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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 23

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: Sam

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 23

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 23 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

「The prize that is going to be given to the White Lily Princess is magic incense!?」

「――per the strange document that was delivered to our newspaper company. It’s a tip-off.」(Jasper)

Out of breath, Jasper reported in the room given to the guards. He came to the academy since it was normal for newspaper reporters to come and go during the school festival. 

Luc and Quartz had moved from their laboratory to the room. Of course, Isaac and the student council members, wearing duck costumes were there, while Rachel served everyone tea. Irene had already told Rachel the same story that she had told to Auguste. 

「Was it an anonymous sender?」

「That’s right. The phrase ‘magic incense’ isn’t common. Err, Ire……」(Jasper)


Luc softly whispered to Jasper, who nodded while repositioning his beret.

「That’s right. As if it was screaming, “report this to Airi.” What are you going to do?」(Jasper)

As Jasper handed over the document in question to Irene, Auguste, who had removed his duck head, whispered to James.

「Airi has so many acquaintances. Amazing~. So this is what a secret organization is like.」(Auguste)

「You are so simple……」(James)

「I wonder if this guy is just a newspaper reporter? What do you think, Kyle?」(Walt)

「Certainly, he looks like a simple newspaper reporter to me…… Leaving that aside, honestly, who the heck is Airi?」(Kyle)

「Hey, who are they?」(Jasper)

Jasper, who had noticed the whispering, asked Issac. Issac gave him a frank answer.

「New manservant candidates.」(Isaac)

「……。So young, such a shame……I wish you the best of luck. If you guys have any questions or troubles, you can consult with this uncle.」(Jasper)

Jasper patted James’ shoulder as he spoke. James’ expression died. 

 ――The prize that is going to be given to the White Lily Princess is magic incense.

First things first, Irene confirmed that it was only those words written on the document. She turned to Walt.

「Have you come across any information to corroborate this?」(Irene)

「I haven’t heard anything. What about you, Kyle?」(Walt)

「Me neither. However, we should quietly take out the prize and check it right away.」(Kyle)


James sharply cut them off, tearing off the duck costume.

「Although the prize has been brought to the venue, the rules state it can’t be opened until the White Lily Princess has been decided. We can’t secretly check it either since it’s being guarded. Management is quite strict about this. After all, the prize is traditionally something expensive, and some students have tried to steal the prize in previous years.」(James)

「It will also be challenging to explain why we need to see it in the first place…… Is it impossible even as a student council request?」

「I don’t think that’s possible. The selection process for the White Lily Princess is the Lily Ladies jurisdiction.」

With both arms crossed, Auguste thought deeply.

「Hmm, then, how about we ask the White Lily Princess show us the prize, and if it turns out to be the magic incense, we ask her hand it over to us?」

「The top candidate for White Lily Princess is Selena Gilbert. Shall I go and ask her to cooperate?」

Irene shook her head in response to Kyle’s question.

「There’s no guarantee she’ll win and it may be too late if we wait. Is there something we can do right now?」

「Umm…… may I say something?」

Rachel timidly raised her hand as she spoke.

Rachel had received the same explanation as Auguste that they were using the guards as a front to investigate magic incense.

「Pardon me if I’ve misunderstood…… Airi-sama wants the White Lily Princess’ prize?」(Rachel)

「Yup, that’s right」(Irene)

「Then…..Shall I participate in the contest? B-but I don’t know whether or not I’ll be able to become the White Lily Princess.」

Irene clapped her hands together.

「That’s it! Rachel, can I ask you to do that!?」

「Y-yes, I will do my best if it helps!」

「Will it be okay? Are you sure you won’t faint the moment you stand on the stage? You seem to have low social skills.」

A voice of disapproval came from Isaac. Rachel answered before Irene could tell him off.

「I-I can do it! Even if I’m like this, I am an Earl’s daughter!」

「…There is someone else who would be suitable, but…… Well, it can’t be helped.」

「What do you mean by that!? And someone suitable? Who are you ta――」

「Rachel is said to be Selena’s rival. I think this will be alright!」

Auguste spoke in support of Rachel and asked everyone for their agreement. Walt nodded.

「Selena-chan’s runner-up candidate for White Lily Princess is Rachel-chan. It might work.」

「I don’t really have any objections.」

「When push comes to shove, we can always negotiate with whoever becomes the White Lily Princess. So, I don’t really care.」

Isaac seemed unable to argue with the school’s actual students and let out a deep sigh.

「Then, that’s fine. What about you, Luc?」

「I’m not a student, so I’ll leave the decision to you guys.」

「……I have the same opinion as Luc.」

「This Uncle too. Ah, but, will you be okay with the preparations Ojou-chan?」

Jasper’s words made Rachel flustered.

「T-that’s right. I still haven’t prepared make-up or the dress…… Ah, my dresses. I’ve sold them.」

「It’s okay. It’s still just past noon. We can be in time for the evening ball. Jasper will prepare the dress since he has excellent connections. While you and Isaac will choose the accessories.」

「Eh? Wi-with Isaac-san……!?」

「Why me? How troublesome.」

「You’re sensitive to fashion, aren’t you? That is your assignment, and I will not accept any objections.」

Isaac nervously looked at Rachel, then clicked his tongue.

「Fine. Let’s go, ol’ man.」

Jasper looked at Isaac and Irene alternatively, before finally giving Rachel a thumbs-up.

「Leave it to me, Ojou-chan.」

「O-okay. But…is it really okay……about the dress…?」

「It’s fine. Ah, can I use the cosmetics from the Oberon Company?」

「Eh……D-do you have them!? I’ve heard great things about the Oberon Company! But, I heard that you can’t get your hands on them unless you’re in the imperial capital……?」

Seeing Rachel’s eyes sparkling with hope, Irene cheerfully nodded, wishing to help Rachel as much as possible. Behind Irene, Luc and Quartz stood up to retrieve the cosmetics.

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