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ARNRBKM – It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [1st Box]

It's the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine's Day [1st Box]

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: Kie

ARNRBKM – It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [1st Box]

Novel Raw: 乙女ゲームの世界なので、バレンタインはあります【1箱目 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

When I think about it carefully, cocoa should be something quite expensive, shouldn’t it? Irene suddenly thought so in the Duke of D’Autriche’s mansion’s kitchen, which was filled with the sickly-sweet smell of chocolate. 

In other words, chocolate should therefore be a luxurious item. Indeed, it was something that should only be obtainable to those belonging to the upper echelons of society ― but what the heck was going on in this world where Valentine’s Day could be celebrated by even commoners?

(How dreadful, the world of an Otome Game.)

Even as she thought so, this world still had this kind of tradition. As such, it couldn’t be helped, and those who simply enjoyed themselves instead won. Besides, before Irene had recovered her past life’s memories, she had celebrated the day as a matter of course, so it was foolish to question it now. 

「Irene-sama. It looks like you’re ready.」

「Yes, you’re right, Rachel.」

There was a mountain of chocolates spread out in front of them. They were Irene and Rachel’s masterpieces in full-swing. 

She’d be ready to go after she finished putting the homemade truffles into thick paper cups and after that putting them all into a big basket. There were many people she needed to give chocolates to this year. 

There were of course her old friends, Isaac and the others, and her newly-made friends from the duck squadron. Of course, she also prepared some for Beelzebub and Keith. 

(I’m Claude-sama’s fiancee, after all!)

This year’s Valentine’s Day was the first one where she would celebrate it with her mutually-in-love fiance. She was pumped up for it. 

Finally, Irene also hadn’t forgotten about Rachel. They planned to save the small heart-shaped chocolate cake they had made for last and enjoy it together later.

「Let’s eat it after we’re done giving these out to everyone.」

「Yes, Irene-sama.」

「Which reminds me, Rachel, what about Isaac’s share? Everything here is homemade chocolate, but you’re not planning to give him obligation chocolate too, are you…?」

All of the chocolates that Rachel had prepared looked the same. Each one of them was carefully wrapped and looked like homemade chocolates, but each person’s share were the same in number of chocolates and their size.

Rachel smiled in understanding. 

「Irene-sama, you have it all wrong. Isaac-san and I are not like that.」

「That may be true, but…」

「Giving him the same thing as everyone else is therefore okay. And since Isaac-san has an inkling of how I feel…」

Isaac was highly observant. Rachel smiled before Irene, who was wrapped up in thoughts about it. 

「The most effective method right now would therefore be to mislead him, who’s bracing himself to receive specially-made homemade chocolate from me, by giving him the “same obligatory chocolate” that I give to everyone else.」

That’s the villainess of the sequel for you. It seems like the day for the naive Isaac to fall into Rachel’s ingenious love trap was soon approaching.

After separating from Rachel, Irene first headed to James and Auguste, who was dying from studying for the entrance exam.

「Why can’t you remember the right answer even though you remember that yours is wrong?!」

「Oh my God, I’m dying…I can’t, I’m at my limit…」

「Hehe, why don’t you guys take a break?」

Auguste quickly raised his head when he realized Irene was peering into the room. 

「I can smell chocolate… By any chance, is it Valentine’s chocolate!?」


「Heck yeahー!Let’s take a break, James!」


「It’s alright, isn’t it? You’ll be more efficient if you replenish your sugar level.」

Irene placed the truffle before them one by one as she said that. Auguste’s eyes sparkled when he looked at the truffles inside the small box. 

「Awesome, it’s homemade!」

「Both of you only received one each since we’ve been friends for just a year. Next year, you guys will get two.」

「Are these simply snacks for children? Well, at least these won’t make Claude-sama glare at us.」

Irene smiled at James, who nonchalantly tossed one of the truffles into his mouth.  

「My, so you don’t want to be hated by Claude-sama?」

「…Well, I can’t say that that’s really the case.」

「James truly likes the Demon King after all!」

「Auguste, I’ll kill you if you don’t finish this workbook by the end of the day.」


「It can’t be helped, then. Here, a freebie for the poor Auguste. Ready? Say ah~」

After looking at her blankly, Auguste took the truffle from Irene’s fingertips instead.

Then, he grinned at Irene, who was blinking her eyes. 

「I’ll do that with the girl I love, thank you very much.」

「―Sounds good. That’s a good attitude to have. But you’re not allowed to deceive girls into thinking that you love them when you join the Holy Knight Order.」

「There’s no way I can do that kind of thing.」

「…Who knows.」

James muttered that without thinking, and Irene agreed with him.

This was because Auguste was originally the main hero of “Holy and Devil’s Regalia 2” and was supposed to be the Holy Knight. Irene wanted him to find a cute and wonderful girl without causing love-related turmoil, but it looked like it was going to be difficult. 

「Well then, I need to make my rounds to see everyone else.」

「Okay, see you.」

「…Don’t trouble Claude-sama too much with your restlessness.」

Irene responded with only a smile to the worrywart James, then walked away. 

After sending her off, Auguste asked James in a whisper:

「I’ve always wanted to ask you, but James, do you like Airi?」

「I’m not childish enough to pick a fight with the Demon King.」

「Uwah~ You dare to say that despite having opposed the Demon King-sama countless times by now…」

「Shut up. So, what about you?」

「Hmmー… I wonder if I do. Maybe I like her. But in a different kind of way.」

「…I’m telling you, don’t get caught up with a troublesome woman. Because if you do, I won’t help you.」

Auguste nonchalantly tossed the truffle that he received into his mouth.

He wondered if a day as sweet as that chocolate would come.

Irene came across Jasper standing in a corner soon after she entered the hallway.   

「Just in time, Jasper. We’ve been friends for… four years, right? Here, four for you.」

「Oh, are there for Valentine’s Day? Wow, I’m happy. Now that I’m this old, this kind of thing is rare for me to get.」

To Jasper, who was laughing delightfully, Irene unintentionally asked him:

「Don’t you have anyone in mind?」

「I still haven’t fully recovered from the wound in my heart I got when I was younger.」

「I may be overstepping some boundaries but― I can introduce you to someone, if you’d like.」

Irene averted her gaze downwards once she observed the look of missing someone in Jasper’s eyes.

She had known Jasper for a long time, now. She could understand some things even if nothing was said.

「…Can I ask you a question? What kind of woman was she it, that woman who hurt you so?」

「Let me see. Maybe someone similar to Irene Ojou-sama?」

「She must be a beauty, then.」

Irene laughed in return to the jesting Jasper. 

Irene took a step back after she saw Jasper take a bite of the truffle.

「I’ll be going now, since I still have to deliver these to the others. Please enjoy the chocolates, okay?」

「Ojou-sama, can I give you some advice? Don’t make the Demon King angry.」

「Claude-sama isn’t such a narrow-minded person.」

After laughing, Irene waved her hand to Jasper and headed further down the hallway. 

As he held a truffle between his index finger and thumb, Jasper muttered: 

「…I don’t wish I was ten years younger or anything, but… it’s the Demon King-sama, after all. I’m no match for him.」

Besides, even if he was ten years younger, he probably would have made the same choice. 

So, Jasper was sure that that guy also wished for Irene’s happiness, just like him.    

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