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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 3 (Part 2)

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody

Vol.2 Ch. 3 (Part 2)

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 3 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

This guy was a Demon King. Perhaps everyone was having a similar thought, so they secretly looked away; Isaac then muttered. 

「That is, in other words, he’s going to pressure them, isn’t he?」

「I’m going to listen to them first. After all, they’re still properly keeping my will that is――Don’t hurt humans」

「As I thought, the reason why there are no casualties is because of that after all」

「That’s what I thought. But I don’t know why the monsters from Milchetta don’t heed my calls……Anyway, it’s up to me to find Ashtart」

「Then, I’m coming to Milchetta with Claude-sama as well」

It was just a place. I can’t help but think about its relationship with the game.

(If the game has begun, Milchetta will be destroyed so I can’t leave it alone. Also, I can’t think of this situation as a mere coincidence…)

For some reason at that time, her former love rival, the one Irene had snatched her Holy Sword from, came into Irene’s mind. In the sequel, the Maiden of the Holy Sword, Lilia Rainsworth, will come and save the Principality of Milchetta in response to the protagonist’s wish. 

「You can’t because the one who’s being targeted is you」(Claude)

「I have the Holy Sword with me, you know. The monsters are no match for me」

「We should consider that Ashtart understands that as well. In other words, he may be instigating humans to set off after you」(Claude)

「A monster has such functional wisdom!?」(Irene)

Keith bursted into laughter at Irene’s genuine surprise. Claude continued to talk indifferently. 

「There are also monsters with good intellect. That’s why it’s better if you stay in the Imperial Capital. There’s also no guarantee that there will be no humans targeting you in Milchetta. Moreover, it’s the hometown of the Maiden of the Holy Sword. We don’t know how Lilia Rainsworth, the woman you snatched away her Holy Sword from, will deal with you」

Keith then followed along with Claude’s short warning.

「Moreover, I heard it’s a land that’s famous with its rampant female discrimination. Perhaps, that place will give you nightmares」

「Also, the power of D’Autriche Ducal House is more prominent in the Imperial Capital, I personally agree with Demon King-samaー」(Isaac)


「Isn’t it a bad move to fight in an unknown place? Besides, you have a lot of things to do in the Imperial Capital as the anonymous president of the Oberon Company」(Isaac)

「Yeah. That’s exactly why I want to ask you to be my representative while I’m away――It’s alright, I’ll come back immediately」(Claude)

「Claude-same can easily say that because you can teleport, but……!」(Irene)

Although she was the one who’s being targeted, Irene couldn’t understand why they said it was okay for her not to do anything.

(Besides, if I’m not mistaken, in the sequel, a『magic incense』will appear at the Misha Academy……!)

The magic incense was a secret medicine that would call upon monsters with its smell and cause them to lose their reasoning if it were to be inhaled. A large number of monsters would become ferocious and go wild. 

If humans were to use it, their spirits would be enhanced, hence enabling them to move like a superhuman; and, it also had an aphrodisiac-like effect—anyway, it’s a troublesome thing. 

If such a thing were to be used on Claude-sama…

(Isn’t that a Last Boss in the making once again!? No, even if he doesn’t become a monster, the aphrodisiac……With this face and this body, if he does that kind of thing……!)

No. He could be the wicked Demon King having women from all over the world to serve upon him. 

I absolutely have to prevent it from happening. 

「Claude-sama. As I thought, I can’t leave that lewd face of yours alone」

「Lew……Where did that come from?」

It was dangerous because despite trying to endure a headache, his visage still looked beautiful. Irene puffed up her chest with pride. 

「I’m coming as well」(Irene)

「I said no. It’s dangerous」(Claude)

「I’m sure I’ll be of service!」(Irene)

「If you want to be helpful to me, stay here obediently」(Claude)

That way of talking was unfair. Irene bit her lips. 

I don’t need your help. Claude declared with the same intensity at the same time.

「I will not bring you along with us. Or will you, the future Empress, disobey the future Emperor’s decision?」


This wasn’t good. Right now, at this place, she didn’t have enough reason to convince Claude. 

Even if she managed to convince them that this was a game, she herself didn’t know what was going to happen. So, she couldn’t explain anything. Also, the only thing that became a problem was the existence of a character that didn’t exist in the game, Ashtart.

However, what would happen if this situation was somewhat similar to the game, and the magic incense was going to be used on the Last Boss for the sequel? 

That’s right, there was a Last Boss even in the sequel. The Last Boss who had used the magic incense on the monsters and had them attacked Milchetta and destroyed the region was――

「I’ll leave with Keith tomorrow. Keith, the arrangement…」(Claude)


「……Does that mean, both of you will leave via teleportation?」(Irene)

「Yeah, it is better to be faster」

Everything was possible. However, if she were to misread the situation it could be a fatal mistake. Irene sucked in a deep breath. 

「……I understood」

「……Do you finally understand? Truly?」

Irene smiled at her clever fiance. 

「Yes. Claude-sama is someone who can’t understand the woman’s heart just because he can do anything including teleportation」

Claude frowned. Keith blinked his eyes while Isaac raised his voice in an alarm, but he managed to muffle it in time. 

「That’s why you don’t understand how I, who was left behind, felt every time we met」

「……I don’t think so, though…」

「Claude-sama. I asked Claude-sama to bring me along with you. But, Claude-sama turned me down. I want Claude-sama to feel the weight of that decision」

Claude blatantly showed the look of wariness of his face. 

「You are not allowed to use teleportation to meet me while you’re acting as the Proxy Lord of Milchetta. Let’s keep the normal human sense of distance between us」

「……Is that your way of taking revenge?」

「It’s a test for lovers who are going to be apart」

Irene then made a declaration with her best smile. 

「If a situation in which Claude-sama is unable to keep this promise occur, I’ll consider breaking my engagement with you」

After a beat, a lightning suddenly flashed in the evening sky. 

The Demon King’s emotions would have an influence on the surrounding in a form of abnormal weather. 

However, even if a tornado were to hit the earth or if the ground were to split into two, the stubborn Irene had no intention to concede.

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