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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 35 (Unedited)

Experienced another disappointing news. I didn’t pass my job interview. Currently, nursing a broken heart and decided to post ALL of the unedited chapters and be done with  vol. 2 main arc. 

P/s: Suggestions to improve this translation will be highly appreciated and I do not guarantee the accuracy of my translation

Translated by: Empress ||

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 35 (Unedited)

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 35 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

Pachin, pachin, The sound of someone cutting roses reverberated through the Imperial Palace. 

It was the rose garden at night. Her soft hair softly fluttered in the air along with the smell of the deep crimson roses. There was only one shadow pruning the roses underneath the full moon. It was as if, she was nipping off life itself. 

Then, another shadow flew down gently. 

「Good evening, Lilia-sama」

「My, Irene-sama」

Without looking surprised when Irene flew down from the empty night sky, Lilia’s hand that was pruning the roses stopped. She smiled with her hands full of red roses. 

「Have you already returned from Milchetta? But Cedric said that it’s still in the state of unrest, though」

「Yes. But, Claude-sama can send me back in this way for an instant」

「Ah, that’s right. So, what happened? Do you have some business with me?」

「Yes――you are taking care of the roses. They are very beautiful」

「Yes! This is the farm that I received from Irene-sama. I can only pick flowers, but……」

「Including the opium?」

Lilia didn’t reply to Irene cutting remarks. 

She only kept on smiling while cutting a stem of a fully blooming rose. 

「It was careless of me not to get this farm back first」

「Because you’re busy after all, Irene-sama. Besides, although this farm is managed by Cedric, it is under the name of the emperor. I think it will be difficult to transfer this to Claude-sama because of political reasons」

「But still――You, since when is it?」

「Is there a need for me to answer that?」

Lilia offered a stem of rose to Irene as she said that. 

Irene accepted the rose with its thorns. 

「……Did Serena send you a letter?」

That was the opening of the『Holy and Devil’s Regalia 2』. 

Lilia, who was still smiling did not answer whether it was right or wrong. But Irene continued without minding it. 

「You manipulated Selena by replying to that letter. You sent back the letter with the magic incense that you put into a perfume’s bottle and injected her with biased information. About Auguste who would become a Holy Knight, Kyle and Walt’s true identities, and the magic incense’s effect――I guess that you instigated her to search for Ashtart and killed him on behalf of the Maiden of the Holy Sword? That girl admires you. I’m sure she scattered the diluted solution of the magic incense in the academy and worked very hard to find him for you」

The reason why there was variation in the concentration and usage of the magic incense scattered in the academy was probably that Selena didn’t know the exact way to use it. There was no doubt that she had tried various ways. 

「But she who got impatient after unable to find Ashtart no matter how long the time had passed set out on a plan to throw out the magic incense at the school festival where all the students gathered. Believing the lie that you blew into her that Auguste has the Holy Sword――You were testing me, weren’t you?」

「Me? Testing you, Irene-sama?」

「Whether or not I have the game’s knowledge――Whether or not I have my past life memories like you」

A gust of wind blew and whirled the weak roses’ petals into the empty sky. The red petals hid Lilia’s face from Irene’s view. 

But, Irene’s eyes caught the smile that appeared on Lilia’s lips. 

「……Ashtart is you. If I had any knowledge of the game, I would definitely go to Misha Academy, so you prepared that declaration. Did you happen to use the name Ashtart by chance?」

「It seems like Irene-sama did not play the FD, didn’t you?」

Irene was able to make sense of the situation by only those few words. The name Ashtart was the name of James’s monster, which was the setting that appeared in the FD that Irene unable to play.   

「Hehe. Then I guess my game’s knowledge is better」

「――Even if the opium can be gathered here, how did you manage to prepare the magic incense? I don’t think you have the knowledge to make it, though」

「Irene-sama, you’ve been underestimating your ex-fiance too much」

But as if feeling slightly troubled, Lilia tilted her head slightly to one side with a constant smile on her lips.  

「Cedric-sama at least has some connection with the church」

「I see. Then, the letter that claimed the White Lily Princess’s prize is the magic incense, was Cedric-sama’s work」

「I asked the people who supports Cedric to do that. Are you surprised?」

「What about the village attack」

「I did the same thing. I only asked them to scatter just a little bit of the magic incense」

「――What were you going to do if there’s a casualty? And what about Selena whom you’ve used? Don’t tell me that you’re going to claim that you have nothing to do with them since you didn’t do it yourself?」

It wouldn’t be strange if there was a casualty with this kind of sloppy strategy. 

After looking blankly at Irene, who was clenching her fists, the Lilia raised the corner of her lips.  

