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ARNRBKM – Almond (Part 2)


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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody

Almond (Part 2)

Novel Raw: アーモンド || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

It was a meeting place made by Donny. Donny took advantage of the nature of the forest trees and provide them with a convenient thing called roof to shelter them from the wind and rain. At the innermost center, there was a splendid hundreds of years old trees that became a gathering place for many comrades from the Air Force to rest their wings. 

And then, this was the place where the cookies were being distributed first thing in the morning. At the sight of the basket, the eyes of his comrades who had been waiting for the cookies, lit up while making an uproar. 

「Cookies! Cookies!」

「Is there a pie!?」

「Take turns! Line up!」

When Almond issued a command, they took a cookie a piece at a time without rummaging the basket. He had told them that those who refuse a command will be burned by Irene’s Holy Sword and above all, they would be troubling the Demon King-sama by doing so.

Everyone didn’t want the Demon King-sama to be troubled. 

「Today, I’ll take, jam」

「I, chocopie……」

「Leave it to me! Leave it to me!」

Because the chefs from the D’Autriche Ducal House were always prepared to meet everyone’s expectations, the monsters had no trouble leaving the pastry selection up to the chefs to surprise them. They won’t even be bothered if their favorite cookies were not made for that day.

And today’s selection is the sugar cookies sprinkled with coarse sugar on top. 

After giving it a thought for a moment, Almond ate an almond cookie. After that, he picked a sugar cookie, then jumped down to a root of a tree. 

There was a white crow hiding in a small hollow of a tree that could hardly be seen from outside. 


As he said that, Almond placed the selected cookie he brought somewhere near the crow’s hiding place. 

The crow with only half of his face shown, looked at Almond. His feather truly was pure white. But his eyes were the same red-colored as the Demon King-sama’s. The same red-colored as Almond’s.  

He’s a monster that Keith had bought back and brought to them just some time ago. 

「It’s really delicious, eat it」

「……things that the human, made……」

Their pure white-colored new comrade, hated humans.  

Almond heard that he was caught by a human and had always been kept, trapped in a cage with his wings snapped to prevent him from flying. His beautiful eyes were hollow, and at the time when Keith brought him back, he was on the verge of dying but the Demon King-sama managed to heal him. 

But it seemed like the Demon King-sama didn’t manage to cure his wounded heart. 

It seemed like he was too scared to go out even with the presence of the Demon King-sama because of his human form. Even at the moment he woke up, he would scream and go wild; it was dreadful. 

He was a comrade that couldn’t even fly after being held captive for a long time.  

Keith had blamed himself. Donny said that he would make a bed that even if he goes wild, he will not sustain any injuries; Luc and Quartz taught him stuff like berries that could help to calm his nerves and other delicious things as well. Jasper also brought the crow a blanket, and the other day, Isaac read to him a book with characters that were very similar to Almond and the others’ appearances while feigning ignorance to the crow’s plight. 

To say that all of the human beings in here were being kind to this guy was not really far from the truth. 

But this guy didn’t even want to try to meet them halfway. It was puzzling to all of the monsters. If others were to start a fight with the white crow, Irene would take out her Holy Sword, but it was also too far off to say that the white crow was being bullied by other monsters. So, coupling the fact that he would be frightened even at the sight of the Demon King-sama with the crow’s pure white appearance, he couldn’t help but ended up being avoided by other monsters.   

However, Almond won’t abandon him because the Demon King-sama had enlisted Almond for his help. After all, this pure white-colored crow would become a member of the Air Force. 

「Then, what do you want to eat? You, don’t fly. I’ll take it, for you」

「Don’t want……」

「Are you going to take it by yourself? You, what can make you fly?」

「If the humans, gone, I’ll fly」

Almond was troubled. That’s impossible. 

The Demon King-sama permitted the human to come and go from this forest. Demon King-sama words were absolute. The white crow should have known about Demon King-sama’s authority as well, and yet, this fellow was still being unreasonable.  

「There’s no way I can trust the likes of human……」

Almond fell into contemplation after listening to his resentful words. 

Almond also had that kind of thought once.

He wondered why he’s fine with the humans now.

And then, he arrived at a conclusion. 

「Eat the cookie」


「Eat it!」

It’s impossible for the likes of a newcomer, who refused to fly and only crouching at the root of a tree, to fight Almond. 

Almond pinned down that white figure using his talon and forcibly fed him with the cookie. The crow gulped down the cookie while looking confused.  



「If it’s delicious, then from now on, you’re Sugar」

The white-colored guy snapped his eyes open.  

Almond felt satisfied with himself. 

「Ore-same, Almond. You, Sugar. It’s decided!」


「Irene, named me. Ore-sama, named you」

Irene gave him a cookie, thus he received a name. 

Although he was mad because the cookie he received was laced with an anesthetic, he didn’t hate the name. Because with the bow tie on his chest, it was a magic that made Almond as “Almond” from amongst many monsters.  

「Next, that’s right, Ore-same will protect you! Because Ore-same is the Captain after all」

And Irene, had saved his friends. 

That’s why Almond had began to trust Irene. 

「If you understand, practice dancing, you’ll participate, as well! Don’t have enough time! We’re going to surprise, Demon King-sama!」

After several months, it would be the Demon King-sama birthday. 

Irene was excited to prepare for the Demon King-sama’s birthday’s celebration  with the best of her ability. She prepared a lot of feasts, cleaned up the abandoned castle, and promised to celebrate the Demon King-sama’s birthday with everyone all night long.  

Almond and the other monsters joined together to think of a present knowing that the thing called birthday required a present. Even monsters had a faction according to its species. Because everyone was different, they thought that it might be impossible for all of them to find one suitable present――As a result, Almond and his friends chose to show the Demon King-sama a dance as a present. It seemed like humans danced around to celebrate, so he decided to imitate it.  

Currently, Beelzebub was desperately practicing the percussion instrument made by Donny. It seemed like the story of them practicing had reached the humans side through Donny, and they offered to help Almond and the others with their dance practice. However, of course, it remained a secret to both Irene and Demon King-sama.   

Everyone was in high spirits to give a surprise to the Demon King-sama.

Demon King-sama would be pleased.

「You’re pure white. I’ll give you a good position!」

「……There’s no way, I can do that well……」

「Ore-sama and the others will dance, Demon King-sama will be pleased, it’s alright!」

Because Isaac who coached them to make the dance more refined said “this definitely can be sold, we can do business with this”, it’s certainly would be wonderful. Even Jasper said he wanted to write an article about their dance. Luc and Quartz decided to prepare a flower decoration to improve the charms of those who participated in the dance. 

There was no reason for it to fail. 

Almond went down to the lowest place of the tree root.

And then, he called out to the white crow.


The white monster whose name being called, stared back at the crow who possessed the same color as his own eyes: Almond. He timidly took a step forward to start anew in his life.   

Seeing that, Almond puffed out his chest with pride. 

Almond was the captain. The red bow-tie he wore was the proof of that. 

「Ore-sama protect, Ore-sama is great!」

――It is a matter of the future when Sugar whom Almond was supposed to protect, conspicuously distinguished himself that he ended up receiving a blue bow tie, threatening Almond’s social position.  

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