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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 26 (Unedited)

Experienced another disappointing news. I didn’t pass my job interview. Currently, nursing a broken heart and decided to post ALL of the unedited chapters and be done with  vol. 2 main arc. 

P/s: Suggestions to improve this translation will be highly appreciated and I do not guarantee the accuracy of my translation

Translated by: Empress ||

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 26 (Unedited)

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 26 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

Every step taken needed to be as light as an angel. The posture must not be broken, no matter how heavy the dress felt. Always kept an elegant smile on lips, be aware of everything even until the fingertips, and the eyes must never be averted. 

Irene could naturally do something that had been seared to her very core even if she had been pretending to be a guy for a long time. 

Irene could attract the attention of everyone in the venue to her effortlessly. 

Although it was a prestigious school, the local school festival was a playground for students. They were not a match for Irene who had competed ruthlessly in the genuine high society at the center of the country.  

Not to mention, to the likes of someone who could only resort to a shrewd means like pushing a candidate down the stairs. 

「You are……Umm, someone, I haven’t seen before, but……」

「Members of the judge. Please take care of me for this evening」

Without revealing anything about her identity, Irene smiled and perfectly curtsied. 

 Sounds of admiration spilled from the judges, Lily’s Ladies, at Irene’s curtsy that seemed overshadowed the role model. 

 「Oh my……the seventh young lady curtsied beautifully, isn’t she?」

 「Thank you very much, Lady Royce. I have studied your book. 『The Lady’s Knowledge』is extremely easy to understand and I enjoyed reading it」

「O-Oh my. I’m impressed that you’ve read my book」

「Lady Ziel, this is our first time meeting. I heard that you wore this dress at the evening party the other day, so I imitate it. Do I look weird?」

Irene gently spread the dress that she had borrowed then modified from Rachel.

「Yes, yes. It suits you perfectly. You’re making arrangements around your waist to emphasize it, aren’t you?」

「Oh dear, so you’ve noticed! I’m happy. Professor Gotham, nice to meet you too. I’ve read a thesis concerning women’s rights. I’d love to hear your opinion regarding it」

「What an impressive young lady. What is it that you want to hear?」

「Yes. I always think that in order to improve women’s status, they must first need to have a right to vote――」

Irene politely greeted and exchanged conversation with them one by one while smiling. Perhaps there were only a handful of students who could pull off this level of favorable impression. 

(Even that Lilia-sama was good at making publicity stunt. That person, despite her etiquette and knowledge, her complementing and listening skills are impressive……)

Despite being a heroine like Lilia, the likes of Selena was not Irene’s opponent. 

Irene, who regretfully ended her greetings with the judges, slowly looked at Selena. 

Selena was looking at Irene with her flushed face. Her clenched fists were trembling. 

In actuality, Selena’s rival was Rachel. Selena, who was not very good at etiquette, but able to captivate public gazes, and Rachel, who was good at etiquette but plain. They could surely be a good match. If Selena were to play fair and square, Irene would not make a move no matter what the result. 

But, this woman had given up the game. Then, she couldn’t complain even if she was beaten up by an outsider.

Irene had a principle of taking the offer to fight――Even if the Demon King appeared on the venue, she would run away barefoot if she had to. 

(Now that it has come to this, I’m glad that that portrait went around like that. Even if they see the real figure of me, no one would think that I’m Irene Lauren D’Austriche……)

Of course, Irene would undoubtedly, without fail, find out the human who had distributed the portrait and deal with them. 


Irene turned around to the dumbfounded call. 

James, Auguste, Walt, Kyle――Each one of the student council members were standing with blank amazement. 

「Members of the student council. Nice to meet all of you. It is a lovely evening, isn’t it?」


「Is there something wrong?」

Smiling softly, Irene whisperingly spoke to them who for some reason turned their backs on her.

「……Am I dreaming, Auguste? Pinch me――it hurts, then……」

「What should I do? It’s not a dream……Wait, hold on a sec, my heart is pounding, but……」

「That’s bad, Auguste. That’s a guy――is this a dream?」

「Haha, what should I do……it’s beyond my imagination……」

Irene could hear everything, but she quietly watch over them with a smile on her face. 

「Umm, what is it again? We were told to do something?」

「Dancing. Offer her……」

「He’s a guy. Come to your senses, me……!」

「No, wait, calm down, Kyle. I need to calm down too……」

「……Is there something that you want from me?」

Irene interrupted their conversation since it seemed like they would be making no progress. Then, all of them stiffened while standing up straight. 

(They are still yet students. They can’t even do a dance invitation well――If it’s Claude-sama, he could perfectly escorted me)

But that was that. Claude was too perfect, Irene was fearful that their relationship would fail. 

「Um, I!Can you dance with me?!」

The one who vigorously raised his hand was Auguste. Feeling surprised, Walt exclaimed loudly. 

「You, stealing a march is……!」

「My……My eyes have become weird……if I can just replace it, I――」

「Hey, compose yourself Kyle!You are surprisingly a troublesome guy !?」

「Everyone, don’t make a fuss. It’s noisy……I’ll dance」

「Ah, James, I asked her first!」

「Shut up. This is only because if I don’t confirm various things, I can’t calm down……!」

James shake free from Auguste who was clamoring not fair, then respectfully offer his courtesy. 

「Beautiful young lady. Can you please dance with me?」

It wasn’t at Claude’s level, but as expected from the second last boss. He received a satisfactory passing score. 

Irene smiled sweetly then nodded her head in assent. 

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