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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 16

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: Sam

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 16

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 16 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

 Irene’s bad premonition was spot on.

「It’s likely that Ashtart’s declaration is a lie. But the Principal has kindly arranged for some Knights to act as guards. So, they’ve asked us to send someone to act as a mediator. 」

「Okay, I’ll do it.」

Selena immediately volunteered to act as the student council representative. 

Irene, who had reluctantly removed her duck costume after being told by James; 「 I don’t remember allowing a duck to join.」 sat across from Selena, brows knit and frowning. Walt, who was mirroring Irene’s expression, raised his own hand.

「 I’ll do it. I’m part of the guard, remember? It’ll be dangerous for a girl.」

Walt’s argument was reasonable, but surely his real intention is to understand the situation and any progress in the investigation of magic incense. Kyle nodded in agreement.

「It might turn into an emergency, it would be better if we sent a guy.」

「It’s just being a mediator. Besides, if anything does happen, Claude-sama will protect me. It’s fine if I go.」

「But, he’s the Demon King, right? Selena, don’t you hate monsters? Besides, isn’t he the enemy of your idol, the Maiden of the Holy Swo――」

「Stop that Auguste. He is human.」

Selena stood and cut Auguste off.

「Surely, the Maiden of the Holy Sword would try to save even the Demon King. I have no interest in monsters, but I’ll happily be his friend.」

Irene sighed at Selena’s overly familiar tone when talking about Claude.

(As I thought, she’s been completely taken in…. Seriously, wouldn’t it be better for everyone if we hid that face?)

Selena had completely shifted targets from Auguste to Claude. It was true that feelings could change in an instant, and Claude was devilishly beautiful. Irene wasn’t surprised that Claude would snare the feelings of a shortsighted girl so quickly.

「……A woman’s feelings change so quick. Scary……」

Walt murmured with a half-amazed look on his face. Kyle, seated next to him, continued the argument against Selena.

「But, don’t you think it’s unwise to send a female student as the mediator? The Demon King has a fiancee. There’s a risk of offending the daughter of the D’Autriche Ducal House.」

Irene chose silence to prevent any reaction that would give her away. Walt, who was sitting next to her, would surely realize her identity if she were to show even the slightest reaction.

James responded.

「His fiance is in the empire capital, isn’t she? Is it necessary to be that cautious?」

「It’s better to be prudent about it, President. No matter what, it’s that Duke D’Autriche. The house that can decide whether or not the Demon King will become the Emperor. I think they sent a spy or two to monitor the Demon King.」

(Good assumption, but the lady in question is actually right here.) 

Feigning ignorance, Irene calmly added an opinion to Walt’s statement.

「The Principal will surely feel troubled if he were misunderstood by his fiancee.」 

「My, I’m fine with that. Bring it on.」

All eyes gathered on Selena, who was proudly puffing out her chest. James crossed his arms with a subdued expression.

「I’ve heard that Irene Lauren D’Autriche is quite a formidable character. It would be troublesome if a complaint came to us from the D’Autriche House… apparently only the Royal Family can speak on equal terms with them.」

「She’d probably march right into this school as well, you know. Rumor has it she’s an outrageous lady.」

「Doesn’t it seem like she’s a considerably problematic person given the fact that the Demon King didn’t bring his fiancee – who has the Holy Sword – with him even though he’s in danger of being attacked by monsters?」

Formidable character, outrageous lady, considerably problematic person. It’s inevitable that you’ll form such a negative image of a person if you rely on nothing but rumors. Still.

(All of you had better remember this later.)

Auguste tried to calm everyone down while forcing a smile.

「You can’t know what kind of person she is without meeting her…… Ah, but isn’t there that portrait of her?」


Irene’s eyebrows twitched as James confirmed Auguste’s statement.

「It appeared shortly after the Demon King took office here. If it’s real…… But, honestly….」

「I was almost impressed by the Demon King’s strange taste.」

「Really? I thought it was natural because he’s the Demon King.」

「W-What kind of portrait is it?」

「It was somewhere around here…. Ah, here it is.」

Auguste spread out the portrait, that seemed to have been drawn on the back of a memo, to show Irene. Snatching it from Auguste, Irene took one look and was left speechless.

In summation, she looks ugly. A stretched out nose and a slit mouth. It was questionable if the figure was even human.

(……I don’t know who distributed this, but they have a death wish, don’t they?)

She’d have to send Jasper to find the culprit tomorrow. A clean-up was in order. Irene politely folded up the portrait while trying to quell her anger. Before her, Selena was speaking passionately.

「But Claude-sama is a very beautiful person. That’s why I believed that the D’Autriche House forced the engagement on the Demon King! Claude-sama is so pitiful. He has no freedom because of a jealous fiancee. That’s why I want to help him.」

「――I understand your feelings, Selena. But, being a mediator and that particular matter are separate issues.」

「 I’m going to invite Claude-sama to the school festival. After I’m elected to be the White Lily Princess, I’ll nominate Claude-sama. The truth is, I want to invite him as my partner, but he’s still the Principal, so that may be difficult. That’s why――」

「Ah, it’s about time for me to go on guard duty. I need to prepare for the night patrol.」

Ignoring Selena’s speech, Irene stood and looked at the wall clock. It was already dark outside.

「Ah is it that time already?――I’m going with you today.」

James spoke as he stood to follow Irene. The sudden declaration threw her for a loop. Although everyone was staring at him in wonder, James with his perpetually blank expression, ignored them and left the meeting room with Irene.

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