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ARNRBKM – It’s the World of Otome Games, so even a Maid Celebrates White Day (Unedited)

It's the World of Otome Games, so even a Maid Celebrates White Day

P/s: Suggestions to improve this translation will be highly appreciated and I do not guarantee the accuracy of my translation

Translated by: Empress || Edited by:

ARNRBKM – It’s the World of Otome Games, so even a Maid Celebrates White Day (Unedited)

Novel Raw: 乙女ゲームの世界なので、侍女でもホワイトデーがあります || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

Under the clear sky that gave out the sense of the arrival of the Spring and above the lawn that was bursting with youthful colors, a nice and cold mansion was built. 

「…Claude-sama…what is this…?」

「White Day’s return gift. We’ll be alone here today」

Rachel’s master stiffly asked the Demon King, who was smiling refreshingly, once again.   

「But, I… didn’t do… anything wrong…?」

「Of course, you’re not at fault. I made you uneasy. I didn’t even know that you were so concerned about my past relationships with women to the point that you had to put the truth serum in Valentine’s Day’s chocolate」

“So this is my love for you,” said the Demon King beautifully and bewitchingly. 

「I thought that the reason that you’re doubting my love is that I don’t love you enough」

「N-no, it’s enough for me! I had this little bit of thought that you might reveal your shameful past or your weakness if I mixed in the truth serum…」

Then a sudden gust of spring-like wind blew from behind them. The gradually increasing pressure from the Demon King caused Irene’s smile to become stiff. She then shouted. 

「I-I wanted to know more about you!」

「I see. Then, why don’t you spend the whole day with me in that mansion? I want you to feel my love. Or do you prefer me to whisper sweet nothings to you all day long in the office?」

「I will enter the mansion!」

Rachel’s master who still had her discretion gallantly marched into the ice mansion. 

The Demon King smiled satisfactorily as he looked at the back of her figure. 

Rachel believed that the options that the Demon King presented just now were traps when she looked at his smiling figure. She was convinced that today, her master would come home dazed by the heat of the Demon King’s love. 

Rachel’s eyes met the attendant’s who were similarly looking at the back of his master. 

「Sorry for being uncouth even though it’s White Day」

「It’s fine. I just think it’s so like Claude-sama to do this. I’ll take the White Day’s return gifts meant for Irene-sama back to D’Autriche mansion so she can check them out later」

Keith smiled slightly after staring at Rachel, who was already aware that Claude was meant to lock Irene in the ice mansion, in wonder.  

「Thanks. But he, honestly, really just wanted to spend time alone with Irene-sama. Good gracious, I’m glad that Irene-sama is someone with great ability―― Ah, that’s right, here」

Keith handed over a cutely wrapped paper bag. The string that tied the mouth of the paperbag was also bound tightly with various types of cute little flowers.

「You helped Irene-sama bake a huge amount of cookies for Valentine’s Day, right? This is a White Day’s return gift from me and the monsters」

「Oh my, you guys don’t have to mind it, though」

「We can’t do that. Because we’ll shame the Demon King if we can’t even properly thank a woman.――Beelzebub-san bought the candy recommended by the monsters using my money. The monsters also chose and gathered the flowers」

「Thank you very much」

Rachel smiled, able to imagine how they divide their roles to prepare that gift for her. Keith returned her words of gratitude with, “you’re welcome” while smiling at her fondly.

「You’re busy today as well, aren’t you? I’ll take care of Irene-sama with My Lord, so please enjoy your White Day」

「No way, I-」

「And that’s what Irene-sama wants, too.」

Rachel was no match for Keith, who had many years of experience of being an attendant. 

With a wry smile, Rachel curtsied once again. 

White Day was a special day for the ladies who had shown their courage on Valentine’s Day.

But, Rachel didn’t expect much from it. 

That person, who stubbornly wanted Rachel to stay as his colleague, didn’t check whether the orange peel that she gave him was the only one or not. 

「Eh? You said Airi is together with the Demon King-sama in the ice mansion… What should I do?… I wonder if I can enter the mansion」

「I guess it’ll be fine if we enter the mansion together. It’s unlikely that we’ll be kicked out. Ah, even if it’s unlikely…」

「If we do that, he’ll kick us out of the door with all of his might because we’ll be the third wheels in his rendezvous with Airi-chan after all」

「You guys kind of somehow have the Demon King-sama’s guards aura around you」

「…You guys are too cocky. Know your place since you guys are just guards」

「Ah, James is jealous」

「Who is?!」

The previous student council members heard about the situation from Rachel and headed to the mansion in a lively manner. 

Rachel, then, also received return gifts from each of them. A delicious-looking cookie, a handkerchief, a hair clip decorated with flowers, a simple dictionary of a foreign language, and other return gifts that fits their characters. Rachel was surprised that James would give her a return gift in return. She doubted that he remembered her name in the first place, but it looked like he had properly acknowledged her existence. 

