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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 34 (Unedited)

Experienced another disappointing news. I didn’t pass my job interview. Currently, nursing a broken heart and decided to post ALL of the unedited chapters and be done with  vol. 2 main arc. 

P/s: Suggestions to improve this translation will be highly appreciated and I do not guarantee the accuracy of my translation

Translated by: Empress ||

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 34 (Unedited)

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 34 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

「You’re not Ashtart, and yet why do you say something like that?」

Before Irene could interject, Claude said so with his chin rested in his hand.  

James forced himself to express scorn. 

「I see, so Demon King already knows who Ashtart is. But the magic incense was scattered, and the monster side also suffered a great sacrifice――I do not acknowledge you as the King」

「James, you’re still saying something like that」

「You are you! You, as the Demon King’s fiancee, do not deem me, who is a half-monster, as worth fearing……Is that why you said you would protect me?」

Claude looked into the distance and sighed while Irene blinked her eyes.

James, who was his deeply frowning, cast his eyes downward obliquely. 

「I have no intention to obey the Demon King. And yet――Are you thinking that if you have the Holy Sword, you can treat the monsters as if they are your pets?」

「……It’s true that I’m keeping Claude-sama, but」

「A Demon King kept by a woman, huh? There’s a limit even to such fooli――」

「James. Keep your rebellion moderately」

Claude’s random assertation caused James to become speechless.

Irene became unable to say anything because of preventing herself from bursting into laughter. 

「She is the woman who will become my wife. Rest assured for if I, the Demon King, were being kept, it’s been decided that you would come with me as a freebie」


「Don’t bother her too much. You’ll make me angry――Or would you likeme to be angry?」

Claude’s red eyes glistened dangerously. Irene gasped when she looked at it at close proximity.  

It seemed like James faltered for a moment, but he clenched his fists back and raised his eyes. 

「You don’t understand anything! I, as a half-monster, how much――」

「You’re the one who doesn’t understand anything. Don’t waste your life」

「Is that a threat?! There is no reason for me to listen to that」

「Even when Irene protected you for my sake?」


Irene face light up at James befuddlement. 

「Yes, that’s right, Claude-sama! James will absolutely be useful for you!」

「Hol……Wait, Airi……You, don’t tell me, saying that you would protect me or giving me a place to belong were all……!?」

「No one is as qualified as James in the era that you will build」

James was silent as if he had been caught off guard. Claude answered with his eyes closed. 

「You’re right. He’s the grandchild of the Milchetta Lord. He has many uses, but……I want to honor the independence of the monsters and half-monster」

「Yeah, to the limits that are acceptable for Claude-sama. I understand. Please leave it to me. I’ll persuade him for your sake」

「What did……you say……」

James staggered, taking a step back. 

Isaac and the others were looking at him with pity, while Auguste rushed over to support his shoulder. 

「A-are you okay, James? Umm……Aren’t you glad to have found a job?」

「Don’t kid with me! I do not agree……!」

「So, what are you going to do with the other three? I remember that they were students at the student council, but」

「Yes. He’s Auguste. He’s strong despite being a human, almost like Max……That’s right」

Irene came down from Claude’s lap. Claude didn’t stop her from doing that. 

Irene got off the platform and grasped Auguste’s hand. Just by her doing that caused Auguste to blush. Irene looked straight into his eyes.   

「I’m going to say this since we’re on this occasion, Auguste. Why don’t you become my knight?」


「I’ve long been looking for a knight like you. You should come to the Imperial Capital after you graduate. First of all, you need to enter the Chivalric Order――And Rachel. You too」


「Yeah. I want you to be my lady attendant!」

This time she grasped Rachel’s hand. 

「I wanted a lady attendant whom I could share all of my secrets with and supported me. It’s also going to be your career. Since I’m going to be the Empress」

「Y……Yes, I’ll go!」

「Really!? I’m glad――And also」

「We’re Church’s people!」

Before Irene could say something to them, Walt took a step backward. It seemed like he was flustered to the point of forgetting that their existence was a confidential matter. Kyle, who was next to him, was also nodded his head repeatedly.  

But, Irene declared with a smile that implied she didn’t care.

「Rest assured. I’ll make the necessary preparations in secret for the Church!」

「Wait, Airi-chan, I-I don’t think that’s going to be allowe……」

「It’ll be okay. The Church should care about their relationship with the Demon King. They will certainly sell both of you!」

「A-are we going to be sold to the Demon King……!?」

「……Umm. I don’t really understand, but how many people have increased?」

「Five people」

Isaac concisely answered Donny’s question. 

Feeling completely satisfied after finishing all of her invitations, Irene turned to Claude. 

