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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 24 (Unedited)

Experienced another disappointing news. I didn’t pass my job interview. Currently, nursing a broken heart and decided to post ALL of the unedited chapters and be done with  vol. 2 main arc. 

P/s: Suggestions to improve this translation will be highly appreciated and I do not guarantee the accuracy of my translation

Translated by: Empress ||

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 24 (Unedited)

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 24 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

Anyone can participate in the ball, but White Lily Princess’s selection was an entry system. However, since the registration was only receiving a numbered tag, a contestant didn’t need to go out of their way to register themselves. So Airi, who went through the registration process on behalf of Rachel, was waiting for Isaac and Rachel with a round name tag of No. 7.

(Rachel is a last-minute registration, so we can assume that there are seven candidates for the White Lily Princess. August was supposed to confirm this, but……)

Irene thought that Auguste’s ability to become friends with anyone and able to collect various information from them was amazing. She hadn’t seen his skill with a sword but it was supposed to be good. So, if he trained in various techniques, he might become a great knight. He was precisely the type of talented person that the Holy Knight wanted.  

「Airi-sama! I’m sorry for making you wait……!」

Rachel, who didn’t have a waiting room, used the guards’ room to change her clothes, came out from it. 

She wore a lovely dress with a several layers of peach-colored petals. Rachel looked gorgeous in the dress that had ample drapes and sparkling little diamonds that were arranged in some parts of the dress that seems to enhance her features. It was a design that gave off a feeling of a girl transitioning to a woman like the phenomenon before the emergence of a butterfly. 

(As expected from Isaac, but wait――isn’t that the exact same the latest fashion of a dress with the CG! Will it be okay with this!? The condemning event of the villainess happened after the judging of the White Lily Princess, right……!?)

Rachel, who wanted to be chosen as the White Lily Princess, spread malicious gossip regarding Selena to the judges and the others, and finally tried to push Selena off the stairs. But, Selena managed to brush them all aside, rearranged her torn dress, and challenged the stage. Everyone applauded her for dignified appearance and condemned Rachel for her cowardly means――that was roughly it.

Rachel, who participated all of a sudden on the very day of the competition, had no time to do such a thing. And above all, Irene knew that Rachel wasn’t someone who would do such a thing, but she couldn’t be sure about it. No matter how much she looked at Rachel’s figure who was dressed in the same dress as the CG, it was impossible for her not to worry. 

「Uh, umm, it doesn’t suit me……?」

Rachel loosely arranged hair was shaking uneasily as she asked Irene. Irene shook her head in denial. Irene must not make Rachel feel uneasy. 

「N, no. It perfectly suits you, so I can’t keep my eyes off you」

「N-no way……I thought it’s a little flashy for me, but……Isaac-san said that it’s okay to be a bit flashy……」

After feeling bashful, Rachel clenched her fists in determination. 

「I’ll do my best! I may not seem like it, but I’m good at etiquette. I’m going to show Isaac-san who’s boss!」

「……。Rachel. I’m going to ask you a question just out of curiosity……」

「Yes, what is it?」

「If you become the White Lily Princess, are you going to nominate Isaac as your partner for the last dance?」

After a few beats, Rachel looked entirely flushed. Irene unintentionally laughed in response to her easy-to-understand reaction. 

Rachel angrily said with her red face. 

「I’m not, Airi-sama! I’m planning to nominate Airi-sama……」

「W-well, I think can it might as well be him?」

「No way! ……I’m going to be a bother to him……Plus, he completely doesn’t look at me that way……」

「……Can I ask why Isaac?」

Irene offered her hand while talking. The venue was far from their place. It would be dangerous for Rachel if Irene didn’t properly escort her who was wearing a dress. 

「……。When I told my parents to break off the engagement, they strongly opposed to it. And of course, my ex-fiance got angry with me too. They said so many things I started to doubt myself. I even lost my place at home」

Aristocrats’ engagement was a mutual contract between the two houses. Considering Rachel’s action as selfish was something that couldn’t be helped.

