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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 19

I may be too early, but…

To readers who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!! And for my other readers who don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year to all of us! YAAY!!  

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: Sam

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 19

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 19 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

Isaac could only say「Ah, I see.」to Irene who had appeared at the collaborative research room with the Student Council members in tow. Luc immediately began preparing tea for everyone while Quartz arranged enough seats.

Their ability to adapt so quickly was amazing.

「In other words, all of you are from an Elmeier Empire secret organization that was dispatched to Misha Academy to investigate the dangerous goods called magic incense due to its appearance on the market!? Amazing! That’s so cool!」

Auguste excitedly summarized the whole story. Grinning, Irene nodded her head in agreement. 

「That’s right. But Walt-senpai and Kyle-senpai are still apprentices. I, as a superior, noticed abnormal events happening within the school, so I sent them here beforehand to look into it.」

「Eh, wait a sec, Airi-chan is the boss? That’s a little…」 

「Oh, you didn’t know? Then perhaps, Walt-senpai and Kyle-senpai were dispatched by a different organization than mine ――」

「That’s right, Auguste! Airi-chan is our boss! Right, Kyle?」


Walt, who didn’t want their involvement with the church to be known, cheerfully got on board Irene’s story. Kyle could only sigh while resigning himself to the charade. 

Everyone was sitting around a large circular table in the collaborative research room. Issac, who had taken the seat next to Irene, whispered.

「Your servants have increased. Again. I don’t know about this……」

「Haha, having more people is a good thing…… maybe.」

「…. The fact that it’s all men is a problem, isn’t it?…」

「Eh~? What are you talking about? Rachel is one of us isn’t she?」

「As you are aware, we met her for the first time in this academy. I’m hesitant to get a woman involved with something so dangerous.」

「Well… you’re right. She is a girl, after all……」

Auguste had been satisfied, but the short exchange between Irene and Isaac had caused Isaac, Luc, and Quartz to exchange a meaningful glance.

Irene naturally ignored that.

「In any case, allow me to make introductions again. You may have met him because he’s a member of the guards, but this guy next to me is Isaac. Come on, say hello.」

「Hey. The guy next to me is Luc, a two-faced doctor. Be careful with the drinks he gave you, who knows if he put something in it that may cause strange side-effects.」

「Hello, I’ll be in your care」

All of the Student Council members immediately began regarding Luc with warriness. But, without batting an eyelash, the still gently smiling Luc bowed his head and added a few words.

「I only added some things that aid relaxation and relieve tension.」

「Eh, you seriously added something……?」

Auguste gently returned the partially drained cup of black tea to it’s saucer. Everyone followed his lead.

「So, next to Luc is Quartz, the guy who has an irritated look on his face. He’s a botanist. If you ever talk to him and he doesn’t answer, it doesn’t mean he’s ignoring you. Quartz is a guy who can only speak with plants.」

Quartz gave a silent nod in lieu of greeting. Isaac, who was resting his chin on his hand continued with his rough explanation.

「Quartz and Luc are here to examine the magic incense. So, the fact that they are research students isn’t really a lie. Walt-senpai and Kyle-senpai are assigned the chore of information collection.」


「Haha, that’s a new way of putting it…」

Kyle looked somewhat hurt by Isaac’s statement while Walt quietly muttered to himself.

It was a rather magnificent introduction considering it was completely ad libbed. Auguste’s face showed that he had believed it.

「I see. Ah, did you suggest the guards in order to make an investigation?」

「Sort of. But, it’s also true that I find the treatment of the girls absolutely intolerable.」  

「……You said earlier that the magic incense will make people violent.」

James, who had been silently listening to the conversation thus far, spoke.

They had purposely only talked about the effect of magic incense on humans to avoid giving away too much information. Such a situation would be more convenient for Walt and Kyle. Walt, who was sitting next to James took the initiative to answer.

「Yup, that’s right. You can think of it as something that strengthens the body in return for eroding a person’s mental state.」

「……Do you think that is the cause for the terrible treatment the girls receive these days?」 

Not only Irene, Walt, and even Kyle unintentionally gasped at the question.

