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ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama and His New Guards [Part 3] (Unedited)

Demon King-sama and His New Guards

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Translated by: Empress ||

ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama and His New Guards [Part 3] (Unedited)

Novel Raw: 魔王様と新しい護衛たち 其の三 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

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魔王様と新しい護衛たち 其の三 (Google Docs)

Dear Bishop-sama

How are you? I am doing fine.

The other day, we had tea with the Demon King at the Imperial City. Walt lamented that it was hell doing that kind of thing with three men but after he proactively interacted with the Demon King to obtain even just a little of intel, the Demon King liked the strawberry tart that I recommended and brought it home. 

I kept a watchful eye on the Demon King to grasp an understanding of his human relations at a certain dinner party, but perhaps because he still has his reservations about me he was set to force me to carry a beef roast under the pretext that it was delicious. The Demon King chose Walt to help him to pour the sauce onto his roast beef. I thought that it was absolutely unforgivable for Walt to act like that, but now that I think about it, perhaps that could also be his strategy to catch the Demon King off guard. I’ll do my best too. However, I would like to make it clear that I have established some trust with the Demon King to the extent that I can separate the roast beef from the Demon King.

The Demon King does not seem to doubt us. Recently he seems to think that it’s better to bring us along with him to wherever he goes. Surprisingly, the Demon King likes to wander around aimlessly. He likes to travel around incognito so he often takes a stroll around the lower area of the Imperial City. I think the person in question doesn’t realize it himself, but everyone knows who he is at a glance with that kind of face. I do not recommend to proceed with the attack with the level of his exposure. The moment we took our eyes off of him, he will disappear unnoticed and we also can’t even predict when and where he will appear. Because of that, his attendant name Keith is angry at us that the Demon King wanders around aimlessly  due to our lack of management. It is truly regrettable. 

It seems like it is possible for the Demon King to teleport himself as well as forcefully transfer someone who is in his field of vision. There were several times assailants who charged at the Demon King with a knife in hand disappeared to someplace after falling into a hole that suddenly appeared on the ground. In relation to this, Walt and I are responsible to deal with the assailants since we proposed to catch the assailants for him since we are available at his disposal, but it makes me feel uneasy that for some reason the Demon King looks at us with great pleasure whenever we deal with the assailants.  

It also turns out that we can befriend the monsters by giving them sweets. It seems like Walt is able to gather various intels by carrying candies with him. The monsters trust us, the “Unnamed Priests” who have killed a lot of monsters, since the Demon King’s decree is absolute. This is only truly because the Demon King trusts us. 

Maybe it’s because of that, our target, James, doesn’t have any complaints. Better yet, he seems to be pitying us who are being manipulated by the Demon King……。

He is the Demon King who can fly in the sky, have the monsters at his mercy, and can manipulate a powerful magic power. But I believe that he is just a human. 

Then, are there any possibilities of a compromise between us? I decided to pick up my pen to write this full report after about half a month observing the Demon King and his surroundings. 

We’ve received a series of attacks several times, were they acting under the Church’s orders? If so, you should’ve known the result of the attacks. It is not a good idea to oppose the Demon King. 

As mentioned earlier, the Demon King is starting to trust us. I will not censor this letter. If Bishop-sama wants, I would like to act as a bridge. 

I hope that you will give this a consideration.                            




「Oh hey, Walt. Are you on a break?」

He was so absorbed in his reverie that it was too late for him to put on his usual playful smile.

He flusteredly slurped his soup then took a moment to gather his bearings. 

「Yeah, I’m on lunch break. It’s Kyle’s turn to guard Claude-sama」

「How is it? To be Claude-sama’s guard I mean」

「It’s all right?」

Lifting a cup of black tea, Irene’s blonde hair swayed as she laughed delightfully. She must have already known about the fact that they were being played around by the Demon King-sama.

(……But, it seems like she wasn’t aware about the attacks against the Demon King-sama)

If she knew about it, she would get mad and would likely shout at the Demon King-sama. Maybe the Demon King-sama hid those matters from her. Walt felt a strange sense of superiority in being able to guess and knowing that. 

I see, being a guard has this kind of privilege. 

Walt hid his smile under the guise of drinking the cup of black tea. 

「My, did you just smile?」(Irene)

「Uh no. So, what is it?」(Walt)

「Are you thinking about something? You look unusually serious just now」

「Maybe it’s just your imagination?」

「Do you feel troubled about something? For example, about the Church maybe?」

Due to the nature of Walt’s profession, he was good at hiding his facial expression. But this time, he looked back at Irene’s face. 

