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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 33 (Unedited)

Experienced another disappointing news. I didn’t pass my job interview. Currently, nursing a broken heart and decided to post ALL of the unedited chapters and be done with  vol. 2 main arc. 

P/s: Suggestions to improve this translation will be highly appreciated and I do not guarantee the accuracy of my translation

Translated by: Empress ||

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 33 (Unedited)

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 33 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

Dress: check, Makeup: check, Claude’s taste: check. 

Perfectly armed, Irene walked straight into the palace that had been transformed into an ice castle. Strangely, Irene didn’t feel cold. Ice pillars and the floor reflected the sun and shone beautifully. Ice flowers were blooming in the garden, and everything was so beautiful like the time had stopped for them. 

Keith and Beelzebub led the way to her just a step ahead, and behind her, for some reason, everyone trailed after her. There were not only Isaac and the others, who were familiar with Claude, but also James and the others. Rachel, who had injured her foot, also came along with Irene with her unsteady steps. 

All of them were worried about her, even though they insisted that they had nothing to do with her matter and Claude. But Irene also couldn’t throw away the possibility that they were just being curious onlookers. 

(The timing is just right, though. I want to introduce everyone to Claude-sama properly ……but after securing my safety!)

Having this many comrades with her, she could even win against the Demon King, probably. 

「This is it, Irene-sama」

Irene found herself looking up in front of the double doors. Shut, beyond that thin ice, was the Lord――Claude.  

As she pursed her lips, the door opened by itself.

Frost covered the reception hall. Irene took a step on the thick ice floor. Carefully as to prevent doing something shameful such as falling down.  

「You’re finally here. I’m getting tired of waiting」

Said Claude while sitting on the chair on the platform, just like a Demon King welcoming a hero.

There was a broad smile on his beautiful face with his elbow supported by a vermillion-colored cushion with gold thread embroidery. 

「I think I would be sad if there’s nothing is inside of it soon」


「I-Irene-sama!It’s done!Although it’s a bit simple!」

Donny innocently waved from the wall of Claude’s right hand. There was a beautiful prison made of ice behind him.  

It has been completed. 

Donny rushed over to the amazed Irene with flushed cheeks. 

「It’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s an ice prison! It’s my collaborative work with Demon King. I’m so excited to be able to make something like this……I’ve spent the whole night to make it!」

「I……I see……in other words, I need to go inside……?」

「Please get in. It will absolutely suit you!」

「……。Donny. You come here for a bit」

Jasper dragged the high-spirited Donny while grimacing. As expected from the eldest, he knew how to read the situation better than anyone else’s did at times like this.   

The door of the ice prison opened as Claude snapped his fingers. When Irene looked up at Claude, who was on the platform silently, her eyes were met with his scrutinizing red eyes. Get in was what his eyes told her to do. 

「――I-I am not a criminal, Claude-sama」

「I know. You’re my dear fiancee」

「Then I have to refuse」

「You are important to me. That’s why I only end up pampering you. This time I regretted it since doing that isn’t good」

「I-I won’t get i――」

Suddenly there was a sound of an explosion and the wall at the opposite side of the prison, was blown off. 

Claude glance at it with a frown. 

「Ah, sorry. I’ve lost control over my emotions a little. If I were to be negligence, an explosion would have happened here and there」

「……I-is that……so……」

「Can you, please don’t say something selfish, Irene. The fate of the world is at stake」

Since when was the world came to bear every single one of Irene’s actions?

In front of Irene, who was at her wits’ end, Claude, who was crossing his legs, had his lips drawn an arc. 

「――Or should I make you cry seriously?」

Irene’s cheeks became stiff. Claude, who stood up slowly, smiled without hiding his joy. 

「What kind of face will you make if I were to hurt you to pieces and then trample you beneath my feet when you’re in despair? Will you beg for my forgiveness? Or will you look at me with hatred? It’s irresistible just by imagining it」

「I-I’ve refused things to go into that direction over and over again!」

「Unfortunately, I won’t listen to that. I am the Demon King」

「Please, take my words seriously!」

「It’s alright, I’ll treasure you even if my heart breaks. I’ll tend to you personally every day. Comb that beautiful hair, put you on different dresses every day, and I’ll also wash every nook and corner of your body」

There was a smile on Claude’s lips, but his red eyes shown that he was being serious. Perhaps he was unable to control his emotions because a disquieting wind was blowing suspiciously. A Demon King through and through. 

Biting her lips firmly, Irene took a step forward. 

「――I will not apologize for this time’s matter!」

Claude’s smile disappeared. He was looking down at Irene with a serious look on his face, but Irene held up her head high. 

