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ARNRBKM – It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [7th Box] (Unedited)

It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [7th Box]

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by:

ARNRBKM – It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [7th Box] (Unedited)

Novel Raw: 乙女ゲームの世界なので、バレンタインがあります【7箱目】 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

After Claude sweetly said, “I can’t wait to eat your chocolate cake”, his fiance, who stood to monitor if there were any other harsh messages, turned around nervously and left the room after saying, “Okay then, I’ll get the return gift ready.”

It was also cute of her to personally prepare for it instead of asking the maid to do it for them. Claude sat back in his chair calmly and feasted on the chocolate cake alone. 

「My Irene is really adorable」

「It’s my first time seeing a man used a huge amount of chocolates he gets from other women to raise his own stock」

As expected, the one who found fault in the situation was Isaac.

Claude used the chance given to talk properly to them. He looked up and looked straight at him.

「You, as Irene’s right-hand man, have my respect. Others too」

「…Well, thanks」

「But I think people can still survive even without their other hand」

All of Irene’s precious friends went silent.

Claude recrossed his legs and propped his cheek on his hand. 

「Do you have any questions? I think I’m a benevolent King」

「No, nothing…」

「I see. It’s important for us men to talk to each other once in a while. This will save me from doing the childish act of stealing the chocolates that Irene hand out to you guys」

「…I’m going to tell on you to Irene」


「You guys won’t tell on me to Irene because I’m the only one who can save her from her trauma」

Claude didn’t know how she had spent her Valentine’s Days. All he knew was the wound that Cedric had left on her was deep and felt discomfort when she declared that the chocolate cake was something that she made herself. 

「Was my response satisfactory to you guys?」

Isaac, who was watching Claude with hooded eyes and the others, each displayed different responses to Claude’s question. Some supporting a bitter smile, some resignation, and some even looked sentimental. All of them recalled Irene’s reaction.  

Claude tolerated it. That was a courtesy since he was the one Irene loved the most.

As Claude waited without shifting his line of sight from Isaac, Isaac shrugged his shoulders and answered briefly:

「It’s perfect」

「I’m glad to hear that from you. Let’s do our best in this situation」

「Eh, I’m kind of worried about Airi right now…」

「Are you stupid, Auguste? Just mind your own business. You’re going to die, you know」

「He’s right. Let the sleeping dogs lie」

「…But I don’t even know what’s going on in the first place…」

「Oh, yes. Walt, Kyle. The chocolates for you guys are buried in that pile as well」

Walt and Kyle, who were having a secret conversation with the others, turned around. Auguste exclaimed loudly: 

「How nice! I couldn’t even go out today…Ah, but it’s the same for James as well」

「I don’t need those in the first place. I’m not good with sweet things」

「You totally eat Airi’s choc――Why are you hitting me?」

「What the heck are you talking about in front of Claude-sama…?!」

「You said buried. They were really buried to the point I can’t tell which one for us, Claude-sama. This isn’t a case of just keeping it for us」

Walt looked up at the mountain of gifts and complained. Kyle tilted his head in confusion.

「Why do we get them as well in the first place?」

「Because they often saw you guys with me. They told me they are for the black and white companions who are always with me」

「You said “often” just now didn’t you, Claude-sama? You mean that you brought these two along often for a walk to the extent they could become a target for Valentine’s Day?」

Walt and Kyle flinched back as Keith kept a watchful eye on them. Claude sighed. 

「It’s okay, isn’t it? At least just overlook this matter on Valentine’s Day. And it’s not like they received the chocolates directly」

「Now wait a minute, Claude-sama! Don’t tell me you’re planning not to give it to me?! It’s mine though」

「Obviously we need to check them if we receive them… We also can’t give them our thanks」

「What are you saying? I will reject all the ladies who are aiming at you guys without my permission. I will properly select the ladies that you guys are going date」

Both Walt and Kyle fell on their knees on the spot. Perhaps feeling sympathetic towards them, James frowned and said:

「I think it’s okay for you to be concerned, but aren’t you meddling on too much?」

「It’s okay, James. I will also prepare a woman for you so that you will not harbor any thoughts towards Irene」

「But I don’t have such a thought, though…?!」

「Umm… are you not going to prepare one for me?」


Claude’s red eyes narrowed as he watched Auguste looked around anxiously.

