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Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 13 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

The matter reached its conclusion the next day after school.

「Here, the letter」

Irene unintentionally murmured when looking at the letter that Isaac brought back easily.

「My subordinate is scarily competent……How on earth did you do it?」(Irene)

「I tempted him with money and asked him to play a round of poker with me. Just when he was about to lose, I broached the topic about how cute the girl named Rachel is then he put the letter down as a bet」(Isaac)

「The Professor is supposed to be good at playing poker. You did well winning against him」(Walt)

Walt, who tagged along with Irene as if it was something natural, was impressed.

They also called Rachel to this vacant classroom, but she had not turned up yet.

「Poker is psychological warfare. I’m sure he’s pretty shaken up about yesterday’s matter either. He also seems flustered about not knowing what’s going on. Besides, I’m very good at cheating」

Let’s not play poker with Isaac. Irene secretly swore in her heart while making a sound of acknowledgment.

「He angrily stamped the IOUs, since even I, as a student, make light of him. I’m going to sell this to somewhat a punk acquaintance of mine」

「……。somewhat a punk?」

「Publicly, he’s a legal debt collector, so yeah, ‘somewhat.’ With this, it’s the end of that Professor even if we left him alone since he’ll be fired immediately if the likes of a debt collector came to the academy」

「――Well, I guess that’s fine. So, did you ask him how did he get the letter? And did he say anything about the magic incense?」

「It seems like he picked it up along with the letter. He only noticed that he felt good after using it, not knowing what it was. There appears to be no more of it left for him to use because conversely, he asked me, who was probing him about it, what it is and where can he get his hands on it」

Irene sighed while making the sound of acknowledgment.

「According to Rachel, her friend was planning to burn the letter in the incinerator, so she put it inside of her bag, but she didn’t realize when she lost it…… And then, what kind of circumstances that made the Professor picked up the magic incense?」

「That’s the only thing I can’t confirm…… So, what am I supposed to do with this money?」

Isaac exchanged glances with Irene asking for her decision. Isaac would be honest when it comes to this kind of thing.

Before Irene was able to say something, the length of the shadow behind Isaac got longer by seconds. It was Rachel. Isaac wasn’t aware of her presence. Irene, for some reason or another, smiled without informing him about Rachel’s presence.

「I think you can do whatever you like with it」

「Oh, I see. Then, first of all, I’m going to hand this over to the victim. It seems like she’s going to be disinherited by her parents, so it’s better if she can have as much money as she can. She also will be able to pay the rest of her school expenses with this, and well, I can give her a referral for employment as well」

「Would you look at that, you’re a good guy, aren’t you?」

It seemed like Walt and Rachel had realized about it. Isaac glared at Walt, who was supporting a suggestive smile on his face.

「It’d be bad for my conscience if I were to take this money. You’d destroy yourself if you make a wrong step when dealing with money…… All that’s left is the woman named Rachel」

「The refund for the blackmailed money?」

「Before that, we need to repay the debt that that woman’s family made to her fiance’s family! Then, they can cancel the engagement. That woman also wants to break off her engagement, isn’t she? That is the proper solution. Instead of writing complaints in the love letter that wasn’t meant to be made public, she should have done this from the very beginning」

「Then, why don’t you say that to Rachel’s face now? Right, Rachel」

Isaac was startled listening to the name of that woman being called out by Irene. But, he immediately clicked his tongue with an awkward look on his face.

「Anyway, I’m going to make money from the IOUs. That’s all from me」

As expected, he quickly decided to withdraw. Without bothering to scowl at Irene, who was holding back her smile, Isaac turned on his heel. He didn’t even speak to Rachel. Rachel also only saw off his retreating back silently.

「Aren’t you glad, Rachel?」

「Y-yes…… But, is there a reason for doing this for me?……」

「Do you find it hard to believe him?」

Rachel weakly smiled while biting her lips. She still wasn’t sure whether or not to believe Isaac.

「You probably don’t trust men right now」

「N-no way. I mean, Airi-sama has saved me so many times over now」

Well, I’m actually a woman – Irene secretly said in her heart. Irene gently talked to her so she won’t shut herself here.