「Claude-sama. I’ve been useful to you, haven’t I?」

「Yeah, I’m impressed by the size of my vassal」

Claude responded while looking at some faraway place. Walt spoke in rebuttal. 

「Wait a minute! We still have a job left to do, so they won’t sell us!」

「My, how tenacious. What is it?」

「Tenaci……It’s Selena-chan and the magic incense! She’s」

「She’s in custody」

Irene wavered at Claude’s few words. 

「For what reason……?We can’t use that she had used the magic incense as a reason, can we?」

It was an incense that shouldn’t exist in public. That’s why the Church had secretly made a move and privately dealt with it.  

But Claude said without hesitation.

「She served me with that magic incense. That’s why I, the Demon King, punish her. I think that’s a matter of course?」

「She served the magic incense to C-Claude-sama!?」

The thing that Irene most worried about had already happened. 

Flustered, Irene rushed back to Claude’s side and reached out to his beautiful face. Claude blinked his eyes once. 

「A-Are you alright, Claude-sama? Did she get you to do something indecent!?」

「Indece……。――Now that you mention it, it seems like my memory is fuzzy」

She would show that bitch once again. Irene deepened her smile slowly.

「Okay, Claude-sama. You didn’t do anything bad. Don’t worry about it……I’ll do something about her personally」


「Allow me to see her. It’ll be a one on one fight between the two us……Claude-sama?」

「……I see, is that what you worry about?」

Claude’s shoulders shook in the middle of her speech then he began laughing. Keith shrugged his shoulders. 

「To think you’re lying about that. You have a bad personality, Claude-sama」

「It’s a pay-back. For bringing up the subject about concubines」

Irene thought about it for a moment, then she raised her eyebrows. 

「……You’ve fooled me?」

「It’s not in the same level as where you’ve fooled me」

Saying like that with a composed look was weak. 

Claude resumed his explanation after looking triumphantly at Irene.  

「The magic incense that all of you refer to was the strange aroma that smells sweet, right? I was on my guard because that smell came from her. I could still stand it, but I thought that it would be bad to the other monsters」

「Principal. We’d like you to hand her over to us」

It was Kyle who took a step forward.  

「You’re the Church’s people, right? Well, I can lend her to you」

「……Claude-sama. Can you leave the matter about Selena to me?」

Claude looked quietly at Irene who smiled sweetly. It was Walt who frowned. 

「Airi-chan, we can’t let you do that」

「Don’t you want to catch the perpetrator who spread the magic incense?」

「……What do you mean? Isn’t that Selena Gilbert?」

Irene turned to Claude without answering Kyle’s question. 

Selena’s one-sided speech and conduct that tried to make Auguste the Holy Knight, and if she was following the game, she would have done that at the opening. There were still a few things that Irene needed to confirm.

So that could be changed into a conviction. 

It seemed like Irene had to respond to ‘her’. For Irene was certain that ‘she’ was also making sure about the same thing as Irene. 

「Claude-sama. Can you agree to my request?」

「For what?」

「For the sake of capturing the real Ashtart――I’ll make you the Emperor」

Claude looked back at Irene who made that declaration with her head held up high. 

「Fine. As long as you be the Empress」

No one disagreed with the conclusion the Demon King made.




Ashtart’s insurrection in the Principality of Milchetta was declared over in four months.

Misha Academy was forced to have a blockade for two months, but the Church praised Crown Prince Claude’s ability that left no casualties in spite of the appearance of a high ranking monster, the earth dragon, and it was said that the residents of the Principality of Milchetta were deeply grateful. In addition, generous praise was sent to the students who fought to stop the attack of the monsters and to the Duke’s Daughter, Irene Lauren D’Autriche, the fiancé of Crown Prince Claude, who led the attack.

Herewith, Crown Prince Claude reiterated that both monsters and humans were the subject that he should protect and this attitude was a major step forward in promoting the ambiguous relationship between monsters and humans.  

The fact that Ashtart’s true identity was not a monster but a 17-year-old girl named Selena Gilbert, and had killed herself in suicide, had a considerable impact on people. However, the announcement that there was a person who was the Milchetta Young Lord amongst the students who had fought against the monsters and that his uncle had been aiming for his life for many years because that young lord was a half-monster was more shocking and also a turning point in history.  

Hence, one matter about Ashtart was to be handed down to the people as the beginning of the history of rebuilding of the Principality in which Ashtart, the young lord, who was about to be falsely accused obtained the cooperation of the Demon King and rose to the crisis of his homeland. 

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  1. Avatar Truth says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!! However, just wow……. Irene, you really took the heart of the second game’s final boss as well. Not to mention, you did the same for all the other capture targets…..

    Still, I can’t help but feel sorry for James now. He finally falls in love and was saved, but the one he fell in love with was the fiance of the crowned prince. Fate can be cruel.

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