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ARNRBKM – Heroine’s Defeat (Unedited)

Heroine's Defeat

Experienced another disappointing news. I didn’t pass my job interview. Currently, nursing a broken heart and decided to post ALL of the unedited chapters and be done with  vol. 2 main arc. 

P/s: Suggestions to improve this translation will be highly appreciated and I do not guarantee the accuracy of my translation

Translated by: Empress ||

ARNRBKM – Heroine’s Defeat (Unedited)

Novel Raw: ヒロインの敗戦 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

I was right, after all. Selena Gilbert, who was in a dress uniform, laughed secretly. 

Even the hallway of the Imperial Palace of the Elmeier Empire was wide and gorgeous. Just by stepping on the velvet carpet and looking at the pictures in the corridor made Selena felt like she was reborn. The sparkling dresses from the latest trend that she carried were also entranced, Selena. 

(To think that I don’t have to marry the middle-aged man in the countryside and could also come to the Imperial Capital!)

Selena was flustered when she was threatened with torture or tossed into jail, but it must have been Lilia’s ability that had her acquitted. 

However, Selena had mixed feelings with having to work for the Imperial Palace as a servant.  

Lilia explained that Selena, who was supposed to be dead, had no social status so that she couldn’t be a court lady. Irene told her「you better lay low a little」, but Selena wasn’t fully satisfied with her explanation. 

(I wonder how long they are going to make me do this……I only work as a substitute, and yet)

At this rate, Selena’s situation was no different from being in her parents’ home, where she was treated as a servant.

『I have something to ask of you. There’s a monster called Ashtart who’s a half-monster pretending to be a student at Misha Academy. Please use this incense to expose his true identity. Then you can be the representative of the Maiden of the Holy Sword, a hero――』

A series of tasks that began with the reply to her letter was, in short, tough.  

There were many things that Selena didn’t understand about Lilia’s information in the first place. Especially the magic incense that had a sweet smell that exposed the true identity of the monster who disguised itself as a human. Despite the warning that it would be dangerous if she smoked it too much, the directions to use it was vague. So she took a little amount of it and used it for trial and error. She was having a hard time finding the lasting effect of the magic incense, so she had tried to burn it, scattered it after sneaking into the school at night. 

Selena thought of giving a painful experience to the girl who had a fiance but still leering at Auguste and purposely dropped the letter in front of Professor Kenneth, but Selena was flustered when she realized that she had dropped a small amount of the magic incense along with that letter. She felt extremely relieved when Professor Kenneth was no longer in the academy after being fired. 

But, Selena was glad she was able to notice that it could be effective on humans when she looked at the state Professor Kenneth, who stood guard wondering if he would be hired back in the academy, was completely addicted to the magic incense. She thought that it could be used when she made an experiment by distributing it to male students and found it to able to induce pleasure, an effect similar to an aphrodisiac when it was diluted, but to Selena’s regret, its amount was small, to begin with.

(I also used it a lot on the Demon King-sama)

Selena might as well exposed the true identity of the monster in front of everyone. She was sure that if she did that, she would be recognized by everyone. She thought that the White Lily Princess was nothing compared to that――so she made a move during the school festival, but it also became a very scary experience for her.

With the amount of effort that she had put, shouldn’t she at least became Lilia’s friend, no, her benefactor and be welcomed by being adopted by some Ducal House or so?

「……But, well, it’s okay」

Selena took out a small bottle from her pocket. It was the undiluted solution of the magic incense that she had kept. There wasn’t even a mouthful of it.

But, it would become her trump card. 

(The behavior of everyone else at that time. This is the thing that is definitely bad if you have it, isn’t it? If I told them that I got this from Lilia-sama……)

When push came to shove, Selena would use it to threaten Lilia.

Of course, Selena won’t do such a thing if Lilia were to treat her properly. Giggling, Selena laughed and put the small bottle in her pocket.

「What should I ask for when things have calmed down――My?」


Selena was surprised when she passed by with an unexpected person in the hallway. The brown-haired young man also had a surprised look on his face when he turned around. Selena, who had no intention to listen to the warning of laying low in the first place, talked to Auguste like it was before. 

