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ARNRBKM – Almond (Part 1)


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Almond chapter is hella long. Will probably divided this to 3 parts instead of 2

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody

Almond (Part 1)

Novel Raw: アーモンド || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

The morning started early for the Demon King’s Number One Air Force Captain Almond.   

It was all because ever since their beloved Demon King-sama was engaged to a human woman, his workload has been increasing. 


「How many times do I have to tell you not to come out from my shadow when I’m in the middle of having breakfast!?」(Irene)

Almond who had barged into the D’Autriche Ducal House’s dining table was jumping up and down on the floor――Just recently, if he flew around causing his feathers to scatter everywhere, Irene would become extremely angry at him and Almond ended up banned from eating cookies for three whole days. Because of that, he only moved around while he was on the floor――eagerly waiting for his cookies. 

Then, Irene rang a bell in resignation. The door was opened right on cue, and a maid entered with a basket as if she’s been waiting for the bell to ring. Almond’s eyes sparkled upon seeing the usual round netted basket.

「Almond-sama, here you go」(Maid)

「Good job!」(Almond)

For some reason, the maid who brought in the basket, immediately turned her face away and her shoulders trembled after Almond gave her a neat salutation. But she promptly put on her serious face when explaining today’s basket’s content to Almond.

「These are the cookies made by Chefs of the D’Autriche Ducal House with the best of their abilities using all the ingredients that you’ve gathered. They had received some pointers from Irene Ojou-sama the other day and made some improvements based on it」(Maid)


「Meaning, they added some things to make it more delicious」(Irene)

What does that mean? The feathers on Almond’s whole body started to tremble. 

We would like to hear the opinion of the members of the Demon King Air Force again. All of the servants in this mansion would like to express our gratitude once again for protecting this mansion」(Maid)

「Roger! I’ll show this to Demon King-sama!」(Almond)

「Please tell Claude-sama that today I’ll be coming over to his place a little over the afternoon」(Irene)

「Message? Reward, cake!」

「A whole cake just for a message is tad too much, don’t you think? Moreover, I don’t have such time……Alright, it can’t be helped, then. Next time, okay?」(Irene)


Almond’s duty was to watch over the D’Autriche Ducal House. If he was to find  someone suspicious lurking around the perimeter, he would have to tell the servants about it and if he was to hear gossip somewhere, he would have to tell Irene about it. The whole action of moving in secrecy while taking some distance away from the target to avoid being detected was the craze amongst Almond and the others now, making it the coolest job there is at the moment. 

The treatment towards him was also excellent. The humans in the mansion gave Almond a proper courtesy, and the human called Irene’s Father told him that if he brought back a rubbish, he’ll treat him with new confectioneries. Even the humans in charge of making the confectioneries in the D’Autriche Ducal House would present the researched confectioneries to him on a daily basis. He had received a lot of delicious things making Almond and everyone else happy. Everything was good.

However, Almond couldn’t left Irene’s handmade confectioneries alone. Although he had gone through a wretched experience with it and knew that there were a lot more other confectioneries, for some reason, he couldn’t stop eating hers. When he asked the Demon King-sama the reason for his behavior, the Demon King-sama told him that “it means you like it”. 

「Demon King-sama, I’ll tell him. I’m off with the cookies!」(Almond)

「Alright, see you. Make sure to bring the cookies to Demon King-sama」

「I know! See ya, human!」

While carefully holding onto the handle of the basket using his beak to prevent the contents from spilling over, Almond skillfully flew back into Irene’s shadow. 

The shadow was created using Demon King-sama’s power, and one could immediately go to the place they want to. When he opened his eyes, Almond already fell at the feet of the Demon King-sama who was currently reading the newspaper on his bed. Perhaps Keith already finished his morning greetings routine because there were already coffee and sandwich prepared by the bedside. 

「Good morning, Almond」(Claude)

「Demon King-sama, good morning, good morning! Cookies!」(Almond)

「Okay, come here」(Claude)

The Demon King-sama who was still in his pajamas, put the newspaper away after folding it and gently held a cookie in his hand. He’s making sure that the cookies were free from dangerous substances before consumption. 

The Demon King-sama will make sure to validate all of the presents that are going to be distributed to everyone. When they began receiving candies from D’Autriche Ducal House, Almond faithfully protected the others from the thing that Irene called “sour”. Because it’s the Captain’s duty to keep everyone safe after all.

「It’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with them」(Claude)

「Demon King-sama, just past noon, Irene will come!」(Almond)

「Okay, I got it. I’ll be away from home anyway. I’m going to visit the castle this morning」

「Castle? Demon King-sama, alone?」

That place called “castle” is a dangerous place. In the past, it was a place where the Demon King-sama almost get killed many times over. Sensing his hesitation of letting Demon King-sama going to such place alone, the Demon King-sama gently laughed at him. 

「I’ll be fine. Keith and Bel will be coming along with me」(Claude)

「Shall Ore-sama, come along?」(Almond)

「You guys have some work to do, too, don’t you? What are you going to do today?」

Almond gave his confirmation to Claude’s question. He tilted his head to the side to think about their tasks for today. 

「We’re going to help Donny. The werewolves’ residence, will soon complete !」

「I see. Then, how’s your house?」

「Comfortable! Next, build a military headquarters……」

Almond stammered a little after his enthusiastic response to the Demon King.

When the Demon King-sama asked him what’s wrong, he hesitated to speak his mind. 

「Demon King-sama, money, do you have it?」(Almond)

The Demon King-sama stiffened while he was drinking his coffee. 

Almond who had been taught about economy by Isaac, already knew that one must possess money for one to build a building. It was similar to one have to work in order to get cookies.  

And it seems like the thing called money must be prepared by the Demon King-sama. He also heard a terrifying story from Isaac and Jasper. Although it might seem like the King could borrow some money from Irene, if the King somehow ends up drowning in debt, Almond and the others will be sold to Irene, and they will no longer be the Demon King-sama’s monsters. 

When Irene found out about the monsters that had fell into depression after listening to their story, she was extremely mad at Isaac and Jasper. Donny was also angry and told the monsters that “there’s no way I’m letting that to happen”. What a good guy.

「……What have Irene and the others been teaching you……」(Claude)

「Are you going to sell us? Demon King-sama, are we going to be apart?……」(Almond)

「It’s alright. There’s no way I’m letting you guys go」(Claude)

When Claude patted his head gently, Almond became happy immediately. The things that Demon King-sama said were absolute.   

「Understood! I’ll be off with the cookies」(Almond)

「Yeah, make sure to properly share it with the others. That’s right, how’s the white-colored child who came in recently?」(Claude)

「Ore-sama, I’ll look over the problem!」(Almond)

Almond puffed his chest proudly because the Demon King-sama asked for a favor from him. 

After acknowledging Almond’s respond, the Demon King-sama snapped his fingers. Without notice, the basket of cookies had already been transferred to the meeting place where all the Air Forces were gathered.

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