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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch 14

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: Frowning Tea

ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 14

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 14 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

The Misha Academy school festival. 

It is a significant event for Misha Academy, wherein people from outside of the Academy, such as the residents of Milchetta and school alumni, were allowed to come in to join the festival. It’s a three-day event that starts the night before the appointed day of the school festival until the night of the after-event party. To a certain extent, it could also be called Milchetta’s Festival, with the event bustling with students’ performances and businesses thriving in the open air. 

And its main feature was the after-event ball, where the White Lily Princess would be chosen. The Lily’s Ladies would select the White Lily Princess――to summarize; it was a beauty contest in which the winner would be crowned as the best lady of that year. In the game, a parameter’s numerical value decided whether or not to the heroine would be chosen as the White Lily Princess. However, in reality, it seemed like the Lily’s Ladies would observe every single one of the female students at the ball and make a decision after grading them for their etiquette and such. The female student chosen as the White Lily Princess would be given an award and granted the privilege to select a dance partner with whom she would dance in order to mark the end of the ball. This privilege was made extra special due to the fact that the chosen man could not refuse the dance.

This year, the majority of students predicted that the title of White Lily Princess would be given to Selena Gilbert. Rachel was also a candidate, but she was overlooked due to her work with the guards leaving her little time to make an impression.

This was a very busy time for the guards because the students have begun searching for their partners for the ball.

「Huh!? What the heck do you mean you can’t dance with me!?」

The angry voice that echoed in the courtyard attracted several pairs of curious eyes. However, the male student was brimming with anger and didn’t seem to care about his surroundings anymore. 

「You are unexpectedly brazen despite being a commoner… Especially considering that I invited you to the after-event party!」

「Hey, hey, calm down…」

Selena came in between them as an intermediary. Some of the girls looked somewhat relieved upon seeing her.

Selena turned around to face the girl who received the invitation and spoke kindly to her. 

「I don’t think that he makes for a bad partner. To top it off, you look great together. Besides, you haven’t decided your dance partner yet, have you?」

「Y-you’re not wrong…B-but, I…There’s someone I want to invite…」

「Auguste? He won’t be participating in the dance since he’ll be busy during the days of the school festival.」

 Selena’s simple-minded revelation made the female student flushed with embarrassment. The sympathetic gazes that were thrown at the bewildered female student immediately turned to scorn. 

 ――No way, is she aiming for Auguste-sama? He’s way out of her league. Perhaps unable to withstand the ridicule thrown at her by the other girls, the female student hung her head in shame. 

「Please give it some thought. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for you to be without a dance partner at the ball?」

「Y-you’re right…」

 The female student looked like she was about to burst into tears. Feeling irritated by her attitude, the male student finally decided to tug the female student’s hand roughly. 

「I felt bad because nobody wants to invite an ugly thing like you, that’s why I did it――Ugh!?」

 The male student fell to the ground after receiving a flying kick from behind. 

His back was then being trampled down further, causing him to let out a muffled cry. 

『The way you speak to a woman is unacceptable. Try again!』

「A-Airi-sama! Please don’t suddenly jump out…!」

 Rachel, who had managed to catch up with Irene after running as fast as she could, immediately schooled her expression to a stern one. There was the guards’ armband attached to her arms. 

「We’re part of the guards! Please stop using violence and coercing female students――Are you alright?」

 Rachel approached the female student whose arm had been grasped by the male student first and foremost. 

 Flabbergasted, Selena raised her eyebrows. 

「Why are the guards――I mean… better yet, why is there a duck here!? Who are you!?」

『I am just a duck without a name.』

「That voice… is that you, Airi Kahlua? There’s a limit even for a joke!」

「Airi? Why are you wearing a duck costume?」

 Selena’s grim face immediately disappeared as soon as she saw Auguste appear with bread from the school canteen in his hand. Frankly, she was too easy to read. 

『I don’t want to show my face for a while.』

「Did you get hurt? You’re a man, aren’t you? Don’t worry about it. Let me see――」

 Auguste stopped with both of his hands raised in the air when Irene pointed her sword at him. 

