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ARNRBKM – It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [6th Box] (Unedited)

It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [6th Box]

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by:

ARNRBKM – It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [6th Box] (Unedited)

Novel Raw: 乙女ゲームの世界なので、バレンタインがあります【6箱目】 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

The Demon King unusually made an excuse saying, “I swear I absolutely have no guilty conscience.”

「It’s just, it’ll be tr――I’ll feel bad if you’re bothered by them」

「You were about to say troublesome just now, weren’t you?」

Claude didn’t lose his usual noble countenance even when he was being fiercely glared by his fiance. However, a small tornado occasionally sprung forth and then disappeared around his feet. He seemed unable to calm down. 

His fiance, Irene, stood imposingly right in front of him. 

「Claude-sama. Let me say this clearly, I won’t be surprised if I found two or three naked women lying in your bed when I come to visit you one morning」

「You should be surprised about it though」

「Anyway, it is wrong of you to hide anything from me, okay? And look at this pile of chocolates even when you have a fiance! This is a written challenge to me!」

The thing that Irene was pointing at was the reappeared pile of chocolates that Claude had hidden somewhere using his magic some time ago.  

There was absolutely a wide range of gifts Claude received from the things that were decorated with cute colorful ribbons, candy boxes that were sturdily made with high-quality papers to thoughtful gifts that were simply wrapped with plain hand-crafted wrapping papers. There were also sweetened buns that were tempered with chocolate. 

(I can’t tell which age group nor from what social class they are!)

People whom Irene called were in the middle of assorting the pile of gifts.  

Irene crossed her arms frustratedly. 

「Where the heck did you got these from, Claude-sama?」

「I got them from walking on the street」

「What street is that?!」

「It’s at the lower layer of the Imperial Capital, Irene-sama. It’s been like this every year. After all, he’s a pitiful Prince who travels around in incognito so everyone is fussing about him」

Answered Keith, who was agilely assorting the gifts clearly familiar with the situation. Walt, who was following Keith’s instruction, gave a sound of acknowledgment to his words. He seemed already recovered from the blow for the obvious disparity between him and Claude after looking at the pile of gifts at first sight.   

「It’s true that wherever Claude-sama’s goes in the lower layer area of the Imperial Capital, he’ll receive a lot of things.」

「Now that I think about it, the elderly always asked me worriedly whether or not I eat properly」

「You’ve been going there to play since you were little, after all. I mean, I even went around to greet them using, “if something happens to this face, please call me at the abandoned castle in the forest…”」

The smiling Keith recalled his hardships with a faraway look.  

Sighing, Claude sank deeper into his seat, then crossed his long legs. 

「Everyone kindly told me that Valentine’s Day is coming even when they don’t know my real identity 」


No one cared to point out that people might have already realized his true identity since it seemed useless to do so. 

Perhaps feeling like explaining himself properly, Claude continued while propping his chin on his hand. 

「And for some reason, them asking for the favor of the monsters such as fixing their roof at night and exterminating pests in their fields are increasing gradually…」

The Demon King-sama had become a dwarf or a fairy.

「And there have been many asking for consultations such as for requests and problem solving coming in lately. I’ll look over those later so be careful not to tear them up and discard them. Those are the voice of important citizens」


Jasper said with a wry smile while looking at him in wonderment due to the unexpected story.

「…Just like he said, at least those people in the lower layer support the Demon King-sama. They even do these kinds of things」(Jasper)

Luc who was from the fifth layer, in other words, the lower layer, tilted his head in confusion.  

「But, we never heard those kinds of things bef-… Ah, is it maybe because only women that did them?」

「Because it’s a Valentine’s Day, after all. This knitted stuff, for example, must be something that’s handmade by some grandma… Demon King-sama, will it be okay for you if we check the letters as well?」

Asked Isaac while fluttering a letter that was put in an envelope. Claude nodded his head in agreement. 