「Casualties!? What a strange person. What are you talking about? They’re just game’s characters!」

HAHAHA, her loud laughter reverberated through the night sky.  

「Was Irene-sama perhaps, a person who couldn’t distinguish between game and reality in your previous life? This is the game’s world! People were dead? Surely you mean ‘characters were dead’ instead」

「This is the reality! They are a people like you, they won’t ever coming back to life if they die」

「Listen. Where in the world are the players who don’t play the game they bought just because the characters die?」

Slowly Lilia dropped the roses under her feet and put her hand on her chest. 

「I’m the player. That’s why the protagonist let you enjoy your story――Hey, Irene-sama. Let’s play some more?」

Lilia was smiling innocently as if she was a child. 

「You’re the only person I can deal with because everyone is just like the game. Say their lines and that’s it, done. It’s easy, but it’s boring」

「……I wonder if you’ve managed to capture 1’s characters while I was too busy with Milchetta. But that game shouldn’t have had a harem ending, though」

「Oh, that’s where the players show their ability to adjust the favorable impression skillfully」

Picking up a rose that has fallen under her feet, Lilia spoke excitedly. 

「Man, I wonder if the next sequel is good. Or is it going to be the FD of 1? I’m looking forward to it. Selena was a disappointment. I even had a thought of letting her to join the group if she was a reincarnator. But, only Selena had a dead end in the game, so I was able to enjoy it in that sense」

「……Sorry, but I’m not going to do anything with you. Aren’t you going to give yourself up about this time’s matter?」

「I wonder if I did something. Ashart’s true identity is Selena Gilbert. Aren’t you the one who made that official announcement, Irene-sama?」

――Cedric was a jerk but he was not an idiot. As Isaac once said, there was no way that he was going to leave any evidence. Even if there was an evidence, all of the perpetrators would end up cutting off all ties with Selena and abandoned her.

The noisy wind and the sickening scent of roses whirled between the two of them.

They were three steps away from each other. But still, Lilia seemed to be quite far away. 

We were both reincarnators who had our previous life memories, and yet――That was what Irene thought. 

「I’m giving you Selena Gilbert back」

The smile on Lilia’s face disappeared. 

「She’s alive, you know. She has been officially declared dead, but I always have the preparation to bring the dead back to life. I’m going to enter the Imperial Palace. I’ll let her to do her greetings――As your recommended servant that is」

「――Servant? ……are you making her a spy?」

Irene took a step closer to Lilia. She then laughed deliberately. 

「Hmm? Who knows. That girl respects you just like in the game. While I’m being hated」

Lilia didn’t answer anything. Irene presume to say what Lilia was probably thinking.

「But, as expected she may have noticed that she was used by you. I may have instigated her by saying something to her. Now, what do you think? Are you going to kill her since she’s going to become your weakness for this time’s matter? But, making you do that may have been my ruse」

 ――In fact, Selena did not know anything。

Selena was acquitted without her showing up to the trial. If Irene sent Selena back to Lilia’s side just like that, Irene was sure that Selena would misunderstand that Lilia had helped her. But, Lilia would never believe Selena. Before long, their relationship would turn sour. It would be ideal if Selena not only become Lilia’s burden but also become someone who would stand in her way.  

「And if she also came to realize that this is a game, I wonder how is she going to look at you」

Even if Irene brought Selena up as a witness to oust Lilia and Cedric who were only indirectly involved with the incident, it lacked a decisive blow. Then, it would better if Irene plant a bomb in her enemy’s camp. 

Irene took another step closer. Their shadows overlapped with each other. 

「It has been decided that the Emperor himself is going to give Claude-sama a reward for this time’s matter. People have also begun to trust him. He’s steadily walking on his way to be the Emperor」


「I’m sure you’re having fun this time. But so what? If you have the game’s knowledge, then you should have let Milchetta be destroyed to stand in Claude-sama’s way, and yet you were just playing. Do you understand what I mean? You think you’re going to win just by tampering with the game, but in reality you’re losing」

The reality was not as simple as the game.

The past would always lead to the future. 

「I guess you’re the one who can’t distinguish between game and reality」

At a close distance, Irene smiled slowly. 

「You were tougher when you looted Cedric-sama. If you want to play with me, why don’t you do rehabilitation and come back again to society instead of doing nothing but playing games?」

Irene elegantly curtsied after throwing away the rose she had received from Lilia.  

「Now then, I shall excuse myself, Lilia-sama. Good bye」

Irene did not look back even when she heard the sound of roses being trampled after she turned on her heels. 

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  1. Avatar Truth says:

    One word: Brutal…. Now, that’s our Irene-same!!! Woohoo

  2. Avatar Truth says:

    One word: Brutal. Now, that’s our Irene-same. Woohoo!!!

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