「Don’t worry about it. It’ll be weird if you don’t have any distrust towards males at all after all this. But deep down, please bear in mind that you only trusted the wrong guy, that’s all――After all, it may be a guy who hurts you, but in the end, the one who helps you is also a guy」

Rachel didn’t nod her head in agreement. Instead, she grasped both of her hands tightly――and held her head up high.

「I just wanted to be special」

Irene wavered as she listened to the remarks that appeared on the game. Rachel earnestly continued.


「My motivation of wanting to help my friend was probably because of that, as well. I want to be a cool and special girl who could help other girls like Selena-sama…… But, I was afraid to have a head-on confrontation. That’s why, in the matter with that Professor, I became the mediator without doubting anything. If I genuinely want to help my friend, even if I were to be punched and kicked, I should have stood my ground and questioned him myself」

「It’s not your fault. The faulty one is the environment around you that don’t listen to your voices」

Irene threw an accusatory glance at Walt, but he disregarded that completely.

「Even still――I’m going to break off my engagement myself. Because I’m sure, even if I pay back the debt, nothing will change if I remain weak……」

「Yeah, that’s right. That’s fine」

「I genuinely want to become a cool girl. I want to be able to look at a man’s face without being timid. That’s why――if it’s possible, can I join the guards? I may not be able to do any physical work, but I’ll do odd jobs or just about anything」

Irene was taken aback by her proposal, but she immediately smiled.

「Of course you’d be welcome to join. Best regards, Rachel」

「Yes! Airi-sama」

「That means you’re our fourth member, best regards」

Irene frowned, looking at Walt, who nonchalantly exchanged his greetings with Rachel.

「Are you implying that you’re the third member, senpai? I don’t remember approving you in as one though」

「Eh, what’s this? Last night we were each other’s confidant, weren’t we?」

Irene sighed when she saw Rachel wavered after listening to Walt suggestive tone.

「I understand. Then I have a job for you that you need to do immediately. Please ask permission from President James for us to use this vacant classroom as the guards’ room」

「No problem」

「T-then, as for me, I’ll clean this room so we can use it! I’m going to borrow the cleaning tools!」

Rachel, with great determination, went out of the room to look for the cleaning tools.

Walt asked Irene for confirmation when it was only them left in the room.

「So how are you going to explain the situation to President James and Lily’s ladies? Because it seems like the easiest way to cover up for Rachel-chan is by blaming the monsters」

「I’m going to tell them that the criminal is Professor Kenneth. And Rachel is not related to the case. It’ll be perfect if I add that it’d be better if they don’t publish the facts considering its impact on students」

「And you think Professor Kenneth will be quiet about it?」

「Then I should make the report after the Professor is no longer in school」

Then the Professor would not be able to make any objections. It would also save them some times.

「Even so, if President James saw some flaws in my report, I shall publish this case on the news. After all, I have a good friendship with a skillful reporter」

Jasper was on standby in the city. Walt raised his eyebrows when she hinted that at him. Irene guessed that they didn’t want an outsider to interfere with the magic incense undercover investigation inside the academy.

「It’s better if you report this matter to Lily’s Ladies after professor Kenneth’s disciplinary dismissal. That will be a lot more convincing. They certainly wouldn’t want to see their alma mater to be on the front page of the daily news」

「……Those kinds of ladies indeed dislike scandal. The report is undoubtedly perfect. Nevertheless, I’m surprised. A lady with an overflowing sense of justice like you keep on exposing your wickedness in broad daylight」

「Don’t sweat the small stuff. Besides, the real culprit of this case is the Professor, right?」

After looking at Irene in wonderment, Walt left with a smile without giving her his reply. But, that itself was a silent confirmation from him.

If Professor Kenneth learned about Rachel and her friend’s problem, and it was not by accident that he got that letter, then Irene had one candidate in mind for the real culprit.

(Rachel and her friend went to Selena for a consultation)

Irene stood by the window and looked at the students at the lower level.

In the game, the magic incense was made by mustard plants that grew naturally inside the Academy grounds. However, when she went to check the part that she left on purpose this morning, it remained undisturbed, and there was no sign of someone touching it.

