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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 9

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: Yakumo

Vol.2 Ch. 9

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 9 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

That day as well, he had been busy since morning.

Claude murmured with a serious face.

「Is there a way to make Irene as my body pillow?」

「So my Lord will have lewd thoughts when he’s tired, I see」(Keith)

「I feel like the smell of her yesterday’s perfume still lingers……」

「Oh, is that why you miss Irene-sama so much? The Lily’s group were powerful ladies, as we thought them to be…but as expected of Claude-sama. You won against them in just an instant」

Keith piled up new documents that needed to be approved on top of Claude’s desk. Sighing deeply, Claude picked up a sheet of paper from that pile.

「There’s no winning or losing in a simple interview, isn’t there?」

「What I’m talking about is that your face had a complete victory against their group. It’s too much persuasive. Your face is pretty much a statement itself that implies “there’s no reason for me to assault a female student”…Gosh, I feel so annoyed」

「I wouldn’t do such a thing anyway since I have a fiancée. Why are you complaining?」

「It was my Lord’s face the one that decided the result of the match the moment you walked into the room. All the ladies of the Lily group became completely besotted! Well, at least that’s better than them suspecting you. But, nothing has been solved, though」

「Misha Academy, isn’t it? Judging from the time it happened, I think the perpetrator is someone who took advantage of Ashtart’s commotion」

「If Ashtart-san turns out to be the perpetrator also for this case, I’d be glad to go and catch him! In addition to just knowing him until recently, nothing also happens」

That was also a big problem that bothered Claude.

「However, the fact that nothing happens is a good thing. The tension around us has started to loosen thinking that the advance notice for the attack was just a ruse. Nevertheless, I can’t go back to the imperial capital just in case they decide to make a move as soon as I leave」

「When you put it that way, I can’t help but think this is perhaps part of the conflict for the Crown Prince position」

「I can’t meet Irene if this situation stays as it is. Don’t you think that this is a serious situation?」

「How about we split you in two? Luc-san told me that he can do it if it’s just splitting up a person with a one-track mind!」

「……. I have a feeling that all your words have been laced with malice for a while now.」

「 I’m feeling tired as well. Shall we take a breather and have breakfast?」

The sun had already gone up and the noon bell was done ringing. However, Claude had no energy to retort back to Keith, who said that he would make preparations for breakfast, that it actually wasn’t time for breakfast but lunch. Instead, he simply saw him exiting the office.

Irene would get angry at him if he didn’t take his meals properly. Feeling tired, Claude smiled wryly at his absent-minded thoughts. At that moment, he heard someone knocking at the door.

「Come on in」

Claude immediately pulled out the visitor’s schedule from the back of his mind.

If I remember correctly, the visitor is a student from Misha Academy――after remembering up until that point, Claude’s mind went blank.

The reason being, the one who came through the door was a huge duck on two human legs.


The duck, who had its big puffy butt stuck at the door, managed to slip out safely and then came waddling to the desk while flapping its wings.

Immediately afterwards it put the thing it carried under its arm on top of Claude’s desk.

Then the duck showed a bunch of papers that were being tied up into something thick like a picture story show that it brought together with it to Claude. The text lines seemed to have been purposely made from newspaper articles and book clippings.

『Please give me your signature and stamp』

――Claude silently looked down upon the document on top of his desk as he read those letters.

The submitted document had the signature and the stamp from the student council president of the Misha Academy. There was a blank space left for the dean to stamp his seal of approval at the bottommost of the document.

(……So I just have to sign and stamp a seal here)

Claude moved his quill pen with a strangely calm consideration while regarding the document.

The huge duck attentively watched over his action.


「……。Why are you a duck?」

Claude inquired, since it was extremely beyond his comprehension.

At that moment the duck quickly shifted the bunch of papers skillfully, then nimbly turned one sheet of paper towards him. It apparently had prepared beforehand answers to his questions.

『Because I’m sneaking away from the school festival’s preparation』

「……So, there’s a student inside?」

The duck, which turned strangely flustered upon his confirmation, once again turned over several sheets of papers and showed him its answer.

『No, I’m just a duck』

「……I see. But I can’t hand over a document to a mere duck no matter what」

『A duck is the emissary of the Misha Academy』

「……The symbol of the Misha Academy is not a duck, but a Lily that symbolize the Maiden of the Holy Sword」

「Claude-sama! I’ve received Irene’s reply!」

Claude turned to the voice he heard from outside the window.

It was a crow monster who wore a red bow tie around his neck――Almond.

Claude hurriedly affixed a seal to the document before getting up from his seat. He nevertheless asked the duck as a final confirmation.

「It’ll be okay for me to hand this over to you, isn’t it?」

The duck nodded vigorously several times. Claude then handed over the document to the duck while feeling slightly worried about the human who was seemingly feeling stuffed inside the duck costume. The one who brought over the document was the duck so leaving the document back in the hands of the duck would certainly be fine.

「I think it’s a good idea to establish guards for the investigation as well as a means of deterrence. Good luck」

『Thank you very much』

They concluded the conversation with the last piece of paper that the duck had prepared beforehand then the duck went waddling out of the room.

The lock automatically unlocked itself as soon as Claude turned his line of sight to the window, then Almond came into the room.

「It’s from Irene, isn’t it? Good boy, Almond」

「Came on time!Ore-sama is a capable monster! Demon King-sama, delighted!」

Smiling, Claude took the letter fastened to Almond’s body after patting his head. Unable to handle the letter roughly, Claude carefully opened up its seal using a paper-knife, albeit impatiently.

The fragrance of the elegant perfume that spread out at that moment caused him to remember her vividly in his mind.

(……This is certainly a trial for lovers. Or perhaps this is something that is called a long-distance relationship)

While being torn between wanting to immerse himself more in the fragrance and wanting to read the content of the letter quickly, Claude gently opened up the letter.

Dear Claude-sama.
I’m fine. Please do your best at work.
Irene Lauren D’Autriche

「Taking advantage of his confusion over the duck costume and using my letter as bait to distract his attention――it’s a flawless strategy if I say so myself」

Irene let out a relieved sigh while wiping off her sweat as the rain fell heavily.

Irene was frowning at the incessant rain while stuffing the costume inside a sack behind the building.

「As expected, maybe that kind of reply is bad……But I got the seal of approval, so I guess all is well」

With this, she could establish guards. In that way, the situation would change drastically. It was a step forward.


――Although it was Irene the one being thoughtless, the continuous rain that fell for three days and three nights, caused Almond to lament “I was wrong, thinking, Demon King-sama would be happy……liar……I will, no longer, believe you……”. On top of that, Isaac, who had heard that the nearby river would most likely flood due to the unending rain forced Irene to write another reply to Claude’s letter under his direct supervision.

Thus the new reply, product of Irene’s anguish brought back the sun. Coincidentally, that very night also became the first day that the guards would be doing their rounds.

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