「But when I let Isaac-san know that I’ve broken off my engagement, he only said one thing, “you did well.” At that moment, I’m very proud of myself」

Rachel was facing forward as she bit her lip. Irene was mesmerized because she was truly beautiful. 

「That’s why I’m also going to do my best this time around. I may not look like it, but I can pull off a trick」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. Although Selena-san is beautiful, her etiquette is a bit messy. That part of her can attract many people, but……so that’s why I’m thinking of inviting James-sama for a dance. If I dance with him, that alone will make me stand out. And I can say with confidence that it seems like in that way, can ward off the judge who is strict with etiquette and can’t seem to be shut up about it, but I can’t help but wonder if he is going to go to the ball as a duck instead」

Rachel figure who was working out a plan in order not to lose overlapped with Irene’s who had challenged the evening party. 

Irene carefully attached the numbered tag to her chest as to not damage the beauty. 

「Good luck. I’m counting on you」

「Yes! I’ll do my very best ――Ah」

Rumor has it that Selena was planning to come down from the stairs that led to the dance floor. 

Still in her uniform, while carrying her dress, Selena’s eyes widened when looking at Rachel. 

「Rachel-san……the attached numbered tag means; you’re one of the entries for the White Lily Princess? But I heard that you would not become an entry……」

「Yes. I changed my mind」

Rachel’s smile that was brimming with self-confidence was probably a bluff, but she truly looked like a villainess.

It was only at this moment Irene felt that this was none of her business. 

 ――That’s why her response was delayed.

「Yes! Let’s do our best together. That dress is gorgeous. Can I see――Kyaa!」


Rachel was pulled by Selena, who was innocently touching her dress, and they fell down the stairs together. 

The sound of other students exclaiming that they fell down the stairs can be heard. 

Irene rushed over to the two people who had flopped onto the dance floor. 

「Rachel, are you alright!?」

「Airi……sama. Y-yes. I’m fine……っ!」

Rachel was grimacing when she tried to move her legs. But before Irene was able to check it out, Selena loudly exclaimed.  

「Ouch……Oh no, my dress……!」

Selena was holding the lace of the dress that was torn in her hands. Just like in the game.

「Selena-sama fell?」

「It seems like the other person is safe. But, Selena-san’s dress was ripped」

「It’s before the judging, right? Don’t you think that she might have been pushed……」

「That girl is part of the guards, isn’t she?. I heard that she had broken off her engagement. She seems to be proud these days……」


Irene tried to protest against the selfish speculation that had spread in the blink of an eye, but Rachel grabbed her hand and shook her head. Irene knew if they retorted at this point, they would cause unnecessary disturbance. But, if things remain as it was, it would be just like in the game.

Besides, Irene saw it. 

「……Ra-Rachel-san. Don’t worry about it. It was an accident. I can do something about the dress」

The moment before they fell down the stairs, Selena pulled Rachel’s dress. 

「Everyone, let’s do our best, fair, and square!」

And then Selena smirked when she was the one who caused them to fall. 

(This bitch――!)

Selena, who stood up while pretending to be grimacing from the graze, looked down at them with a triumphant smile on her face. And then she gallantly left Rachel, who couldn’t stand and Irene, who supported Rachel, from the dance floor.  

「Oi did something happened, Airi――Rachel?」

「I heard someone said that someone fell… hey, don’t tell me」

The one who came to them was Isaac for a shift change and Walt in the duck costume. It seemed like they were doing a last-minute patrol. 

Rachel, with a pale face, tried to stand up.

「……I-I’m alright. I can do ――Ouch」

「Rachel-chan did you twisted your legs?」

「I-it just a little. I can stand. I’m fine」

「You staggering, aren’t you?……You can’t dance with that. You can’t get the White Lily Princess title without doing it」(Isaac)

「No way! I-I’m fine. I want to be a little of use to Airi-sama……!」

「Rachel――Can you lend that dress to me?」

Rachel, who looked like she was about to cry, looked at Irene, who calmly interrupted their conversation, in bewilderment. 

Walt had his mouth opened in amazement, while Isaac looked at the ceiling. 

(How dare you do that to my adorable junior)

This was a proxy war. Irene slowly smiled. She looked entirely like a villainess. 


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