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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 8 (Part 1)

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody

Vol.2 Ch. 8 (Part 1)

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 8 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

James Charles. 

Born from the forbidden love between a human and a monster, James’ first misfortune was having the Lord of Milchetta’s beloved daughter as his mother.   

With the help of the church, the Milchetta household captured the monster whom his mother eloped with, his father, by tricking and then attacking him. His mother whose husband was killed, helped James to escape with her life. 

However, James didn’t even have time to grieve. For the sake of killing him, his mother’s younger brother――his uncle has been chasing after him by using the church to kill him. 

Even as a half-monster, he was wary of the monsters so he couldn’t join them as an ally. Humans also wouldn’t accept a slightly dirty child. James desperately escaped while hiding his identity as a half-monster. He lived for the sake of fulfilling his mother’s last wish, that was for him to live. 

Growing up, he learnt to blend in well with his surroundings. Then, to ridicule his pursuers, he entered Misha Academy as the top student and became the student council president. He planned to stand out to make it difficult for them to kill him. 

Similar to Claude who was the last boss in the first series, he had no route that allowed him to be captured on the first round, and he only had a future where he was going to be burned down by the Holy Sword. In the second round in which capturing him was possible, the Holy Sword turned him into a human by Selena’s plea then the player met an ending in which he got married to Selena. 

But, there was no second round in real life and above all, Irene didn’t find that conclusion satisfactory. 

(I know I promised to save him as a human being, but……will he be okay with that?)

James had a proud personality――you are our child born out of love. Be proud of that and please be happy――since he was blessed by his parents, he wasn’t ashamed of his half-monster bloodline. 

Was it truly a salvation for him to make such a man stay as a human? 

The one who currently owned the Holy Sword was Irene. If she used the Holy Sword without being able to convince him to stay as a human, she could possibly erase James’ existence entirely. Irene wanted to avoid that, so she was thinking of using the Holy Sword as a last resort. 

「You’re recommending Airi Kahlua for the student council’s general affair? Say your jokes in moderation, Auguste」

James who was basked in the light was laughing scornfully in the student council room after school.

Auguste approached the ebony desk with a sullen look on his face. 

「It’s not a joke. I’m moved by Airi’s spirit to change the academy!」(Auguste)

「A student who just transferred here for two days with such kind of spirit is the most suspicious」(James)

Silently nodding in her heart, Irene completely agreed with his statement. Irene’s purpose in joining the student council was to monitor and observe James to prevent him from becoming the last boss. 

Irene raised her voice since she thought it would be better to reform this academy as well.  

「President James. Since I was just transferred to this school, I’m not familiar with this academy. That is exactly why I consider joining the student council. I think my growth as a student here is related to understanding this academy and making it better」(Irene)

「That’s right!Besides, Airi knows about other countries. James, the student council will not suffer a loss in letting a person like him to enter the student council, ya know」

「This academy is the “little Milchetta” and the student council is a “small national politics”. What kind of idiots will allow an intervention from a foreign country?」(James)

「Isn’t it okay? I agree in letting Airi-kun to become a member of the student council」(Walt)

The voice belonged to Walt who was resting his chin in his hands on top of the desk which was placed along the wall. Irene shifted her gaze towards Walt at his unexpected assistance. Auguste face brightened up immediately. 

「Heck yeah, Walt-senpai!」

「It’s common to import excellent personnel from other countries. Am I right, Kyle?」(Walt)

「It’s true that we don’t have enough manpower before the school festival. Wouldn’t it be something delightful to have a comrade who wants to make this school better?」(Kyle)

Kyle Alford responded calmly. He was the last student council member whom she couldn’t meet the last time she was in the student council room. 

Although Kyle, a man with an oriental features, black hair with fair skin, was also a senpai character who held a similar treasurer position as Walt, he had a calm disposition in contrast to the showy Walt; it would be very picturesque if they were to stand together. In contrast with Walt, Irene was also impressed after looking at Kyle who was scrutinizing the documents with a deep concentration while standing straight. 

(With this, I have become an acquaintance with all of the capture characters in the student council. But, Selena isn’t here ……)

Those who were gathered in the student council room after school with the exception of Selena who already went home were James, Walt, and Kyle. 

「With this, it’s three on one! If Selena was to object, it’ll be three on two. Then, it’ll still be okay, isn’t it, James?」(Auguste)

「It was extremely foolish to decide it based on the majority rule. After all, they aren’t even serious about it in the first place」(James)

「Unfortunately James, I did properly say “an excellent personnel” as my requirement. We have just the right candidate over here, haven’t we? I say, how about you test him out to see whether he’s excellent or not?」(Walt)

James widened his eyes in surprise at Walt’s proposal. But, he soon immediately returned to his nasty calm countenance and put both of his crossed arms on the ebony desk before questioning Irene. 

「――Then, I shall put you on a test to see whether you are an excellent comrade who wants to make this academy better or not. Right now, we have a case that we haven’t worked on. I want to ask for your help on that matter」

He blatantly intended to push troublesome matter to Irene. Auguste looked like he was slightly anxious.

However, she couldn’t proceed to advance if she were to back down right here. Irene calmly accepted his challenge with a smile. 

「Sure, if I can do something about it. What kind of situation is it?」(Irene)

「About a month ago, a certain female student was injured, but there was a rumor saying that the perpetrator is a vampire」

「……Vampire……You mean, a monster did it?」

Irene wondered if such a case had happened in the game. James nodded while tapping his fingertips on his neck at Irene doubtful face. 

「It seems like there’s two puncture marks on the nape of female student who is in coma as if her blood were sucked. There’s nothing worthwhile in her memories since she didn’t have any recollection of what had happened. That’s the reason of that rumor. I just want to leave the case alone, but the Lily Ladies manage to get a wind of it. Oh, and the Lily Ladies is the guardian association consists of this academy alumnus」

It was a name that came out even in the game. As expected, the game setting seemed like it existed in reality.

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