「Auguste! Why are you in the Imperial Palace?……Is that the uniform of the Holy Knight Order that you’re wearing right now!?」

A crest that was sewed with a silver thread on the bluish-purple mantle was a uniform permitted to the knights of the highest order, the Holy Knights, who were under the direct control of the Emperor Elmeier. Scratching his cheeks, Auguste laughed vaguely. 

「Ah, yeah. I took the enrolment exam for the Holy Knight Order after quitting from Misha Academy……They decided to assign me last week」

「Amazing! The exam for the Holy Knight Order is very difficult, right? Aren’t you an elite right now」

Moreover, he would have a high salary with a knighthood. If he conducted a meritorious deed, he also would be granted a territory. 

「Yeahー……James crammed various things into my head, but I already forgot about it, though. Haha」

「Eh? Why……Don’t tell me that he’s in the Imperial City?」

「……。Hmm, well. Yeah, but he’s no longer the student council’s president――」

「What are you doing, Auguste? Are planning to be late for the audience with the Emperor?」

From the right side of the intersection in the hallway, appeared James who looked like a young noble. When Selena was surprised, Auguste laughed as if feeling relieved.   

「Sorry, I’m going now. Bye Selena」

「Wa-, wait a minute! Isn’t it weird for a half-monster to be in a place like this?!」

It should be normal for James to be killed or be imprisoned in jail. But, Auguste, whose sleeve was being pulled by Selena, was frowning and said nothing. Instead, James laughed scornfully.  

「Can you not say something rude? I am currently Milchetta young noble. Claude-sama had promoted me」

「――Huh? You mean to an aristocrat?」

James continued even more as Selena’s cheek stiffened.  

「Walt and Kyle are also in the Imperial Capital. They are currently just guards, but it seems like they eventually will be adopted by some noble family」

「Adopted you say……Wh-why?」

「Because it’ll look bad to the public if the Imperial Knights who would guard the future Emperor are commoners」

Emperor――Selena gasped at the words that she couldn’t even imagine. 

「Auguste-sama, James-sama. Claude-sama is calling」

Another familiar voice reached Selena’s ears. Selena ended up calling her name as if she was growling.  

「Rachel Danise……!」

There was Rachel in a fine black work uniform. In this Imperial Palace, one needed to respect the person who wore the work uniform of the D’Autriche Ducal House. Selena, who was tossed into the Imperial Palace as a servant, was familiar with it since she had bowed her head many times while cursing in her heart.  

(Why!? D’Autriche Ducal House, where did she get such connection……!)

The servants from that place should only come from distinguished families. The likes of Danise House was but a Provincial Count.

「It seems like he wants both of you to be present for the audience with the Emperor. I will guide the way, so can both of you come with me?」

「Okay. Let’s go, Auguste」

Selena hurriedly ran after them, after seeing the three of them walked together.

「Wait! What’s going on? Why are all of the students’ council members be in the Imperial Capital? 」

Moreover, all of them had a higher status than Selena. No, Selena should also receive appropriate treatment after some time had passed, but still. 

「Isn’t it weird?! Did something happen? Explain to me」

Selena asked them, and yet the three of them didn’t answer anything. They eventually arrived in front of the reception room used by the royal family. Selena flew into a rage when watching at the soldiers, who were guarding the door, bowed their heads to the three of them. Selena had been thrown by those guards when she asked for their laundry.


「Get back」

When Selena tried to grasp the hem of Auguste’s clothes once again, a cold voice rang through them.

It was Rachel. Feeling indignant, Selena blocked Rachel’s way and looked at her.  

「The Crown Prince and his fiancee, Irene-sama, are in this room. Please stop making a fuss」

「Wha……Why are you talking to me like that?! Who do you think you are?」

「I am the lady attendant of the Duke’s Daughter, Irene Lauren D’Autriche」

In other words, if Irene Lauren D’Autriche became the Empress, Rachel would hold the same authority as the Head Court Lady. It was none other than a claim that she was in the position to order the current Selena. 

