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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 29 (Unedited)

Experienced another disappointing news. I didn’t pass my job interview. Currently, nursing a broken heart and decided to post ALL of the unedited chapters and be done with  vol. 2 main arc. 

P/s: Suggestions to improve this translation will be highly appreciated and I do not guarantee the accuracy of my translation

Translated by: Empress ||

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 29 (Unedited)

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 29 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

As if being choked by the sweet smell, Walt shouted urgently.

「Everyone, get out of the venue! This is poison!」

Someone screamed. That venue fell into chaos when all of the students rushed to the door at the same time, but it was important to make them leave the place as soon as possible. If the amount inhaled was in a small quantity, it would not become something addictive and had little effect on the human body. Kyle also shouted loudly to stir them up. 

「Run away quickly and don’t breathe it in! You’ll die!」

「President James……!」

Irene hastily supported James, who was staggering after being pushed by the wave of people.

The moment Irene’s hand came in contact with his body, she knew the Holy Sword inside of Irene’s body that was created to kill monsters reacted. 

The dense smoke of the magic incense went towards James as if targeting him. 

Irene shouted with her hand placed on James’s chest. 

「President James, please get a hold of yourse――」

There was a sound as if something breaking came from James’s body whose eyes were unfocused

Horns and wings were growing. There was as if something was biting and tearing him from inside. 

His skin changed its color, and his nails turned into an utterly impossible shape for humans. 

He firmly brushed off Irene’s hand as if refusing her help. 

(Purification――I can’t, I won’t make it!)

He was becoming a monster. 

Irene grasped tightly the hand that had been brushed off by James. 

The Holy Sword inside Irene was urging her to let it out. 

To kill the monster. 

「So, it’s you, President James」

A delighted voice resounded in the ballroom after the students had fled. 

Irene bit her lips. Auguste, who was next to Selena, spoke with a trembling voice. 

「……James……You, that……」

His thin voice resounded awfully loud. 

James’s body moved with a twitch. As if he was frightened. 

At the same time, Irene’s ears picked up the sound of guns being prepared. It was Walt and Kyle who were at the back. 

「Please stop it, Walt-senpai, Kyle-senpai!」

Walt and Kyle responded mechanically to Irene, who stood in front of James with her arms spread open.  

「I’ll kill the monster」

「That’s our job, Airi-chan」

――Even if the target was their friends. 

That small murmur was drowned out by Selena’s sneer. 

「That’s right! It’ll be fine, Auguste. Both Kyle-senpai and Walt-senpai are our allies. Because they are here to kill the monster」


Selena excitedly said to Auguste, who was in a daze, perhaps still unable to understand the situation. 

「From the very beginning, they entered the academy to kill the monster. They’ve been waiting for an opportunity to kill him」

Walt and Kyle turned around to face them.  And at the same time, they kept their mouth shut as if they had swallowed something bitter. 

Selena alone spoke merrily――just like a believer receiving a divine revelation. 

「Now, kill the monster quickly, Auguste! And then you’ll become the Holy Knight. I’m going to help you as well, and everyone going to attack him too! That’s why I’ve been working so hard in doing for a lot of things」

There was an enemy in front of them, and yet, not a single person in the ballroom moved. 

Amidst that, James staggeringly stood up. 

「I see, I」

James looked at Irene for just a moment. 

There was something similar to self-deprecation, and despair dwelled in his eyes. 

「Have you――Have all of you been deceiving me?」

「You’re wro……」

His laughter, similar to a roar, caused a shock wave that blew the venue to small pieces. 

Irene, who was also being blown away, held her breath before colliding with the wall that had become rubble. 

Meanwhile, the sound of gunshot reverberated through the air. It was also mixed with the screams of the students who were running away outside. James, Walt, and Kyle had started to fight. 

「Hold o――Wai……っ!」

「Airi, are you okay?」

Auguste rushed over to help Irene up. Selena, who was at a distance, cried out. 