「Y-you’re quite dexterous. I’m surprised that you can still use a sword with that hand…」


「……The guards are undoubtedly busy considering that you have to work even when you’re wearing that kind of getup.」

 Irene sighed at Auguste’s words from within the duck’s head.. 

『There are too many male students misbehaving while looking for a partner for the ball. So, I’ve already decided to kick them flying as soon as I see them…』

「It’s almost time for the school festival, after all. Ah, I can help if you want.」

『Then, can you take this guy to the guards’ room? There’s a guy named Isaac on standby to mark them for violating the rules』

「Got it. And, Selena. Stop trying to be a mediator like the guards.」

「I-I was asked by someone to be a mediator!」

 Instead of Auguste who was chiding her, Selena stared intensely at Irene while laughing.

「A transfer student like you may not know this, but it’s harrowing to be alone on your own at the after-event party of the school festival. That’s why I became a mediator for the sake of that girl…And Auguste, don’t treat me like a villain when you don’t even know anything.」

「Ah, yeah…I only happened to pass by as well, my bad.」

『You don’t have to worry about that. The guards have decided to be responsible for the girls at the dance so they won’t feel left out.』


 Irene shifted her attention to Rachel and the female student instead of Selena, who was taken aback by Irene’s words. 

『If a guy is forcing a girl because he’s having trouble finding a dance partner, I want her to consult with the security team first. My uselessly good looking fellow guards members will serve as their dance partners. Please feel free to dance with me as well, if you’d like.』

「Um…will that…be okay…?」

『Of course. But excuse me for being a little short, though.』

「A-ah, Airi-sama has promised to dance with me first!」

 Irene laughed at Rachel who puffed up her cheeks――But since the duck’s head covered her face, Rachel probably did not see it.  

『I know. But I have to help… It’d be dangerous to rely too much on Walt-senpai. And Isaac has no stamina. We already have made promises to five people so far, so….』

「Huh…I-is that so?…j-just now, h-how many people did you say you that you made promises to?……」

「Heh, that’s interesting. Can I join in as well?」


 Auguste smiled lightly to Selena’s cry of dismay. 

「Well, I was worried about choosing a dance partner for the after-event party, you know? So I was thinking that I might as well be useful for this kind of thing instead.」

「U-um, but if it’s you, Auguste, you can――!」

『Thanks, Auguste! You’re a big help!』

 Irene firmly grasped both of Auguste’s hands after interrupting Selena’s words. 

『You can get  the details from Walt-senpai later.』

「I see, Walt-senpai did say that he would be joining the guards.」

 With a nod, Auguste helped the male student, whom Irene had continued to step on while they were talking, up and left with him. Meanwhile, Rachel went with the female student to escort her back to her friends. 

 Irene narrowed her eyes as she witnessed Selena clenching her fist tightly. Since at that very moment, they were the only ones left at the scene, Irene thought that she might as well talk to her. 

『Auguste sure is popular. I mean, the letter posted on the bulletin board the other day was also addressed to him, wasn’t it?』

「……Oh, is that right?」

『I saw that the girl who wrote that letter left it in your care.』

 Selena let out a sarcastic laugh after turning around to face Irene. 

「What? Don’t tell me that you’re accusing me of doing it? So the guards will also poke their nose into those kind of affairs?」

『No, I’m just confirming it.』

「From the way you’re talking, it sounds like you’re suspecting me. In that case, why don’t you tell everyone that I’m the one who did it? I don’t think anyone will believe you, though.」

 Irene has nothing to say to that. In fact, Selena had a high reputation. Faithful to the game setting, she was very reliable and had a firm disposition against the boys in the academy, making her the subject of the girls’ trust and aspirations, causing them to gather around her. There was also the fact that she was in the student council, making her someone whom boys would give their respect to despite her being a woman. 

(…Well, it doesn’t bring any harm to me…but I don’t like her way of doing things.)

With pursed lips, Irene was pondering what to do when she heard Selena’s laughter. 

「So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m busy――」

 Suddenly, there was a commotion. Selena shifted her attention to it.   

 They heard someone yell ‘It’s the Demon King!’  

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