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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 27 (Unedited)

Experienced another disappointing news. I didn’t pass my job interview. Currently, nursing a broken heart and decided to post ALL of the unedited chapters and be done with  vol. 2 main arc. 

P/s: Suggestions to improve this translation will be highly appreciated and I do not guarantee the accuracy of my translation

Translated by: Empress ||

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 27 (Unedited)

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 27 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

Rachel stood by the wall of the venue while feeling some sense of defeat when looking intently at that figure who was dancing beautifully in ‘her’ perfect dress. 

「To think he could perfectly pass off as a woman when he is in women’s clothing……Airi-sama is truly amazing……」

Even having James and Auguste, who were very popular in the academy, as ‘her’ partner, ‘she’ didn’t drag them down by a step. Rather, they were ‘her’ stepping stone. 

In fact, there were envious gazes thrown at the student council members. There were many of those gazes that implied they wanted to dance with ‘her’ not with James and the others. 

Thanks to that, there weren’t many gazes that gathered at Rachel than she expected. 

But, there were still some words that could reach Rachel’s ears. 

「――Hey, did you hear?They say that Selena-sama has been pushed off……」

「By that girl, right?」

When Rachel was thinking that the rumors which had been spread around before she realized was not as painful as she had been prepared for――there was a male student leaned his back against the wall next to her with a thud. 


「Do you want to drink?」

Isaac offered Rachel a glass of juice. She accepted it obediently. 

「Thank you very much」

「Why are you here? You’re injured, aren’t you? You should be staying indoors」

Rachel huffed to his cold manner of speaking.

「I want to leave, but I feel frustrated. I didn’t do anything bad, and yet」


「――Because I hate eating losses」

Rachel wouldn’t say to whom, but it seemed like she was able to communicate it properly. Isaac made a sound of understanding in reply. 

(I wonder why did I think this kind of person cool)

Because he could captivate other people’s attention effortlessly. Rachel was surprised with herself when it only took him that to make her admire him. 

The matter about being cool wasn’t something that superficial. 

「……Airi-sama is so cool, isn’t he?」

Irene didn’t tell her that she was doing it for Rachel’s sake. But, Rachel received strength from the figure over there. Rachel thought she wanted to be someone like that. 

「Setting aside whether or not he’s cool, he’s going to be the White Lily Princess. I’m glad」

「……Although he’s a guy, he’s more beautiful than me……」

「Oh……You don’t have to worry about that or maybe you have to……?」

「But, becoming that sort of woman is my dream. I will not feel down. I’m going to be diligence」

Isaac scratched his cheek with his finger.

「……Do it moderation, then. Okay, I have a guard’s job to do. There’s only three of us left……」

「Ah, you’re right. There are five of them who are going to dance……」

Rachel’s gaze dropped while talking. Rachel couldn’t become the sixth person. 

(I’ve also sprained my ankle……)

She should have gathered her courage and invited him from the beginning. 

If she did that, even if they couldn’t dance, she wouldn’t have regretted it this much. 

「……Please do your best. Airi-sama rely on Isaac-san after all」

「He didn’t really rely on me, you know」

Rachel looked at him in bewilderment. Then Issac smiled bitterly.

「You know, long ago. I couldn’t invite a girl whose partner didn’t come; thus she ended up all alone being a wallflower. That girl is like the current you being told with a lot of things, but she didn’t even cry and kept her composure, and I, on the other hand, lose my courage. What a loser, right?」

「……Uh……uh, umm, whose story……」

「It was my story. I only have my wits, but I can’t take action when it matters」

「Th――that is not true!」

Rachel raised her voice without her realizing it. Isaac turned around to look at her as if surprised by her outburst. 

「I-Isaac-san did take a lot of actions for my friend and me! You can properly help people who need help when they need it. That is a very difficult thing to do!」

Even now he stood next to Rachel to obstruct  the line of sight of those gossipers, so there was no way that that kind of guy would be a loser. Feeling strangely upset, Rachel stared intensely at Isaac. 

「That person just didn’t need help at that time. You just figured that out, right? Isaac-san is――」

He probably wanted to help that person regardless of that. 

At that moment when she realized that her chest felt heavy as if she had just swallowed a lead. She ended up cast her eyes down. But, she then raised her face in a moment of clarity. She thought that perhaps that was what’s cool about him. 

「You are cool! Please be proud of yourself!」


Isaac nodded his head as if feeling overawed. He blinked his eyes many times to Rachel who were breathing heavily, but he eventually burst into a small laughter. 

「Thank you. I feel better」

Isaac left after giving her a soft smile. After that, her mind was filled with embarrassment. 

(I, I, what have I……I’m so embarrassed……!)

「――Eh, it’s Rachel-chan. Why are you in your uniform even though it’s a ball」

Rachel immediately became clear-headed at that voice. 


「Ah, is it perhaps your dress was ripped or something? But, if you do a few arrangements, it’d be wearable. See」

Selena lightly waved the white dress to show it to her after saying that. Without bothering to care about the inquiring glances that were thrown to them, Rachel expressed an insincere smile to Selena. 

「I-I think it’s very lovely……Umm, do you need something from me?」

「I’m worried that you’ll become a wallflower while you are in your uniform」

Rachel peered into Selena’s look when she said that. Rachel’s expression was reflected in that pair of eyes. 

(Worried?――Yeah right. You just want to see me feeling bitter)

Because then, Selena would be immersed in the feeling of victory. 

Rachel clenched her fist then made up a smile. 

「 I’m alright. I have the guard’s job after all」

「……Hmmm, really? Well, maybe that’s ok too. I’m thinking of going out now」

「Eh? But the White Lili Princess’s selection is still……」

「The White Lily Princess is that girl, right? I don’t know who she is, though」

There was a young lady who bloomed lively at the direction Selena pointed out with her chin. 

「Do you know who brought her here?」


「But when I think about it properly, White Lily Princess title is just rubbish. And it doesn’t seem like Claude-sama is going to come as well. That’s why I think if they want that title, have at it」


「Besides. I have more important job to do. D-do you know where Auguste is?」

 「He said he wants some fresh air, so it seems like he went out a little while ago……」

 Rachel told Selena with some discomfort and the latter gave a sound of acknowledgment in reply. 

 「Bye Rachel-san. Enjoy the ball」

 Selena was laughing at Rachel who could only become a wallflower in her school uniform with her her sprained ankle. Rachel suck a breath at her laughter that was oozing with a sense of superiority. 

 「――It would embarrassing if they announced it in front of everyone that you can’t be the White Lily Princess」

 Selena’s smile vanished. Rachel looked straight into her eyes and smiled. 

 「I understand that feeling. If I were in your position, I’ll probably run away as well」

 Selena probably would have never thought that Rachel would fight back. Her gaze that was filled with anger of being bitten by a person whom she thought beneath her was pierced into Rachel, but Rachel accepted it with a facade. 

 Rachel won’t let her get away while thinking she was the winner.

 Soon, Selena replied with a small answer. 

「……I’m glad that you understand」

Selena left with an angry walk. Then, Rachel breathed out a sigh of relief. 

Rachel didn’t know whether or not she had won. But, it was about time she stopped getting her butt kicked.

(……Yes. I did my best――Next time, I’ll be able to invite Isaac-san as well. I’m sure)

She would summon her courage. She would be cool like that person on the stage. 

「――Then I am going to announce this year’s White Lily Princess. This year’s White Lily Princess title goes to entry number seven!」

That person too must be trying hard to win as if it were a matter of course.

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