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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 3 (Part 1)

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody

Vol.2 Ch. 3 (Part 1)

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 3 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

『We will not acknowledge the likes of a Demon King who fell for the Maiden of the Holy Sword』

『First, present the head of the Maiden of the Holy Sword to us. Otherwise, our next target will be the Lord of Milchetta』

――Those were the quick announcement delivered to the imperial palace along with an attack on the small village in the Principality of Milchetta. 

Fortunately, there were no casualties since the population of the attacked village was small, and the worst injury following the attack was the scratches on the children when they were running away from the assault. However, that alone isn’t a problem. 

The monsters were attacking humans. Against the Demon King’s will. This fact would bring about a greater shock. 

One of the considerations for reinstating Claude as the Crown Prince despite his position as the Demon King was his ability to control the monsters. And now, all of sudden it had become the greatest stumbling block. During the time when Claude must show his ability as the Crown Prince, the plan for making the Demon King as supposedly unproblematic suddenly stood in their way. 

This situation would draw heavy criticism from those who wanted Claude to give up the Crown Prince position or to put it bluntly, from the people in Cedric’s faction who wanted to reinstate Cedric as the Crown Prince.

「I’ll pass emergency legislation about public support in the event of monsters attack」

That was Claude’s first speech in the office after receiving the news. He called out to Isaac, Keith, and Irene while looking at them in that exact order.

「If I become the Emperor, everything about the monsters will become the country’s responsibility. Irene, give this draft to Prime Minister D’Autriche. I still can’t pass this at my own discretion」

「Father will not pass a draft written meant to protect only the monsters」

Claude easily took care of Irene’s concern.

「This draft also includes the protection of humans by the monsters」

Irene gasped, and then, she firmly nodded her head to the man who had once proposed to never let the monsters out of the barrier. 

Claude had been holding himself back from interfering with the humans’ affair using the peace treaty. However, if Claude were to become the Emperor, Claude’s protection couldn’t be limited to only the monsters. Now that the monsters had attacked the humans in reality, without a guarantee of protection from the monsters, it would be hard for Claude to gain appreciation from the human race.  

「It would be hard for the Ministers Office to be thorough with the aids while waiting for the legislation by today. Since there are a lot of children and the elderly at the attacked village, Oberon Company will deliver aid materials such as food and blankets to them. Isaac」

「That has been arranged. Luc and Quartz have taken out the stockpile of medicine while Donny has started undertaking the reconstruction operation by going together with the relief unit to the scene. The old ma――Jasper, is addressing a collection of funds and relief supplies for the civilian. That’s right, can we borrow the monsters to be the employees of the Oberon Company?」

「I don’t mind。It’s a matter of course」

Isaac whistled and complimented Claude. 

「You’ve become flexible, haven’t you? Demon King-sama」

「I’ve assigned both Beelzebub and Almond to guard the village」


Isaac held himself back from saying more while making a complicated expression. He must’ve been worried about the impending friction that would happen with the villagers. Irene also wanted to say something, but she remained tight-lipped. 

Claude must have expected that kind of response.  

「Both Bel and Almond are fine」

「……You’re right. I’ve already trained them, if they make a blunder, I’m going to punish them」

「Then, that’s it for the emergency countermeasure――」

「No, not yet. I’ve been having a discussion with the Emperor to let me be the proxy Lord for the Principality of Milchetta」

Claude’s remark startled them. However, Keith let out a strained laugh as if he had anticipated it.   

「And then, Claude-sama will personally arrest Ashtart. Well, that’s the best way to stop a blunder」

「But, will that still be okay!? I heard that this disturbance had caused the Lord of the Principality of Milchetta to be bedridden though……」

While speaking, there was another uneasiness swelling inside her mind. 

(Moreover, Principality of Milchetta is where the Misha Academy, the place for the “Holy and Devil’s Regalia 2” is located, isn’t it?……Is this a coincidence?)

The otome game called “Holy and Devil’s Regalia” that she played in her previous world was made into a series—despite its rough setting and unreasonable stories—because its CGs and its voice CDs were selling quite nicely. In other words, it had a sequel. It was quite popular since the side stories and Fan Discs were also produced.   

Although Irene’s past life memories were quite vague, she roughly remembered playing the second installment with its unpleasant subtitles saying 『~Kingdom of Destruction and Maiden of Salvation~』. 

(The story was about the monsters who had lost the Demon King, and they ended up destroying the Principality of Milchetta…Wait, isn’t that bad news?)

The situation was similar, but this time,  Claude is still alive.

Besides, right now, if the monsters were to destroy the Principality of Milchetta, it’ll be Crown Prince Claude’s fault. The surmise future of having the monsters and humans to at least coexist with each other would be rather dark and distant.

「The truth is, Cedric has given his approval, and the groundwork has been established except for the formalities」

「Cedric-sama did?」

If he wanted to be the Crown Prince again, it would be a good idea for Cedric to lay low. It was too suspicious of him to support Claude’s movement to patch things up instead of preventing him.  

「Ashtart demands your head in exchange for the safety of the Lord of Milchetta……aren’t you just worried about your former fiance?」

Claude then added curtly. Irene furrowed her eyebrows in displeasure.

「That’s impossible」

「……Then, let’s do it this way. Anyway, if I become the lord, I can deal with the attack or whatever it is Ashtart going to do. This is a temporary measure until we manage to apprehend Ashtart. That’s why there are only a few oppositions. The draft is sure going to be passed. That’ll show the Demon King’s stance very clearly that the Demon King truly has no intention to be hostile to human beings」

「Well, that’s certainly the very best plan……so wait, I mean, what kind of monster is Ashtart?」

Speaking of which, there should’ve been no monster called Ashtart in the game.

(Then, as I thought, perhaps this has nothing to do with the game……?)

It’s dangerous to immediately rush to a decision. Carefully, Irene attentively listened to the information. 

「No matter how many times I call the monsters from Milchetta, there is no response and there’s no intel from them at all. Since he can write a letter, he should be a humanoid type of monster similar to Bel, possessing high intelligence. The writing style in the declaration is quite decent, perhaps the monsters from Milchetta may be following him」

「They rebelled because they possessed intelligence. So, Claude-sama. What are you going to do after you capture the monster called Ashtart? Depending on how you’ll deal with it, it will probably become a hindrance in your way to being the future emperor though」

「I want to respect the monsters’ autonomy. I’ve never thought of forcing the monsters that don’t want to obey me」


Irene knew that Claude, who used to be expelled from the society, treasured the monsters greatly. So, the moment when Irene wanted to persuade him that things are different and should be dealt with accordingly, Claude smiled.

「――But, that autonomy should remain within the range that I tolerate」

A cruel smile from the devilishly beautiful face caused them to swallow their spit loudly. 

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