「I don’t mind, but will you help me?」

「They can be a good source of information for the Oberon Company. Okay, now I’m going to divide the job. Take a note of the content of each gift and their sender and put them together with the letters. Put the letters with the highest level of urgency in this box. Hey, duck squadron, you guys should help us out too~」  

「Who are you calling the duck squadron?!」(James)

「What is a duck squadron?」(Bel)

Beelzebub, next to the angry James, was tilting his head in confusion. 

Auguste laughed. 

「I can help you guys a little. Is it okay if I put this over here, Keith-san?」

「Yes. You guys are truly a lifesaver. Every year we have to deal with this much amount, you see…」

「…Are you not going to give them a return gift? I can at least prepare some flowers」

Luc answered Quartz’s suggestion. 

「Things such as reagents may be good too. People will be less likely to complain」

「Do you want them to test it on a living person…?」

「Okay, Demon King-sama, what should I do with the chocolates and the presents?」(Donny)

「I’m going to donate what I got to the orphanage. Please handle them carefully」

Donny, who received a reply, replied back “oka~y,” cheerfully.  

Claude murmured as he looked at everyone who began to work efficiently.

「There are many children who are looking forward to the chocolates and the presents. So when I think about them… I couldn’t refuse them even when I have you this year. I’m sorry, Irene」

「I-It’s fine!」

Irene shakes her head flusteredly as she was taken by surprise by his sincere apology.   

She became a little bashful. 

It’d be a lie to say that she didn’t mind that large amount of chocolate. At first, she was thinking of confronting him about them. But right now… 

「…I think what Claude-sama is doing is really admirable. I’m really proud of you.」

「Really? You must have derided me for my dishonesty」

「Th-that’s not true! I even went around distributing chocolates to men other than you, Claude-sama」

Irene couldn’t help but clamor at that thought. 

But, Claude looked at her gently as if saying that he knew everything. 

「It’s alright. I know that you’re faithful more than any other women」


「Oi, you guys are in front of other people, you know」

「There’s no use telling them that, Isaac-sama. They want us to see that, right?」

「…That’s true」

「Uh, that’s right, I forgot. I also have prepared a chocolate cake for Claude-sama」

Irene held the box containing the homemade chocolate cake that she neglected due to the uproar close to her chest. She fixed her eyes on Claude while feeling a little nervous. 

「Umm… I know that you’ve already received a lot of chocolates from other people, but will you accept mine?」

「Of course. I will gladly accept it」

「I-…It’s a handmade…」

So far, Claude has eaten Irene handmade sweets. But, it was only for the chocolate cake that she needed to muster some courage to say that it was personally made by her. Even if she knew that it was impossible for Claude to doubt her. 

Claude stood up and gently held Irene up in his arms. As she blinked her eyes, Claude made a sweet smile as if he was charmed by her. 

「I’m happy to have a fiance who is good at making sweets」

Irene blushed unable to say something in return. 

Like chocolate, the past melted away leaving behind just a little bit of bitterness. 

「Claude-sama, I lo-」

「Irene-sama, this letter said, “break off your engagement.” What should I do with this?」

「Donny, what’s with your timing!?」

「You are doing that on purpose, aren’t you?!」

「Eh~ there’s no way I’m saying it on purpose. I’m not Isaac-san or Luc-san」

 In the midst of Donny got sulky and everyone was shaken by his words, Irene slowly turned around. 

She was a woman who was going to be the wife of such a dreamy man. Of course, her elegant smile didn’t waver even just a little bit. 

「What’s the name of that woman?」

「Umm, it’s umph. What r u huin, jafufa-han」

「Get a freaking clue, young man! Hey! You’re going to shorten this ol’ man’s life span!」

「Well, whatever. Jasper, I want you to thoroughly investigate the identity of that woman after this. Claude-sama.」

「Wh-what is it?」

「I will personally choose the White Day’s return gift for that woman. Is that okay with you?」

Irene didn’t need any reply from Claude. It was a matter that was already set in stone. 

Claude sighed in return to Irene, who was smiling cheerfully. 

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