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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 15

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: Sam

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 15

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 15 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

Irene instinctively dove into a nearby bush to hide. Grabbing some twigs, she camouflaged herself while keeping an eye on the approaching shadows.

The man had flowing hair that glimmered like a piece of the night sky, and a body that was perfectly proportioned. His red eyes glimmered with indifference, creating a bewitching countenance that could lead anyone astray – regardless of their gender. The alluring voice of the Demon King caught the ear of all who heard it. 

The students stiffened, either overcome by terror or utterly entranced by him.


Irene’s heart fluttered, looking at the man she hadn’t seen in some time.

But it wasn’t the pleasant kind of fluttering. 

If Claude were to discover her, she would be forcibly removed from the school. To prevent that from happening, Irene had doubled her disguise by wearing a duck costume on top of her male student facade. No doubt, Claude would find this action incomprehensible, and wouldn’t see through it. 

Even Isaac, who knew about her strategy, made fun of her;「Don’t you think you’re a little too stupid when it comes to the Demon King?」Meanwhile Luc lamented;「Love is scary.」and Quartz gave her some misguided advice saying;「…it’ll be lovely if you decorate it with flowers.」

(No one understands my hardships!)

「――It’s a large academy. As expected from a prestigious school.」

Claude said in an impressed manner. Keith and Beelzebub escorted him while James served as their guide.

「The students are well-behaved as well… I was troubled about what to do if the students decided to throw stones at the Demon King.」

「My King. It’s almost time for your next meeting. We are short on time.」

Beelzebub, clad in a dashing military uniform, took out a pocket watch and commented. 

Yes, that Beelzebub. 

Feeling deeply impressed, Irene was moved to tears.

(He can read the numbers properly!)

Moreover, using a pocket watch to manage Claude’s schedule! What magnificent growth!

 「I’ve only shown you half the campus, is it already time for you to return?」

「No, please continue. The school is having a festival soon, right? I want to grasp the layout of the academy. ――Knowing that will allow me to deal with Ashtart’s attack no matter where he launches it from.」

「There is no way he can launch a successful attack. No monster can possibly rival you, my King.」

「Then, why has Ashtart turned his blade against me, the Demon King?」


「Discard your assumptions and think everything through Bel. I know you can do it.」

Claude was coaching Beelzebub. 

Both of them were so overprotective of each other, it was nearly unthinkable. Perhaps relishing the same deep feelings as Irene, Keith was rubbing the corner of his eyes.

Nevertheless, Irene felt vexed, she couldn’t see what kind of expression James was making before Claude. Irene looked around to see if a hiding spot with a better vantage point was nearby when she saw Selena take a step forward.

「By the way, I have something I’ve been meaning to ask. Is there a duck in this academy――」

「――President James! You still haven’t had your lunch break, have you? I can show them around instead if you’d like.」

The “duck” in question was completely flabbergasted watching Selena cheerfully run towards the group. Thanks to that, Irene was able to see James’ side profile as he turned towards Selena. However, Irene’s mood instantly dropped as she watched Selena gently place her hands on Claude’s arm. 

「Selena Gilbert. Is that alright with you?」

「Yes. Ah, but have you had your lunch yet, Principal? If you haven’t, I’ll guide you to the cafeteria. They have an extremely delicious menu.」

She said while looking at Claude with a blush.

(Wait… hold on a minute, Selena was supposed to admire the Maiden of the Holy Sword… But, that’s the Demon King!? The Maiden of the Holy Sword’s enemy! Is that okay!? And what about your crush, Auguste!?)

Irene wanted to grab Selena by the collar and shake some answers out of her but knew she couldn’t do that. 

Claude stared at Selena for a moment, his eyes sharpening with understanding.

「Bel, you can return.」

「As you wish, my King.」

「Keith, return as well. I’ll leave the meeting to you. I’ll look around the academy with this girl for a little while longer.」

「Heh? Well, I don’t mind….」

「I’ll leave it to you then. ――Secretary Gilbert?」

「Please call me Selena」

Claude nodded at Selena’s lively reply.

「Selena then, shall we?」

「Y-yes. Please follow me…. Um, you are the acting principal, aren’t you? May I call Claude-sama by name?」

Selena bashfully inquired with upturned eyes. The twigs in Irene’s hands snapped. But Claude coolly replied.

「I don’t mind. But could you please refrain from saying it in such a cute manner?」

「C-cute… you say……」

「My fiance has a surprisingly jealous side to her.」

Claude smiled sweetly while remembering something. 

Selena blushed furiously. At the same time, female students were shrieking and fainting here and there. Even Irene, who should have been used to it, was writhing in agony in her hiding spot as it had been a while since she had seen it. 

That face was just as much of a lethal weapon as ever. Maybe it would be better if he hid it by wearing a paper bag on his head. Irene wondered if she should just give him a duck costume to wear too…. ――But that wasn’t the real problem!

(When! Where! How have I ever been jealous? …Oh, shoot! It was at that evening party where I signed the document to break off my first engagement! Back when I heard Claude-sama talking to Lilia-sama!) 

It couldn’t be helped if he interpreted her reaction back then as being jealous. Feeling vexed, Irene stomped her feet on the ground. Next time, she must firmly explain that she wasn’t such a petty woman. She was an Empress-to-Be and had the capacity to accept concubines.

(…But I feel conflicted when he shows that face to anyone other than me.)

By the time Irene had managed to calm herself down, Claude and Selena were no longer in sight. As Irene stood up, the students were surprised by the duck suddenly emerging from the bush.

(…But she’s being fooled, isn’t she?…… I mean, there’s no way…)

Irene, with a wish that this won’t become something complicated, rushed to the scene in her duck costume, pausing to deliver another flying kick to a male student that was forcefully approaching a female student.  

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