Maybe they had a guilty conscience when she offered to keep their return gifts for Irene that they proposed to give them to her themselves. So, she didn’t force them to hand over the gifts to her and simply saw them off.

On the other hand, everyone in the Oberon Company left their return gifts in Rachel’s care. 

「Ah, then please give her this! I think this music box fits well in the ice mansion」

「Help me with his pair ticket as well. Tell her to use this with the Demon King-sama… The Demon King-sama won’t be angry with this, right? 」(Jasper)

「Then, help me with this perfume, too. Please tell her this won’t be commercialized」

「…Please put these in the water as soon as possible. These are the flowers that bloomed this morning」

Then, they proceed to put hers in the same pile as Irene’s.

As if hers was a safety net or something. Rachel secretly laughed at that. They were all fighting against the Demon King.

Rachel was sure that Isaac would make the same move. She was sure of it, that’s why she didn’t feel flustered when she waited for him in the corridor.


A long and narrow box was curtly shoved into her hands. Rachel, who was just on her way to bring back Irene’s return gifts to the Duke of D’Autriche mansion, asked him for confirmation. 

「Is this for Irene-sama?」

「Huh? What?」

「Ah, Irene-sama is going to spend the day with the Demon King-sama in the ice mansion, so I think it’s better if you entrust your White Day’s return gift to me…」

「What are you talking about…」

With a sigh in amazement, Isaac once again held out the box to her. Isaac cut her off first before she could say, “I’ll take care of it.”

「It’s for you」


Isaac turned his head away while she was busy processing things in her head.

Rachel accepted the offered box nervously without hiding her astonishment.

「Th-thank you very much… Can I open it?」

「…Go ahead」

She temporarily placed the gifts on the table by the side of the corridor and began to unwrap the gift. 

A necklace appeared as she opened the box with her heart thumping wildly. 

There was only one bead of a transparent water-colored gem in the form of a drop of water inside of a silver loop. It was an aquamarine. The design stood out simply because it was simple. Rachel put it on her palm and muttered unconsciously. 

「So cute…」

「Glad to hear that. K bye」

「Eh? Umm, what about Irene-sama? Are you going to give it to her yourself?」

Her last few words caused Isaac to stop in his tracks.

「You mean, you don’t want me to personally give it to Irene?」

「T-that’s not what I meant…」

She immediately stopped herself feeling like she was in a hurry making an excuse. It wasn’t a proper response as Irene’s maid. 

「――Today, Irene-sama will be alone with Crown Prince Claude. I apologize, but I’m not sure if Claude-sama will let you enter the mansion. So, it’d be more certain that Irene-sama will receive it if I bring it back to the D’Autriche Ducal House」


He looked at her meaningfully, but she refused to flinch because she was saying the truth. 

After a stretch of silence that seemed like they were probing each other’s minds, Isaac said first:

「Nope. I only prepared a return gift for you and nothing for Irene」


「It’s my thanks because the orange peel is delicious. That’s my favorite」

――The fact that she couldn’t shamelessly acknowledge that she knew about it or pretending to be shocked about his revelation, gave him the answer he was seeking. 

Any response was okay since she needed him to let the matter go. Maybe if she did that, he would not be conscious of the orange peel that she had specially put for him in his chocolate, and yet his reaction had blindsided Rachel into something she was aware of. 

So she didn’t imagine Isaac’s smirk when he turned his back on her.

(I was careless……!)

She never thought that he would use her reaction just now to confirm his suspicion. She was completely caught off guard. 

Moreover, that wasn’t all that Isaac had left behind. 

(He said he only prepared a return gift for me…!)

He left behind such an unexpected bomb. 

Rachel covered her face with both of her hands and moaned while leaning against the corridor’s wall. It’s tough. She thought that it was what she had expected, but it’s embarrassing. 

(……I wonder if this kind of thing suits me. But, I need to do my best)

Because just by falling in love with him and longing for him definitely wouldn’t make him look back at her. 

「Irene-sama, welcome home」

「Rachel… I… I’m back, right?… I came back alive from that mansion, right…?! 」

「T-Thank you for your hard work. Are you ready to go to sleep now?」

「No, I’m going to do my job a little. If I go to sleep just like this, Claude-sama will definitely appear in my dream…! That voice of his and his face that is similar to a lethal weapon will come to me! I have a feeling that I will never wake up ever again…!」

「I, I see… Ah, Irene-sama. These are White Day’s return gifts from everyone」

「…Which reminds me, what about you and Isaac?」

Rachel smiled at her respected and beloved master as she traced the necklace that wasn’t visible under the employee’s uniform with her fingertips.  

「It’s a secret」


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