「You are just a servant. You can’t enter here without permission, so get back」

「――What’s wrong? It’s quite lively, isn’t it Rachel?」

A clear voice resonated when the door opened from inside. It was Walt and Kyle who opened the double doors on both sides. Both of them didn’t even wear uniforms. One day, they would wear a beautiful military uniform with a golden decorative string meant for the Demon King’s close aides. 

And everyone bowed their heads to the young lady that appeared from inside of the room. Selena gasped. 

It was the woman who defeated Selena to be the White Lily Princess.  

Various information in Selena’s head was connected instantly. Airi Kahlua was a woman. If she was the White Lily Princess, that means――。

「――Who are you?」

Irene Lauren D’Autriche said with an elegant smiled expressed in her lips. 

They had seen each other at the school festival. There was no way she couldn’t remember Selena. She was ridiculing Selena by asking for Selena’s identity. Selena clenched her trembling fists. 

Everything was a farce. There was no way such a ridiculous story existed. 

「What the heck is the meaning of this!? This kind of――」

A sword was pointed at Selena’s throat when she tried to forcefully denounce Irene.

「Get back」

It was Auguste. Feeling unbelievable at his cold voice, Selena’s breath stopped. 

They were together in the students’ council. Selena did many things for him and took care of him. They should have been on good terms with each other, and yet. James also didn’t say anything. Why was he being so smug even though he was just a monster? And not once, did Kyle and Walt took a glance at her.  

「Auguste, poor the girl being frightened by you――Everyone is here. Claude-sama, it’s time to head to the antechamber」



Selena shifted her focus to the beautiful Demon King who appeared from the back of the room. He was her last hope.

He one way or another favored Selena when she acted as an intermediary. And the effect of the medicine might still remain.

「It’s me, Selena Gilbert! I attended Misha Academy……Umm, what is the meaning of this!?」

「Selena Gilbert is dead, isn’t she?」

Selena went cold at his emotionless reply.  

Selena felt that she was too good for the Gilbert House which was only a poor provincial noble family. She thought that it would be much better if Lilia had taken up upon herself to have Selena’s connection severed with that family. Even if she was being falsely accused as Ashtart, she could hardly stop laughing because it was an act of good revenge on the family.   

But, what if Lilia didn’t do that for Selena? Wasn’t the feeling of unpleasantness oozing behind that smile while telling her to lay low for a while?

Selena touched her pocket where she put in the small bottle. Was this not a trump cut, but a lifeline instead? 

(I――by any chance, did I mistaken something……)

Selena looked at the people who were her fellow students just a few months ago. All of them, who were gathered in here to have an audience with the Emperor in the presence of the Crown Prince would mean that they were going to be the close aides of Claude, who would someday become the Emperor. 

And then, the current Selena was just a servant. 

Irene Lauren D’Autriche crossed in front of the silent Selena. Selena reached for her promptly. But, she was removed by Walt.

Still, Selena couldn’t help but shouting at Irene. With anxiety and anger.  

「You! You screwed me over, didn’t you? This shameless person! Not only you move on from Cedric-sama to Claude-sama……Claude-sama, she’s deceiving you! This kind of woman won’t be able to make you happy――」

The Demon King looked at Selena. And then, snapped his fingers with eyes devoid of any emotions. 

――It was right after that, a minor but very unfortunate accident occurred, in which a servant had uselessly fallen into the Imperial Palace’s manure. 


Irene, who was brimming with a fighting spirit, blinked her eyes when Selena vanished before her eyes. And the, she slowly looked up at Claude who was standing next to her. 

「……Where did you send her to? Don’t tell me, is that place again?

「What are you talking about?」

Irene sighed at his nonchalant look. But, Rachel immediately gave them a reminder. 

「Irene-sama, it’s almost the time for the audience」

「I know. Rachel, please prepare the tea after the audience at the castle in the forest」

「Please leave it to me」

Rachel, who became Irene’s lady attendant, was more excellent that Irene had expected. Her etiquette was perfect originally, and she was loved by the Imperial Palace Head Court Lady, who had an experienced as the Head Maid, when she was learning how to conduct herself as a lady attendant at the D’Autriche Ducal House. 