Auguste clapped his hands together as though realizing something.

 「Now that you mention it, I’ve also thought they’ve been even worse lately. It didn’t go as far as hitting or kicking before.」

「……When you put it like that…… Yeah. From what I’ve seen, this is that kind of school……」

「――No way. Is the magic incense becoming popular amongst the male students?」

「Luc, what do you think?」

Luc picked up the pipe that Irene placed in the middle of the table.

「I’ll need to do some research for me to say anything definitive. …But I think it’s very likely that people are using it without knowing the risks. Its efficacy will also vary according to its concentration.」

「It’s also possible that people who have access to the full powered magic incense are selling the diluted concentration.」

Walt gave a bitter laugh at Isaac’s reasoning.

「That seems possible.」

「Hey, I’m going to cooperate as well. That stuff is dangerous, isn’t it? 」

「Auguste. You are an amateur. I’m happy that you want to help, but you should stay out of it.」

Kyle tried to discourage him, but Auguste simply shook his head in disagreement.

「I can at least talk with and listen to the other guys. Can I, Airi? It’s okay, isn’t it?」


Walt and Kyle were scowling at Irene, who had nodded her head in agreement.

To an expert, involving an amatuer in a serious matter was breaking an unspoken rule. But, Auguste was someone who could become the Holy Knight after borrowing the Holy Sword.

Irene came to the conclusion that there would be no harm in involving Auguste in this matter from here on out.

「I want you to check if there’s something new or strange becoming popular among the boys. Just make sure that you don’t ask too much or push the boys too hard. Just find out what you can.」

「Okay. Leave it to me!」


「Do you have a complaint? I am the boss, right Walt?」

Sneering, Walt turning away while angrily clicking his tongue. They wanted to hide their identity, they needed to act accordingly at the very least.

「Hey, James. You’re also going to cooperate, right? After all, this matter has also something to do with the student council.」

Auguste addressed James who was sitting beside him.

James, with arms and legs crossed, laughed scornfully.

「Cooperate? With these people who are still hiding something?」


「That magic incense. They said it’s dangerous for humans, but is that really all?」

Surprised by James’ astute inquiry, the room fell deathly silent.

It was normal for him to have doubts. Just earlier, he was about to change into a monster. In the game, he had discovered the opum due to his sense of smell as a monster. He also realized the effects of the magic incense after conducting several trials on himself.

(But, James doesn’t know the effects of the magic incense. So, that means he hasn’t obtained or made it…?)

The ingredients for magic incense grew beautifully within the academy, exactly as outlined in the game. But, the possibility that it had been developed in a different place, by different people, had now emerged.

It was almost like someone was tracing the game’s plot. As Irene thought so, James stood up from his chair.

「 I’m going to report this matter to the Principal.」

Startled, everyone looked at James with alarm. Irene went extremely pale.

(Ah, but perhaps if I explain it to him now……)

It was no use. Irene could only imagine a hellish scene of fire and earthquakes delivered with his beautiful smile.

「James. This is our job. The Principal has his hands full with the Ashtart problem.」

「Reporting to the Principal is the student council president’s job. Or would there be a problem if this matter reached the Principal?」

James’ cold provocation caused them to fall silent for a second time.

Irene was desperate to not be discovered by Claude. Walt and Kyle had a mission to kill monsters – something the Demon King would never tolerate.

James laughed scornfully when silence was their only answer.

「I’m going back to the dorm.」

「James! Look, it’s their job, so it’s inevitable that they have a secret they can’t share. But still, you can trust them.」

「You are so simple, Auguste――I don’t trust anyone.」

Saying it as though he were convincing himself, James left the room.

Walt and Kyle exchanged looks. As “unnamed priests,” the end justifies the means.


「 I’m going to persuade him. Everyone, wait here.」


「It’d be better for everyone to get along, remember?」

Irene’s behavior left Walt and Kyle looking listless. Auguste seemed relieved, while Isaac and the other’s simply waved her off. 

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