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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 22

P/s: Suggestions to improve this translation will be highly appreciated and I do not guarantee the accuracy of my translation

Translated by: Empress || Edited by: Sam

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 22

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 22 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

A balloon that a child had let go of rose into the clear sky of fine weather.

The school festival was already halfway through the second day, and throughout the lively school were several ducks running here and there.

『School Guards! The item you are hiding behind your back is in violation of school regulations. I will confiscate it now!』

「!? Oh come on, it’s the school festival. Can’t you overlook――Uwaahh-」

The male student tried to oppose Irene, who had blocked his way. But upon feeling a third person grab his shoulder, he turned and quickly froze.

『――The item you’re hiding, hand it over. Immediately.』

When a second duck with a deep voice threatened him, the male student obediently nodded and complied without another word.

「W-why are the guards……ducks……?」

「I saw ducks over there as well. A guy who counted them said there are a total of five.」

Irene checked the confiscated item while some other boys had a secret conversation.

『Then, let’s go to the next place, Ja……I mean, Blue』

『Why do I have to wear this kind of thing…?』

『Ah, there you guys are, Ai……I mean, Red, Blue!』

Flapping his wings, the third duck came approaching them while calling them out using their code-names. However, a child caught hold of the duck before he could reach them. Isaac, who was accompanying duck number three, slipped through them and made his way to Irene. 

「How are the defenses President Duck? Ah, wait, you’re Blue now.」

『Do you have a death wish, you bastard?』

「You’d better off grieving your lack of luck instead of resenting me. Ah, I’m so glad that there are only five costumes.」

『――Why do we have to dress like this in the first place Airi Kahlua?!』

Irene answered James with a completely serious tone.

『Right now, please call me Red. It’s because we can take people by surprise with this kind of appearance.』

She wasn’t lying. But the whole truth was that didn’t want to be caught off guard should she cross paths with Claude.

(It seems like Claude-sama is interested in the duck. In that case, the best solution is to increase the number of ducks.)

Thus, the current situation. The third duck cheerfully separated from the child and made its way to them.

『This is so well-received. But, we can only be distinguished by the color of our ribbons on our chest. Also, I can’t accept the fact that I’m Pink. I wish I were Red.』

The duck, who was touching the pink ribbon attached to its tufty chest while talking, was Auguste. 

James, who wore the blue ribbon, stubbornly flared up at Isaac.

『You’ve been a guard from the start. Why aren’t you wearing this stupid thing!?』

「We don’t have that kind of distinction. We are all good manservants, aren’t we?」

『Who are you calling a manservant?!』

「Yeah, yeah. There’s a report from Black and Yellow. There’s no abnormalities in their section. Also, Rachel is calling you guys over because it’s almost time for the lunch break.」

By the way, Kyle was Black and Walt was Yellow.

Their eyes died when they were presented with the costumes, but they did their jobs properly.

『Then, Pink and Isaac can patrol over there. Blue, let’s go to the next area.』

『Don’t call me Blue.』

『Ah, wait. Selena said that it looks like the Demon King-sama won’t be able to come to the evening festivities because he’s busy.』

Irene was taken aback by Auguste’s report. Now that he mentioned it, Claude had written that he would be busy in his reply to her letter. 

(He told Almond to say something about “bad wife” but……what does that mean?)

Ignoring James, who was still complaining, Irene walked on in deep contemplation. 

What did he mean “bad”? Irene had confirmed that Claude had been summoning Selena on a regular basis. Surely it was because he was planning to take her as his local wife, so she had shown that she would accept that. ――But his reply “I don’t need concubines, you are enough for me.” had made her heart flutter.

Irene was quickly distracted by another problem, as they delivered a well-deserved punishment to a guy they had found attempting to pull a girl into a secluded area. 

『Good grief, there’s a risk of Ashtart attacking, why are so many male students acting up and causing trouble!?』

『They probably think that the attack is a lie. In fact, there haven’t been any monster attacks since the very first one at the village. Besides, there’s no point in aiming at Milchetta Academy. This is just a school.』


Irene was unable to respond to James’ analysis.

The school festival was a significant event that determined the game’s ending. Which route would be taken was determined by which character’s the player could dance with at the evening festivities. Conversely, if the player was unable to dance with anyone, the game would end at the close of the school year. Furthermore, the conviction event for the villainess was supposed to take place after the White Lily Princess was selected.

With so many events scheduled, Irene couldn’t help but be vigilant when Ashtart’s advance notice of attacking the school festival came. Perhaps Ashtart was someone who had a connection to the game.

(Rachel has been busy with festival preparations, but the festival isn’t over yet……)

However, Rachel, as a guard, had made contact with capture targets within the student council. Irene couldn’t afford to be careless.

『I genuinely hope that Ashtart’s attack will end up as a farce……』

『Yeah――But if you turned out to be right that someone wants to frame me as Ashtart, the school festival, with so many visitors, is his chance. But, it’s also very likely that the advance notice of an attack is just a smokescreen.』

It would be excellent if all of this, including the magic incense matter, ended without a hitch. 

――But an incident occurred just before the evening festival. 


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