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ARNRBKM – It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [5th Box] (Unedited)

It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [5th Box]

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by:

ARNRBKM – It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [5th Box] (Unedited)

Novel Raw: 乙女ゲームの世界なので、バレンタインがあります【5箱目】 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

Irene caught the sight of the monsters lining up in the hallway when she followed the direction in which they were heading. They seemed to be waiting for the chocolate distribution.

「Okay, Almond-san, please distribute this to everyone in the forest. Please get Claude-sama to send you there」

「Roger! Roger!」

「Next is Sugar-san. This is for the monsters in Milchetta. Some of them might not be interested in it, so just promote these to them when that happens」

「Leave it to me」

「And the rest of you can only take one each from Bel-san. Please don’t cut in line. Only one per monster! Those who disobeyed will be reported to the King.」

As expected, Keith skillfully handled the monsters. Beelzebub also began handing out the chocolates to the monsters according to Keith’s instruction. 

Irene entered from the hallway into the room that has been turned into a distribution center while being impressed by Keith. 

「How efficient, as expected of you Keith-sama. But, won’t Claude-sama cover for the monsters that slip off from work?」

「It’s fine. I’ll just have Claude-sama work for their part」

He was also excellent in dealing with the Demon King. 

Irene observed his performance with both of her arms crossed. 

(I must not lose to this guy for the sake of keeping Claude-sama)

The one who knew Claude best was this attendant. Although it was because they’ve known each other for a long time, Irene did not intend to leave it at that.

「Keith-sama, I will not lose to you. Think of this chocolate as a declaration of war from me, so please take it.」

「I don’t exactly understand what you mean, but I’ll gratefully accept it」

「Beelzebub, I have one for you as well, will you accept it?」

「For me? Ah, are you talking about Valentine thingy?」

「Oh, you know about it?」

Beelzebub immediately looked proud at Irene’s astonishment. 

「Of course. Because every year, the King will」


Beelzebub who struck an imposing pose stiffened at Keith’s call. 

On the other hand, Irene who didn’t fail to miss the obvious that Keith tried to hide something from her slowly smiled at him. 

「…Every year, Claude-sama will what?」

「My Lord is looking forward to it, you know. After all, this is his first Valentine’s Day with his fiancee」

Irene wondered whether that “first” referred to “his fiancee” or “Valentine’s Day.”

Irene questioned Keith with her gaze, but he just smiled and remained silent. Looking at that situation, Beelzebub retreated quietly and resumed distributing the chocolates to the monsters,  

If she thought about it carefully, she should have been able to guess from the fact that the monsters that were usually ignorant about society somehow knew that they would be getting chocolates on Valentine’s Day.   

I see so that’s what it meant.

Keith smiled profoundly as if he was able to see through Irene’s inner thoughts. 

「I believe in the size of Irene-sama’s ability」

「You’re right. I’m at fault for having doubts. It’s because he has that face」

「Yeah. He has that face, after all」


「W-what is it?」

Beelzebub turned around while trembling. Irene then tossed a piece of chocolate into his mouth. Beelzebub chewed it while looking confused.  

「You’re also a monster, so you generally have that kind of face ……」

「? ??」

「Please stay as you are. Because you’re my source of comfort」

Irene asked Keith as she patted Beelzebub’s head. 

「Is Claude-sama in his room?」

「That’s right. I’m thinking it’s about time I go back」

「I see, I’m going, then.」

Irene proceeded after channeling her fighting spirit with the sound of her heels clicking loudly as she walked. 

Beelzebub, who finally managed to swallow the chocolate, asked Keith. 

「The King summons you, right? Is it okay for you not to go?」

「It’s okay. I’ve had a hard time dealing with those every year, I might as well have Irene-sama help me.」

「It can’t be helped for human women to flock around the king, but… Won’t Irene be mad about it?」

The monsters, including Beelzebub, looked at Keith anxiously. Keity answered calmly. 

「If she is to be My Lord’s wife, she needs to at least deal with it calmly」


「Really. It’s enough for My Lord to receive Irene-sama’s chocolate in the first place. I want to receive at least one homemade chocolate from a cute girl too for God sake」

「In your dreams. The King won’t allow it.」

Answered Beelzebub firmly without hesitation while looking back at Keith seriously. It wasn’t just Beelzebub, the monsters around them also nodded in agreement.   

Keith’s smile deepened. 

「Alright, I’ll confiscate all sweets」


「He’s a mother-in-law, mother-in-law!」(1)

「Who said mother-in-law just now? As a joint responsibility, there will be no sweets tomorrow as well」

「This is tyranny! Tyranny!」

Although the monsters made a fuss, one way or another, they still ended up crying to Keith. 

The sister-in-law of the Demon King was strong. Perhaps, stronger than the Demon King himself. 

Irene finally went down to her most heartfelt homemade chocolate.

She took a deep breath in front of the double doors.

(Finally, my most favorite…It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s my first real Valentine.)

She would definitely make this successful. Irene wasn’t sure what she meant by this, but she would make this successful then laughed away at all of the things in the past. 

Irene turned on the door knob. A woman must be brave.

「Excuse m――」

「You’re late, Keith. If we don’t put these away quickly, Irene will–」

Irene stared at her beloved fiance who was standing next to the pile of gifts. 

The next moment, lightning fell.

Irene reflexively closed her eyes then opened them again, and the pile of gifts behind Claude disappeared. Just like magic.

「Oh, you’ve come, Irene」

Even today as well, the beautiful Demon King was smiling. 

However, Irene, who clearly saw those piles of gifts, cried out. 

「You hid them just now, right!?」

「What are you talking about?」

「I saw that pile of chocolates, you know! Where did it come from?!」

「Pile of chocolates? Maybe you saw it wrong. There’s nothing here.」


Irene gripped Claude’s jaw who was acting innocently and stared down at him. The beautiful Demon King looked back at her. But, Irene didn’t plan to leave it at that. 

「The windows have been trembling for a while now, Claude-sama.」

The sudden gale was obviously due to him feeling shaken that struck the windows with a violent fury. 

「I won’t be fooled. Come on, show me the thing you’ve been hiding properly.」

「I…I’m not hiding anything.」

「If you don’t tell me the truth, I will not give you my chocolate!!」


  • Most likely because most mothers-in-law are bad?

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