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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 4(Part 1)

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody

Vol.2 Ch. 4(Part 1)

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 4 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

It seemed like she was very much loved by her current fiance. 

Despite his distress, Claude who just couldn’t accept the idea of taking Irene with him departed to Principality of Milchetta after making sure that it was okay for them to correspond by using monsters. 

After sending Claude off with a smile, Irene immediately began taking action. 

 Of course, it was for her preparation to explore Misha Academy, the stage where “Holy and Devil’s Regalia 2” took place. 

If the game has already begun, the Principality of Milchetta would be destroyed even without Ashtart’s involvement. If the magic incense were to appear in public, it would become a troublesome item. It was better for them to dispose of it privately. 

Besides, the only one who could deal with the item right now is her. 

Claude wouldn’t change his decision because of feelings alone. Even if she were to break off their engagement, in the end, it was Irene who’s going to be left behind. If she couldn’t give him a convincing reason to persuade him, she would be deported the moment she was found. 

In other words, in order to avoid being found out by Claude while she wandered around the Principality of Milchetta, Irene needed to infiltrate the Misha Academy. 

Furthermore, Misha Academy was located in the same city as the Lord’s castle, a place where Claude would live. The apex of the tall building was like a stone’s throw away, visible and close enough to be seen from the academy. 

(It would be better if the game hasn’t begun yet. I would at least be able to catch up to the current event……!)

Hence, it was important for Irene to infiltrate Misha Academy on her own. 

In addition to the top brass within the Oberon Company, Isaac, Donny, Luc, Quartz and the newspaper reporter Jasper, monsters including Almond would also be collaborating with her this time.

Irene pushed through by saying 「I’m going there to confirm that」when she was asked for a reasonable explanation for「Claude-sama has grasped an intel about a dangerous incense that would affect the monsters as well at the Misha Academy; I want to help Claude-sama」.

In the end, everyone concluded that there was no way that, Irene who couldn’t be as strong as Claude, could be left to her own devices Thus, they ended up accompanying Irene albeit reluctantly, in her mission without Claude’s knowledge ――Isaac had said to Irene「you’re taking full responsibility if the Demon King-sama finds out about this!」

And thus, it was decided that to infiltrate Misha Academy, Luc and Quartz would be enrolled as research students at the graduate school of Misha Academy while Isaac would be enrolling together with Irene. 

(I’m just making sure of the situation. If the situation has nothing to do with the game, we’ll immediately withdraw……!)

If Claude knew she was here, she would be teleported in a blink of an eye.  

Hence, including Irene, everyone’s lineage was disguised, leaving behind nothing but names. Thanks to her father, the Duke D’Autriche, who loved to corner her daughter into a difficult position, there were no flaws concerning their paperwork. To be cautious, Irene took an extreme measure by falsifying not only her name but also her gender.

 ――As a result, right now, her fun academy life while disguising as a man had naturally begun. 

「Disguising as a man, I’m glad that Mother had trained me on that……」(Irene)

「Did you just say something, Airi?」

「No, nothing」

Auguste didn’t appear to be suspicious of Irene who was smiling at his question. Perhaps he was thinking that Airi was just a male student with a small built.  

(First of all, I need to break through the first stage. Perhaps it is as I thought that the game has begun since Auguste is in this academy……?)

Auguste Zerum. He was a decent capture character. 

Elmeier Empire was freed from the threat of the monsters when the Maiden of holy Sword, Lilia, defeated the Demon King. After the lines『Holy and Devil’s Regalia~The Kingdom of Destruction and the Saint of Salvation~』, the options setting began immediately after that. 

Would the unfortunate heroine, the Earl’s daughter, be able to find her true love before graduation?  Meanwhile, the final resistance of the monsters who had lost their Demon King begins――That was the rough outline of the story.  

Amongst the characters, Auguste was said to be ranked first, sharing the same position with Cedric. In the so-called best ending, he would defeat the last boss by borrowing the Holy Sword from Lilia, thus earning him the title of Holy Knight. 

「You’re strong despite your looks. Even though the guy who was picking a quarrel with the girl just now looks physically stronger than you」(Auguste)

「It was just a kind of self-defense technique. Compared to others, Auguste is taller and looks stronger」(Irene)

「Well, I’m confident with my sword’s skills. I’m sorry about the incident just now……that kind of thing happened a lot  lately. I think that if more guys like Airi is enrolled here, this academy will also change……」

This man who whispered so was a hero of justice who thought that the strong female discrimination in this school was loathsome. He held the belief that women must be protected. He was feeling obliged to do that after failing to protect his Mother――at least that was the setting of his storyline, but Irene concluded that she didn’t care about that. 

This time, it wasn’t for the sake of capturing the characters that Irene came to the academy under the disguise of a man. 

(But, I want the intel there since the heroine, the last boss, and other main capture characters are all the members of the student council. I need to get along well with them. The conversations that will increase likability is……Eh, but he thinks that I’m a guy in the first place though, will it still be effective?)

「This is the student council room」

Her awareness returned after looking at the door in front of her. Auguste opened the door carefully and looked at the person inside the room. 

「What is it, Auguste?」

The soft-spoken person was a student with a slightly messed up uniform. Irene knew that he was a grade above her judging from the school year that shone from above his collar.   

「Walt-senpai. It’s rare for you to be in the student council room――Wait, don’t tell me that you’re running away from the ladies again?」

「Excuse me. You’re saying as if I’m always involved in troublesome matters」

Irene pulled out information about them from the back of her head while watching their friendly banter. 

Walt Rizanis――a lady killer playboy character and his official position in the student council was a treasurer. He was also a capture character. He was popular with ladies because he was kind to them but it was just a front. He was a mature person with secrets behind his social mask. 

(Heck, isn’t this the same as the game……I can’t make any judgment until I meet the heroine, but this is pretty much almost the start of the game……)

「But, are you the only one here, Walt-senpai?Where is Kyle-senpai?」

「Kyle is in the library. It seems like he wants to eat in a quiet place」

Like Walt, Kyle was also a treasurer.

Of course, he was a capture character and was depicted as someone diligent in contrast to Walt. And similar to Walt, he also carried an important role in the battle against the monsters. 

(Well, whatever, anyway――the heroine isn’t here, is she?)

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