Luc and Quartz assumed the role of research students immediately after Claude’s took office. If the perpetrator were to collect the mustards, then it would be the time before that. The magic incense would considerably be made earlier, but it would not have matched with the time when the magic incense came out in the game.

(Don’t tell me that the magic incense from the church is being put on the black market……?)

Perhaps the reason why Kenneth, a person unrelated to the game, was able to be involved with the magic incense was that the source of where he obtained it was different from the game. Assuming that Walt let Kenneth, whom they suspected was using the magic incense, went free to catch the boss, then everything was explained.

(But in the game, it was James who was involved with the magic incense……)

I wonder who it was, where did he get the magic incense, and for what reason is he using it?

Outside of Irene’s window, she could see Selena was bustling with laughter with other female students. ――Next time, what would Selena do with the letter entrusted to her by a female student that was meant for Auguste?

――The answers could always be found in unexpected places.


「It says, to the gentle Auguste-sama」

「Who the heck wrote this? There’s about him appearing in her dreams or something」

「It’s the guards!Get away from here!」

Irene drove the students away from in front of the bulletin board, where the cute letter was posted. Thinking it was crueler to return the letter to its owner, Irene decided to crush the letter instead.

(It’s stereotypical harassment to put up the love letter on the bulletin board……But, does she has to go this far in doing it?)

Perhaps, this was the retaliation against Auguste for when he turned down her invitation. Selena was surprisingly simple.

Irene was feeling bitter when someone tugged at her shoulder. A guy taller than Irene, looked down on her while grinning.

「I came to see an interesting object that I heard someone had put up here, let me see it」

「This has nothing to do with the guards, right? The bulletin board is something for everyone to see」

「Hey……What are you doing?!」(Irene)

The male students ignored the struggling Irene, who had her arms bound behind her back by that guy. Then someone stopped them the moment when the letter seemed about to be snatched away.

「It’s unsightly, so stop it」


Kyle picked up the letter that fell in between Irene and the male students and gave it to her.

「Don’t you think that outnumbering someone is an act of cowardice?」

「L-……Let’s go」

The male students ran away after exchanging looks with each other. Although Kyle was an accountant in the student council, he was famous for his mastery in martial arts. It seemed like he had simultaneously beat up several numbers of people in the taijutsu class. That must be the reason why those male students chose to run away. Perhaps the intimidating air around him was due to his tall figure coupled with a calm gaze, which was the result of the training that he and Walt received as the “unnamed priest.”

「Thank you very much……」

「It seems like you have knowledge in martial arts to some extent, but you are too thin. I’m sure you don’t have much strength either. Don’t you think it’s the height of folly for a weak person to be in the guards?」

Irene assumed that Walt hadn’t told Kyle that she was a woman from the justifiable points he pointed out to her.

(They seem on bad terms even in the game……Sort of like rivals who can’t get along……)

Irene was sure they maintained a reasonable distance while working together.

「Besides, I’m sure collecting the letter that was posted on the bulletin boards isn’t the guards’ job」

「But, I can’t leave it alone」

「――you’re willing to go that far for the sake of a stranger」

「Eh? It’s for my sake, you know? I thought that this kind of thing is wrong, so I took it down」

Kyle seemed surprised by Irene’s matter of fact answer. But, it was only for an instant he gave her a look, then spilled a sigh as if he was amazed by her.

「You’re an eccentric despite being weak」

「It’s called being strong-willed. I thank you once again. I’m saved」

「There she is, Airi-cha――Oh hey Kyle, you’re here as well?」

Walt dashed to Irene, where she was bowing her head to Kyle. In contrast to the disgusted look on Walt’s face, Kyle was an epitome of calmness.

「Did something happened?」

「……Kind of. I’m just going to go ahead and say it since I think everyone will know about it soon. Ashtart; he appears」

Irene looked up and saw Walt had a wry smile while Kyle was frowning.

「Of all places, this was posted on the bulletin board at the rear entrance――」

『To the foolish humans who refuse to offer the head of the Maiden of the Holy Sword. My next target will be the Misha Academy. You will regret it when bloody rain falls during the school festival』

It was soon after that a report came saying that the acting principal, Claude Jeanne Elmeier, would go back and forth to the Misha Academy at fixed intervals to protect it.

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