeling uncomfortable with Irene’s complacent smile. It was a custom-tailored uniform for Claude’s guards by Irene. It seemed like Donny had prepared a design that would make him and Walt looked symmetrical when they stood together since being guards would also mean that they were going to appear at the evening party and social gatherings.

Being the Crown Prince’s guards would mean that they would wear a uniform that was almost similar to the knight’s uniform. They would also use a short mantle. The materials used were also first-class. Kyle was bewildered by the showy uniform. 

「But, isn’t it wrong for guards to dress like this? We’ll be conspicuous」

「You’re the one who makes it conspicuous, you know? Hehe, if I also put James and Auguste alongside Claude-sama, we can also naturally almost gain control of the population…… !That’s the Otome Games’ capture characters for you, with this, the evening party of this season is ours」

「……What are you talking about? Anyway, guards aren’t supposed to be conspicuous」

「What are you saying? Claude-sama will be the only one who stands out if you guys are being overshadowed. So please be conspicuous and overshadow Claude-sama even just for a little. Things will go out of control if you leave him all alone」


Overwhelmed by her strangely persuasive power, Kyle was half-convinced. Irene approached him without hesitation, then threatened him.  

「The way we’re doing things is different from the Church. You’re Claude-sama’s guard. So, I won’t forgive any improper behavior on your part. Every single one of your actions will affect Claude-sama’s reputation. Do you understand?」

「……I understand, kind of」

「Then, that’s good. And you guys will often be going to be with Claude-sama at the center stage of politics too. Behave yourselves. Especially with your relationships with women」

「Relationships with women!? Are you talking about me!?」(Kyle)

Irene crossed her arms as she looked at the flabbergasted Kyle. 

「That’s right. Walt seems like he knows what he’s doing, but I’m worried about you. You look like you could easily get involved with it」

「 Wh-wh-wha……th-that’s rude! I’m older than you, you know」

「So what? Didn’t you become dumbfounded just because I dressed up a little?」

「That’s because I was surprised!」

When Kyle retorted blushingly, Irene brushed her hair back then laughed.  

「With just that kind of level was enough to shake up your adversaries… That’s a basic of wiles for the ladies in the Imperial Capital, you know」

「Are you saying that ladies pretending to be men is something basic in the Imperial Capital ……!?」

There was absolutely no such thing as that. Probably feeling self-conscious that Kyle’s words hit close to home, Irene tried to gloss it over by clearing her throat. 

「Aside from that. I’m certainly a beautiful woman, but not to the point of being peerless. Just don’t be fooled by the appearance――」

「There’s no way I’d be fooled. You were beautiful」

Irene blinked her eyes in bewilderment.

Since he already said it, Kyle sighed then turned his eyes away. 

「I don’t know about the other ladies in the Imperial Capital, but I think that you’re, you know……beautiful. Like a jewel」


With her arms crossed, Irene stood pensive for a while and then laughed a little. 

「 I’m going to reevaluate my thoughts about you. Kyle, you’re actually a bad boy, aren’t you? Isn’t that the trick you used to deceive women?」

「That’s rude. I’m not going to do something irresponsible as Walt」

「Eh, I’m praising you, you know? That was a fantastic pick-up line, thanks」

As a woman, she didn’t appear to be in discomfort by calling someone a “bad boy” while laughing. And yet, she could only run away flusteredly just by being whispered that she’s cute by the Demon King. 

「This will be your basic official guards’ uniform, and I’m going to tailor several more」

「Are you going to make more? Isn’t it wasteful?」

「It isn’t. I think I’ve said this several times before, but you guys are Claude-sama’s guards. And you guys are my important comrades」

「……Important comrades」

He couldn’t help but repeat the words that he wasn’t used to hearing. Irene agreed with him, then laughed. 

「We are being tied together by the duck costumes」

「……I would like to pretend that never happened」

「You can’t deny the past. Live bravely and gallantly for the future」

Irene declared as if she was able to see through Kyle’s hesitation. 

If today’s private talk changed the relationship between the Demon King and the Church, then his position would also change. 

Kyle didn’t know whether or not the Church would confess about him and Walt’s assassination mission to the Demon King. Still, it was highly likely that Kyle would return to the Church if the order was withdrawn. Besides, if Claude knew the details of their mission, he might want to let go of them.

