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ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 11

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: Dan

Vol.2 Ch. 11

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 11 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

The sound of Kenneth’s shriek resounded through the nighttime air. 

Although Irene had no idea about what exactly she was to do next, she ultimately decided to move towards the direction of the scream rather than pursuing an unknown presence.  

(If I recall correctly, this area is the rear garden–)

Irene’s line of vision suddenly expanded. 

Kenneth had collapsed on the lawn. Beside him, there was a shadowy figure swaggering beneath the luminescence. 

Translucent silver hair that seemed almost blue. Two horns were poking out from his head. Black wings were sprouting from his back. His red-eyes were identical to the Demon King. 

The devilish figure, who stood tranquil underneath the moonlit night, was as beautiful as a fallen archangel. 

Irene was immediately able to correlate the scene she was witnessing to one she remembered.

It was the CG for an event.

(Don’t tell me it’s James! Why is he becoming a monster?! As I thought, this scent is――)

Irene’s common-sense told her to take a step back from the monster. At the same instant, she caught the sound of someone forcing their way through the thicket behind her. 

The person approaching them was Walt. Seeing him, Irene made a split-second decision to yell at the monster.

「You need to run away quickly if you’re not the perpetrator behind the vampire occurrence!」{Irene}

The monster raised his face as if what she said had shocked him. Irene was barely able to catch the slight action as the monster swiftly used his black wings to fly away. 

Immediately, the sound of someone firing a gun reverberated from behind her. 

The bullet bypassed Irene and pursued the shadow of the monster, which was gradually becoming smaller.   

「 You..! Did you let the monster away just now?」{Walt}

「What are you talking about, Senpai?」{Irene}

Walt stepped out from the shadowy undergrowth into the moonlight, not bothering to hide his gun. Striking out, he grabbed Irene by her collar with a smile on his face. 

In such a position, Irene had anticipated that Walt would aim the gun at her, but instead, he furiously tore open the clothes surrounding her chest region. The buttons on her uniform popped off, exposing her breasts that were bandaged tightly with a cloth. 

Irene instantly attempted to conceal her bust, but Walt shoved her to the ground with all of his strength. However, Irene didn’t miss the opportunity to fight back.   

Walt stood, glaring downwards, with a gun aimed at Irene’s forehead while Irene pointed her sword at the base of his throat.  

「 I was right, you’re a woman….who are you? Tell me and depending on your answer, I’ll decide what to do with you. I won’t let you off lightly just because you’re a human.」{Walt}

Although Walt had a sweet smile upon his face, his words were spoken in a menacing tone. 

Irene also flashed a bold smile in response despite being threatened by him. She still had an ace up her sleeve.

「The church’s ability to investigate something isn’t that impressive, don’t you think so? 」{Irene}

「What did you say?」{Walt}

「I know who you are. The purger from Milchetta Church: The unnamed priest. A human that was secretly raised by the church who strengthened him by a magic incense that can overcome even a monster. The evidence is the holy gun that you’re currently carrying.」{Irene}

Irene stated as she glanced at the gun in Walt’s hand. 

It was a special gun that shot silver bullets that had been refined with holy water. The Holy Gun could kill a lower-rank monster with only a single shot. 

「Wow~ you sure know your stuff. But then, you’ll surely realize who’s involved based solely on this gun.」{Walt}

「The one who was sent to this academy with you is Kyle-Senpai.」{Irene}

Walt regarded Irene curiously. She had organized her knowledge of the game as though she was piecing together the information given to her.

「Both of you are the youngest and the best ‘Unnamed Priests’ there are. You two were sent here because the church received intel concerning the high-level monster that the church had been tracking was hiding here. Plus there was also the possibility of someone using the magic incense staying here――Am I wrong?」{Irene}

「――Who are you?」{Walt}

Walt echoed his previous question but with marginally more care.

Irene spoke with a meaningful smile gracing her face. 

「Can you kindly release me?」{Irene}

Walt realized that he was at a major disadvantage due to his opponent’s vast intel and lowered his gun. Irene stood up after buttoning the few buttons on her chest that had managed to remain attached. 

「I will not tell anyone about your real identity. In return, I want you to keep silent about me being a woman. So then, let’s leave it at that for tonight, shall we? 」{Irene}

「…Even after I leave?」{Walt}

「Then, should I tell you who I am? What will it be, Mister unnamed-priest-who-will-kill-even-a-baby-for-the-sake-of-subjugating-a-monster?」{Irene}

The church’s headquarters in Milchetta was a known organization, even throughout the Elmeier Kingdom. However, Irene’s father, Rudolph, had never even pretended to be pious to the church. 

Besides, it would be easier to secure James’s protection if all the church’s attention was focused on Irene. The high-level monster that they were pursuing was James.

(I think he can still be reverted back to a human, but…)

 The fact that James ran off without attacking Irene was confirmation of his consciousness. There was surely hope. 

「… It’s the first time a woman ever used caustic words to me.」{Walt}

Walt stowed away his gun as he said that. His rumpled uniform had skillfully hidden the gun from sight.  

「Okay――I’ll take up your offer. There’ll be no benefit for me if I reveal the fact you’re a woman. On the other hand, we’ll be irritated if our true identities were exposed and cause the monster to raise his vigilance. Let’s make our identities, our secret.」{Walt}

「 I’m glad we were able to reach such a conclusion.」{Irene}

「 You’re truly brave to fight against us when even the church regards us as an existence akin to monsters. Even so, I want a quick confirmation about the student named Isaac: is he your friend?」{Walt}

「It seems useless to hide it, so yes, he is.」{Irene}

「It’s easy to work with an intelligent young lady…so, what are you gonna do with the professor, Chief?」{Walt}

Irene looked at Kenneth, who was still lying on the ground and then looked backed at Walt. It seemed that her being called chief was a sign that the previous conversation was over.

「Can you testify the conversation between Professor and Rachel, Senpai?」{Irene}

「Sorry, can’t do that. I don’t want anyone to know that I was with you tonight.」{Walt}

The way he phrased his words was obscure, but in short, his point was that if his identity were to be revealed, the monster would increase his vigilance towards him. 

Irene decided she should at least compromise on that. 

「I understand. Shall we go back to wherever Rachel is?」{Irene}

「Eh? Is it okay to leave the professor alone? Although, it seems like he’s only fallen unconscious.」{Walt}

「Even if I caught him, he can make up an excuse saying that it was the work of the monster even with Isaac and I’s testimony. Besides, I won’t be able to cover up for Rachel.」{Irene}

Walt had an astonished look on his face. 

「How about you do an investigation on Professor Kenneth, Senpai? He had clearly shown his superhuman tendency. You might be able to learn something, like magic incense or such.」{Irene]

「Oh…no, it’s alright. He’s merely a guy who likes to pull his opponents off balance.」{Walt}

「…Is it okay for you to tell me something like that?」{Irene}

「It’s not important information. Shall we now go back to where Rachel-chan is, Airi-chan?」{Walt}

Irene raised her eyebrow in reply to her given name. For some reason, Walt laughed delightedly after seeing her response. 

「From the way you responded, can I assume that the name Airi is close to your actual name? 」{Walt}

「Hmm, perhaps.」{Irene}

「How cold. We are each other’s confidant, are we not?」{Walt}

「You’re right.」{Irene}

Irene started walking back to where she came from, deeming it a waste of time to deal with him any more than this. 

Even so, Walt trailed behind her in seemingly good spirits.  

Translator note:

  1. See how pretty my translation is after a good editing. DAN is amazing we need to give her so much looooovvvvveeeee!! 

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