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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 7

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody

Vol.2 Ch. 7

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 7 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

After putting on his sign, he folded the letter carefully. 

He was troubled by what he was going to do when he was told that she would consider breaking off their engagement, but it was quite a good thing to feel this human-like distance while exchanging letters.  

If he wanted to become the King for the humans as well, he must not lose this kind of 『normal humanity』.

「Claude-sama, the guardian association called Lily Ladies are waiting in the guest room, you know? It’s the matter about Misha Academy」

「Okay, I’m going now……Keith」

After sealing the letter, Claude frankly spoke about his worries. 

「Will she be mad at me if I were to send this letter directly to her hand?」

「……I think it’ll be safer not to do it. Isn’t there a time for human lovers to wait for each other’s letter?」

「I see……Then, go ask for help from Almond」

Keith bowed his head exaggeratedly then put the letter in his pocket. 

「Please do your job as well, and try not to be too preoccupied by lewd thoughts, My Lord. The prodigal son of the Lord of Milchetta has become our enemy. You’ve fired all of that guy’s supporters after all」

「It’s just that kind of thing naturally happens when you thoroughly cut down incompetent people. If they pride themselves in being siblings to the Maiden of the Holy Sword, I want them to defeat the Demon King with that ability」

Claude who was smiling faintly, stood up and went out after waving over his mantle. 

Because it had been decided that he would not be using magic as much as possible in front of people, Claude casually walked to the guest room. After looking up at the ceiling, Keith followed after Claude . 

「Ah that’s right, that prodigal son has been giving a considerable amount of money to the church. It seems about assassinating his nephew or something」

「Nephew?The Milchetta’s Lord’s children are just him and his sister, isn’t it? The Lord said that the sister has already been long gone though. Does his sister has a secret child or something?」

「Something like that. It seems like that prodigal son has been hiding it, so the Lord doesn’t know about it――it seems like the sister had eloped with a monster around 20 years ago」

Claude’s feet spontaneously stopped in his tracks. He calmly asked Keith for a confirmation.

「……Then, does she have a half-monster child?」

「That’s right. That prodigal son is afraid of that guy. I heard that the Lord flew into a rage when he heard about his daughter eloping with a monster, but he still loves her. On the other hand, the prodigal son had a bad relationship with the Lord. It seems like he thinks that if his sister’s child were to be discovered, the next Lord will be his nephew instead of him」

「Even if that nephew is a half-monster?」

「He can still live as a human  despite being a half-monster. He’s been using the church in his desperate attempt to find that nephew of his. We’ve been keeping silent about it, but there’s an intel from Almond that said there’s no doubt that the Ashtart is angered by his relatives; It’s very likely he’s planning to take revenge on them」

「That’s impossible. If that nephew is Ashtart, he will be bearing a grudge only  against the Milchetta Household. There’s no need for him to pick a fight with me by targeting Irene」

「It’s quite questionable, isn’t it? He’s My Lord’s opponent, so he is the perp because he is a half-monster, and it isn’t reasonable to kill him……It seems like the father had been killed」

Claude grieved briefly.

「But keep in mind that the half-monster isn’t necessarily Ashtart 」

「Please do so. Perhaps, there’s something that might be useful to us. That’s right, it’s almost time for Beelzebub-san to return as a guard. The reconstruction of the attacked village has been progressing quite a lot and the monsters’ patrolling team has started to move as well」

Claude nodded his head after listening to Keith’s report and began walking once again. To be honest, Claude found it to be a little regrettable that he had to spend time travelling using the corridor.

「Did you get any information about the attack?」

「The attack was done by the monsters  living in the vicinity of that area. There’s no monster leading them, and after turning violent they eventually dispersed. Although Beelzebub-san had caught and interrogated them, it seems like there were distortion in their memories; and, they have no idea of what had happened and why they did it; so, there’s not even one relevant information. But, there’s one information that caught my interest. The village seemed to smell a strangely sickly-sweet scent at the time of the attack……」


Keith replied that it was currently under investigation. 

「How about the residents’ reaction to the monsters?」

「Are you asking about their reaction to the monsters being the first responder and our speed of action? It’s generally favorable. Since there are no casualties after all. The people who’re making a clamor are the aristocrats whom Claude-sama had thoroughly cut off」

「My plan will not change」

After playfully agreeing with Claude’s statement, Keith who was following him from behind, calmly answered. 

「Because even if you fall, you need to rise again after all. Shall we make Milchetta as My Lord’s country soon? Let’s do various things to the uncle of that nephew just now」

「You’re right. Let’s make this as Irene’s souvenier……No, maybe she dislikes this kind of thing?」

Claude’s thin smile caused Keith to tilt his head in puzzlement.

「Although My Lord is an extremely capable person, it seems like My Lord is bad in being the Demon Lord」

「The Demon King’s part that I’m showing her is just a part of that」

Claude was more ruthless and more inhumane than she thought he was. That part of him was more crueler than the Demon King. He realized that the part of him existed after he was reinstated as the Crown Prince and after returning into the human world. 

Probing foolish intentions between each other. A world where people shrewdly trying to one-up each other and the betrayer wins. The smoldering anger that he felt at the abandoned place seemed to reheat occasionally. 

「I need to be careful not to scare Irene away」

「Oh no, My Lord is madly in love」

Claude wondered what Irene was currently doing. Just by thinking of her, he felt his heart filled with miserableness and love. This was the distance between humans who were apart.

(I hope she waits obediently for me, but…)

There were no reports from the monsters. Then, he shall wait like a lover he is for the reply of the letter with his fingers crossed. 

Because the clear sky that he looked up from the corridor’s window continued to be high in her sky.


My dear beloved Irene. Even though there should be times when I didn’t meet you so far, this kind of distance between us feels painfully long for me. I can’t believe I lived for 25 years without meeting you. 

I want to see your face. I want to hear your voice. I want to hug you. Even the blue clear sky is overshadowed by the brilliance in your eyes. Even the serenity of the moonlit night isn’t as tender as your skin. 

And I am worried. Will you still love me?――It is understandable for you to be mad at me for leaving you behind. I didn’t know that it could be so painful without your presence here. Perhaps, that is exactly my arrogance as the Demon King. 

But, please, don’t get me wrong. 

I am just a normal man in front of you. I don’t want to live without you, and I don’t mind destroying this world if I were to lose you; I can’t be no more than just a foolish man. 

Will you, a being more nobler than the goddess, feel the same thing as me? Even the Demon King can only kneel and beg for love in front of you. 

So please, I want you to say that you love me. Before I ended up destroying the world where I can’t meet you. 

I’m awaiting  for your reply. 

From someone who loves you, Claude Jeanne Elmeier


「What’s wrong, Irene? There’s a report, isn’t there?」

「Yeah, Isaac……I called you because there’s a report, though……I’m on board to join the student council from now onwards, but……」

「Huh?just as soon as I said don’t stand out……!」

「Wait, let me explain the situation properly……I received Claude-sama’s letter from Almond just now……」

「Did we get discovered!?」

「……We didn’t, but……What kind of reply should I write to this kind of letter!?」

Irene’s cry reverberated in the sky. 

 ――That’s right. That sky was in truth, unexpectedly close to Claude, and the King has yet to know about it. 

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