「… I think you’ll be fine even if I don’t choose one for you. I have a hunch that you’ll give the ladies a hard time even if I leave you alone」


「Demon King-sama, you can predict the future too?!」

Keith smiled bitterly at Donny’s sparkling eyes. 

「My Lord doesn’t have that kind of thing, but his prediction is pretty much accurate…」

「Me!  Can you see what will happen to me, Demon King-sama?」

「It’s alright, you’ll be happy」


Donny celebrated while pumping his hands in the air. Beelzebub laughed delightfully. 

「Aren’t you glad, Donny? There’s no mistake in the King’s words」

「Ah~ Then this uncle wants to know too」

「And the rest of you will pretty much have a hard time」

It was funny to see that every one of them looked stunned at his words.  

(No matter how you look at it, we are definitely not being rewarded)

Leaving aside that they were the people who served his fiance wholeheartedly. 

Claude spoke of his intuition instead of his cynicism.  

「By the way the one at the top of the list for having an ill fortune with women is Auguste」

「Why?! Why am I at the top of the list?!」

「Don’t worry, that will happen in the future. The one who’s currently at the top of that list is Isaac」

「I didn’t ask that! And don’t let me know that because I will not believe you!」

「Ah~ My Lord, My Lord. Enough of that since everyone has stopped working. Everyone, please don’t care about it too much, okay?」

Keith clapped his hands to regroup them again. And then, with a bitter smile he continued:

「Having ill fortune with women is okay, isn’t it? I don’t even remember receiving even a piece of chocolate from a lady. I did get some chocolates from Irene this year, but I don’t know how long it’s been since then… And even Beelzebub-san got them from the Lord」

「Huh, what are you talking about? You got chocolates every year too」


It was too late for Claude to stopped him. 

Keith, who was smarter and stronger than anyone else in Claude’s side, slowly turned around to look at him.

Claude quietly averted his eyes and sipped the cold tea. 


「The tea is cold, Keith」

「Claude-sama. You know what will happen if you don’t tell me the truth, right?」

Claude sighed loudly since he knew what would happen. He looked straight at Keith and said:

「It can’t be helped, can it? Who’s going to take care of me if you get married?」

After a beat of silence, the attendant burst into rage. Those who stopped him were, of course, the guards. 

「C-c-c-c-c-ca-ca-calm down, Keith-dono! Come on Claude-sama, apologize to him!」

「No way」

「Are you a kid?! Wow, it seems to me that I’ve been educating you wrongly…!」

「The knife, please don’t use the knife! If you point it towards him, we also have to deal with it!」

「There’s definitely another way to do it. This uncle truly sympathize with you…」

「…Before long, that attendant going to be bald」

「Shall we make medicine for balding/baldness??, Quartz?」

Claude’s surroundings had become quite lively. 

The two guards who were desperately trying to stop the enraged Keith, James who was dumbfounded by bewildered Beelzebub. Auguste, who still felling down while muttering the words, “ill fortune with women,” and Isaac and the others who were looking at Claude dumbly. 

And then the most lively was…

「What’s with this ruckus?! What did you do while I was away for a little while, Claude-sama?!」

Irene came running in, flabbergasted. That alone caused Claude to smile tenderly.

Happiness referred to these kinds of days. 

「Don’t worry about it, Irene. Do you want something for the White Day’s return gift?」

「Eh…I-I…Ummm…I’ll be okay with anything as long as it’s from Claude-sama…」

「It’s amazing that you can still have lewd thoughts in this situation, oi!」

「White Day my ass! Can you please give me back my Valentine’s Days, stupid Lord?!!」

People were shouting something at him in the background, but Claude’s most valuable rule was to only have his eyes fixed on his cute fiance.

Of course, Claude had noticed the truth serum that she had put in the chocolate cake. He didn’t know the reason she did that, but it won’t work on him anyway. However, she needed to take responsibility by receiving punishment from him. 

(Then I guess, an ice mansion is in order)

The White Day was surely going to be lively as well――in many ways.

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