He has been thinking about it for a long time now, but there was something different about the woman in front of him. It was perfectly clear to him now that it wasn’t because she had disguised himself as a man nor because she was the Demon King’s fiancee. 

She knows something that even Walt doesn’t know.

Irene politely excused herself to sit on the seat in front of him. With a graceful smile adorning her mouth, Irene quietly lowered the volume of her voice. 

「I think you’ve already aware of it, but the Church will definitely throw you guys away after using you」

「……Come on Airi-chan, we are the disposable goods that were sold by the Church, you know. That kind of thing is not applicable to us」

「I won’t tell you guys to be our allies. Because those who are forced to swear loyalty are not reliable. But, I could spare some time for those who protect Claude-sama」

Irene’s warm hands gently held his hand that was holding a fork. 

「So, don’t abandon yourselves to despair. You guys need to ensure your safety properly」

As his cold hand gradually became warm under the warmth of her hands, Walt one way or another managed to form an insincere smile. 

「You’re saying that as if you’re worried about us」

「I am worried. Claude-sama will be sad if something happen to you guys」

Walt couldn’t laugh at that as he could somehow imagine that.  

「Tell me if you have something that you want me to do for you. Your wish won’t come true if you keep on presuming with a naive notion」

That was also a sound argument. 

Walt took a deep breath when he realized that he has been holding his breath all this time. 

「……But it would be presumptuous of you to help someone if it’s against their wish, wouldn’t it?」

「I don’t see any problem to it if as a result to my meddling the person whom I’m helping can speak ill of me」

Irene gallantly said.  

「I will help you if I want to help you」

It was only then Walt realized. 

(I see, so she wants to help me)

She wanted to set free of someone who didn’t even think of running away. 

It was stupid but Irene unknowingly hit a bullseye on Walt’s secret wish. Even though that wasn’t something widely known by others. 

「……I see. It’s so like you, Airi-chan」

「So, what do you want me to do?」

Walt brushed his bangs away and winked an eye to Irene, who was waiting with anticipation as her head bended slightly to one side. 

「Unfortunately nothing」

「Even after all that? How stubborn. It’s also a strength to ask for help from others, you know」

「That’s enough I guess. I have something to say to Claude-sama」

Huffing, Irene had her lips curved downwards. 

That caused Walt to smile delightfully. 

「……Are you going to ask for help from Claude-sama? That’s not playing fair, isn’t it?」

「Good, I like not playing fair very much」

「But please handle the matter you’re going to talk about with caution if you want to ask for help from Claude-sama!」

Standing, Irene looked down at Walt with both of her arms crossed. 

「He isn’t well-versed in common sense sometimes」

「Yeah, I agree with that」

Irene smiled delightfully then left Walt on his own after he nodded deeply to her statement.  

(She is such a good woman)

It was surely unfair of her to look delightful after knowing that there were more people who understood the Demon King-sama. That caused Walt to think of her as cute.

Of course, Walt didn’t have the courage to pick a fight against the Demon King-sama. 

Walt cleared his lunch tray then headed to the office for a shift change. On the way,  he saw the figures of people responsible for the school reconstruction running around. Now that he observed them again carefully, he noticed that the number of aristocrats has decreased considerably.

(Which reminds me, was it because of the reformation by the Demon King-sama? Eventually, this will be handed over to James……)

If things went the way it was, Walt didn’t think that the Demon King-sama could ascend the throne smoothly. Humans were creatures that couldn’t make the right decision. It doesn’t matter how good the administrative government is. If they were led to believe that some false news is true, they wouldn’t hesitate to commit patricide or treason under the pretext of delivering justice or eliminate someone to protect themselves. 

Not to mention the Demon King. If they were to follow him, they must have thought that it’s the same as riding a boat made of mud. 

「Kyle, it’s time to switch」


But, surely if they could think that they wouldn’t regret it even when the boat is sinking…

「Claude-sama.  I have something to tell you, may I have some of your time?」

After making sure that Kyle had truly left the room, Walt stood in front of Claude’s office desk. 

Claude replied while he ran his signature across the document with a quill pen. 

「Can I get back to you later?」

「We’ve been double-crossing you」

The document disappeared as he snapped his fingers. The quill pen floated then placed itself in the pen stand on its own accord. 

The Demon King laughed as he slowly narrowed his red eyes. 

「Let’s hear it」

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