Kyle’s heart ached as if being taken aback by surprise.

He wondered what it was, but he decided not to dwell on it. He left that feeling aside to focus on his current job. 

「Kyle, it’s time. Claude-sama is waiting」


「My, are you guys going out with Claude-sama? You guys have become quite close」

Irene, who didn’t know about the private talk, tilted her head in confusion. Walt, who came to them after being called over, laughed to gloss it over.  

It was the Demon King’s order not to let her know about the private talk. But, deep down, Kyle, as a guard, also felt a small sense of pride and superiority. 

 「Yeah, to accompany him on his usual whimsical outing. The only good thing that he had learned was to notify us in advance」

「You guys have completely spoiled Claude-sama’s rotten. Keith-sama was complaining, you know. Recently, I heard Claude-sama told him that, “I’m going to take Walt and Kyle, so it’s okay” 」

「……We are the Demon King’s guards, not his babysitters」

Walt shrugged his shoulders in agreement with Kyle’s unintentional grumbling. 

Irene smiled brightly when she saw them standing side by side. 

「Haha, it looks even better when the two of you stand together like this」

After making involuntary eye contact with Irene, Walt tried to poke fun at her.

「Then next time, let’s go on a date or something, Airi-chan」

「 I’ll go out with you if you have the chance to get through Claude-sama」

「 He’s going to get rid of me before that can happen」

Really? Kyle swallowed down his question. Maybe, Walt did it too. 

That Demon King’s ability was too great that Kyle had a feeling that he was physically capable of removing people who stood in his way.  

「Because in the first place, Claude-sama will be the saddest person if you guys are gone. I’ll feel troubled too」

Was she aware?

(…… You’re the bad woman who gets us confused by saying that)

Kyle wondered what he should do if the private talk didn’t go well, and he was ordered to kill the Demon King. 

Could he shake off Irene’s happy smile and point his blade to the back of the Demon King, who told them that he would treasure them?

They weren’t questions that he should be thinking at the eleventh hour before the private talk started. 

「Do you think he’ll be happy to receive these sugar cookies?」

「Claude-sama…… Aren’t souvenirs usually, you know, paintings, gems, or expensive things……?」

「That’s common, right?」

「Ah, are you talking about something that becomes rare after a while? Hmm, I have no idea……」

「Then I will tell him that this is recommended by Sugar. And I will not accept any objection」

While demonstrating the occasional Demon King-like tyranny, they entered the premise’s reception room while being guided. The fire was blazing in the innermost fireplace of the long table where the ten people could sit. The usher led them into an empty but properly maintained room.

「Please wait here」


The usher left, leaving behind Claude, Walt, and Kyle in the spacious reception room. 

Claude, without even taking offense after being made to wait, sat in the innermost seat, closed his eyes with his arm perched on the armrest to rest his chin in his hand. Not long after that, the second hand of the wall clock made a tick-tocking sound, but the chime began to ring to signal the meeting time.

It was at that moment. 


Kyle’s throat went dry when he felt a strange sensation at the bottom of his neck. He understood that something was about to happen the moment his eyes met Walt’s, who felt the same sensation. 

That was proof that they were tools.  

A type of magic was inserted on the neck of the “Unnamed Priests” for them to self-destruct in the case of an emergency. The accumulated magic that was proportional to the amount of magic incense afflicted on them would explode, and they would become a human bomb that blew away their surroundings. Right now, that has been forcibly activated.  

He couldn’t move as if his feet were sewn on the carpet. The Church must have also used the sound of the wall clock to plant a captured magic on him. Every time the chime rang, his fingers and arms stopped moving. He truly has become a tool. Walt probably was in the same state as him as well. 

 To slaughter the Demon King whom they’ve lured here. 

 (I see, have I been discarded by Bishop-sama?)

 Kyle had always been prepared to be thrown away after being used whenever necessary. He thought that since he was raised that way, he would die that way. Even all of his comrades have died that way. He couldn’t run away now. 

 And yet, why did he cry out bitterly?

 「Claude-sama, please run away! Just leave us, hurry――!」

It’s our job to protect you, so please, at least for the last…


 It was immediately after that, a deserted mansion on the outskirts of Milchetta principality was exploded and that its explosion was enough to sweep the darkness of the night away. 

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