Auguste broke through the Holy Knight’s enrollment exam even while on the verge of tears and brought a connection with a previously unrelated organization. It certainly was a big deal for Auguste to enrol quicker than Max, who was under Lilia’s personal support. 

It was also great to bring in Walt and Kyle in the form of Claude’s guards. The Church was also not a monolithic organization, but had some people who were on Cedric’s side. It’s always useful from now on to pull out the two excellent people, “the unnamed priests”, from the Church’s side.

James was recognized as the young lord of Milchetta. This was thanks to Claude. He gathered the evidence regarding the corruption of the Milchetta family and practically took over the Principality of Milchetta. And then, he urged James to be recognized as the young lord. After announcing James was a half-monster and his uncle’s evil deeds.  

From then on, James began calling Claude, “Claude-sama” instead of “Demon King”. In short, that was what it was. 

Eventually, James became the leading person who created a land where monsters and humans live together. It was politically significant that the Maiden of the Holy Sword homeland became such a land.  

Nonetheless, because the Lord of Milchetta was still alive, it had been arranged that James first learned about politics with Prime Minister D’Autriche in the Imperial Capital. He wished to stay in the former abandoned castle, in other words, together with the monsters. Beelzebub was strangely burning with a sense of rivalry while Keith was looking out for him as a senpai, but it seemed like in they were on a good terms with each other in their own ways. 

Irene made them to have an audience with the emperor. That was the same thing as declaring that they would become Claude’s close aides eventually. 

Cedric and Lilia were also solidifying their camp. Particularly Lilia who splendidly dropped capture characters from 1.  It was also necessary for Irene to gather the best people there were. 

「Will it be okay not to make Isaac and the others to have an audience with the Emperor and treated them like they always have been?」

Claude asked while they were on their way to the antechamber. Irene nodded. 

「Yes. It seems like they want it that way. I also think that it’d be better like that. Since it’s also dangerous to have all of my allies in the Imperial Palace, and Jasper said he likes it better to expose the people of the Imperial Palace’s evil deeds」

「Certainly, they look like they are having more fun working for the Oberon Company than for the Imperial Palace」

「They finally got back from Milchetta. They have a lot of work to do」

「I see……By the way, Irene. We’ve been doing nothing but working, and you haven’t received your punishment yet」

Irene smiled at this question which in fact, had been asked several times. 

「Let’s think about that after we’ve successfully finished our audience, shall we?」

「……。Are you putting me off day by day?」

「Airi-chan, please leave your lover’s quarrel with the Demon King-sama for later」

Walt, who was next to her, jokingly murmured. Kyle grimaced at his words.

「Walt, it’s not Airi. It’s Irene-sama」

「But I just can’t get rid off it. Don’t be such a dork. Right, Auguste」

「I, I plan to do my best to fix it! After all, Airi is a girl――Ah」

Irene smiled at Auguste, who had called her Airi from her side.

「I don’t mind if you use Airi in public and in private, Auguste」

「――I don’t feel a bit happy at all when you use Airi’s tone while you’re wearing a dress……」

「Really? I think it’s cute, though」

The only one who calmly retorted to Claude, who replied with a serious look on his face, was James.

「Claude-sama. You can do that kind of thing to your heart content later. You can punish her or whatever it is that you want to do」

「You’re right」

You’re right my ass. But, the antechamber’s door, where the Emperor was waiting, was already drawing near. 

This was actually the first time for Irene to have an audience with the Emperor as Claude’s fiancee. Suddenly, Irene recalled Selena’s jeers just now. How would the Emperor see her, who was once Cedric’s fiance and currently stood beside Claude? 


A soft thing touched Irene’s forehead with a soft call from Claude.

Irene jumped back in a beat. She put her hand on her forehead while blushing furiously. She was kissed on her forehead. 

「Wha-wha-wha-what are you doing in a place like this……!」

「It’s alright, you’re right for me」

――This man, is still sly.  

With a vexed feeling, Irene faced forward.   


「Then shall we go, Irene?」

They took their new comrades, and went straight to the emperor.


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