「What the heck is this? This is the worst! Auguste, hurry up and take out the Holy Sword and kill him」

「Y……You’re so friggin’ weird! I don’t understand what you mean by the Holy Sword and such!」

「It’ll be fine because you can do it, Auguste」

Selena smilingly placed her trust on him. That was weird even with her game’s knowledge.

(The Holy Sword is only lent to Auguste by Lilia. It wasn’t something he owned, and yet……)

Leaving that aside, Irene needed to focus on James.

The magic incense seemed to have been scattered by the last blow. 

Then there was still a chance for purification――As long as James yet had his consciousness!

「Walt-senpai, Kyle-senpai, President James! Please stop it, all the three of you!」

James turned his red eyes to Irene. Then he went directly towards Irene. 

There were no emotions in his eyes. 

Irene thrust Auguste away after seeing a sharp, long, pointed claws, drawing near them. 


「James, you……!」

「Stop Walt. Don’t shoot. You’re going to hit Airi――!」

Irene felt heat ran diagonally on top of her chest. 

When James saw on top of Irene’s uniform and the cloth that wrapped around Irene’s chest, he recovered his facial expression. 

「A wo, man……!?」

Irene grabbed his wrist the moment his movement stopped. She shouted. 

「Go back to normal, James!」

There was an explosion of light from Irene’s hand that was supposed to be gripping the Holy Sword. James roared like a beast. 

Irene stood firm in her tattered clothes at the center of the storm. Her wig blown away carelessly, and her shining blonde hair flows behind her. 

「Let me go. Let me go, let me go, let me goooo!!」

James screamed and began to act violently.

His emotions flow into Irene with the repulsion that refused the purification from their connected hands. 

Being pursued, sipping on the muddy water, afraid to die, and sleepless nights. Cowering on his knees, thinking that he was probably going to die like this. Why do I have to be killed? There must be somewhere, someplace that he could belong. Live proudly. Because his parents died for that sake. 

But he knew. He, who could not be a human or a monster, was surely had no place to belong. 

(You can’t. You can’t kill him――Holy Sword!)

The Holy Sword meant to kill monsters wanted to manifest against Irene’s will. 

But it couldn’t. Even the Demon King would be obliterated in an instant if he were to touch the Holy Sword. There would be no remained of him left for the likes of James. 

「Let me go! Why do I have to be killed?!」

「I told you I would protect you! Trust me!」

James widened his eyes. 

Irene, who was reflected in his eyes, told him. 

「I will not forgive you if you’re just going to be killed here as a monster! You said you have no place to belong? Then stay by my side!」

I am the woman who will become the Demon King’s wife. I will not lose to the likes of a Holy Sword――Never!

「Trust me and accept me, James!!」

The blinding light was swallowed into James’s body. 

The black wings on his back burst as grains of light. 

Irene released his hand as soon as she exhaled. 


Auguste supported Irene, who fell on her back, without hesitation. 

Irene, with hazy eyes, checked on James’s figure whose collapsed in the opposite direction. The horns on his head were gone, and his wings were also gone. It appeared that he had turned back to normal. 

(Thank god……To think that he’s more difficult to deal with than Claude-sama who had become a dragon……)

It must be because they had a different constitution. Claude was wholly human, but James, with his body half-monster, could easily become a monster――As expected from the second last boss would be one way to say it. 

「……I’m fine. James is a lot worse than me……」

「Airi-chan……Who the heck――」

「What did you do?……And that appearance is」

Walt and Kyle looked at Irene puzzledly. When she looked at herself, her blonde hair was flowing smoothly. 

That was when Irene realized for the first time that she had turned back to normal. 

Irene was wondering whether she should deceive them or not. But would they be fooled in the first place? 

But, before she could make that decision, there was the sound of someone shouting.

「What’s……this. What the heck is this!?」

At her shrill voice, everyone in that place turned their attention towards Selena.


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