「I did the right thing as someone who will become your wife」

「Like deceiving me?」

「T-that’s――I do think that maybe I could’ve done that differently, but……But, I was worried about you!」

Irene determinedly walked to where Claude was while grabbing the hem of her dress. 

「――I was worried!But, Claude-sama was the one who didn’t listen to me!」


「Th-the thing called magic incense is a sweet aphrodisiac for the monsters……I knew that it might exist! That’s why I’m scared. What if the magic incense were to be effective on you……And then, it’d be like Cedric-sama all over again……」

Irene became uneasy just by imagining it. She bit her lips so she won’t be flooded by such emotions any more than that.  

Claude reseated himself on the chair with a thud. At the same time, Irene could hear him breathe a long and deep sigh.


「What is it, My Lord?」

「Am I soft?」

「Why are you asking it now? You’re smitten, My Lord」

「Bel.――Your opinion」

「As the King’s wish. We will obey it」

「……Be that as it may, but it seemed like even the other monsters had deceived me?」

「Demon King-sama……can I say something……?」

Almond only let out his face from Irene’s shadow. He shifted his attention to Claude and hastily spoke. 

「Irene, worried, it’s true。……I’m sorry, for deceiving you……」


「Ev, everyone, regret. Don’t throw us away……」

「A-Almond and the others are only doing what I told them to do. They didn’t do anything bad, Claude-sa――!」

Claude pulled Irene, who was in the middle of her speech, towards himself, who was sitting on a chair and dropped her on top of his lap.  

「I will judge whether they are good or bad. I’m the King」

He was right. Irene swallowed back her words. Almond also looked dejected. 

Claude looked over to Isaac and the others, who had stood still for a while in the guest room while embracing Irene’s waist. 

「All of you come along with her means that there’s something that all of you want to say to me. Say it」

「I am so tired being dragged into something. Don’t just try to control her, hold on to her reins properly instead. It’s the Demon King-sama’s fault in that respect」

The first to answer Claude with such was Isaac. Luc nodded while voicing out his agreement 

「Because Irene-sama isn’t someone who can obediently listen to what people say after all」

「Ahーyeah, that might be true? Demon King-sama, you must not let your eyes off of her」

「……。It’s impossible for us. We ask for a proper control like a Demon King will do」

「Well, speaking from Oji-san, who has a lot of experience in life, I can at least laugh at and forgive Irene Ojou-sama’s runaway habit. She’s a woman with a manly caliber. Prince Cedric just couldn’t do that」

「Hey everyone, stop saying all you want to say! And what do you mean by runaway habit!?」

「……I see」

Claude burst into laughter close to Irene’s ears when she yelled in indignation. 

「Surely your opinion is correct. It is my oversight。――My fiance had inconvenienced all of you」

「Wai……Claude-sama! Inconvenience? Are you referring to me?」

「The monsters also had a hard time. They often have to take care of my fiancee」


It was as if Irene was the only one who caused trouble for the people around her. But, Almond jumped at Claude with great joy. 

「Demon King-sama! Demon King-sama, not angry!?」

「Yeah. Almond, good boy. Tell everyone else that I’m no longer angry」


Almond’s figure vanished from sight with the snapped of Claude’s fingers. At the same time, the ice melted from the hall with sparkling light.

Irene looked at the fantastic sight, forgetting her anger. It was like the moment where black magic was being broken. 

「But, I’m going to punish you. Plentily, later」

Claude slowly expressed a mean smile. His words coupled with his romantic whispering caused Irene to reflexively try to escape from him, but Claude firmly grabbed on her waist with no intention to release it. 

「――This is a farce. No problems have been solved」

James spat out as the grains of lights became sparse. Auguste tilted his head to the side in confusion.  

「James? What’s going on?」

「Demon King. It seems like you haven’t noticed, but I am a half-monster――What are you going to do if I told you that I’m Ashtart?」

Claude turned his eyes towards James, who was looking at him defiantly, and the eyes of the two last bosses crossed.


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  1. Avatar witchbutterfly says:


    James, I’m telling you, DON’T CHALLENGE THE KING!

  2. Avatar Wanderer says:

    I’m not sure if it’s a translation error or I’m just misunderstanding – she said the incense is like an aphrodisiac for monsters, but wasn’t that the case for humans instead? Monsters just lose their minds and become hyper-aggressive. Claud is also (technically) fully human so it shouldn’t effect him the way it does monsters.

    1. Avatar Empress says:

      Now that you mention it… Hold on lemme check the raw. LOL. Yup, it says “魔物にとって、甘い媚薬のようなものがあって”<– sweet aphrodisiac for monsters. I guess it's the author mistake???

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