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ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama Wants a Friend (Part 1)

Demon King-sama Wants a Friend

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody

Demon King-sama Wants a Friend (Part 1)

Novel Raw: 魔王様はご友人を所望する || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

Being stylish is a duke’s daughter――nay, one could also say being stylish is something that all of the ladies enjoy. Of course, for her, it’ll be more enjoyable if there’s an excellent material to work on with. 

So it couldn’t be helped if she enjoyed herself too much she ended up wasting all day working on the said excellent material: her own fiance. 

「Claude-sama, here. Can you try this one on as well?」

「Another one?……」(Claude)

「Because you look fantastic no matter what you wear, Claude-sama!」(Irene)

「Which one?」(Claude)

「How weak, Demon King-sama」

「Isn’t it fine?  With them being chummy, I mean」

「……It’s been 5 hours. Demon King-sama is admirable for putting up with this」

「Because Demon King-sama can fit everything so well no matter what he wearsーHe’s amazing, isn’t he?」

「Obviously. He’s the King after all」

「Thanks to the castle’s renovation, now we’ll be able to move things into the castle, so I have to work hard as well」(Keith)

「In the first place, Demon King-sama owns too little things like furniture and clothes, didn’t he? Even Oji-san owns a little bit more than him」

The people who gathered under Irene’s order laughed bitterly while working in the corner of the room.  

Claude would snap his fingers everytime Irene cheerfully hold out a suit to him. He changed clothes just in a blink of an eye with magic. 

The brand new cravat fluttered lightly as he changed to a matching top and bottom dark blue-colored luxurious clothes. 

「As I thought, let’s go with this. The traditional visage is also good, but we have to keep up with the latest fashion trends!」(Irene)

「I see. By the way, if you’re okay with this look… it’s almost time…」(Claude)

「Mantle! What should we do about the mantle? After all, as a prince, you must have the majesty as well」(Irene)

「…Didn’t we agree on what to wear just now……?」(Claude)

「Oh my, the color inside ended up varied now, I have to reselect your clothes all over again」(Irene)


「Claude-sama, good luck!」(Keith)

Keith cheered him on from the corner of the room that was filled with clothes. Irene laughed. 

「My, after we’ve finished deciding on what Claude-sama’s going to wear, next is going to be everyone else’s turns, you know?」


「Ah, would it be alright if we don’t go to the evening party?」

「……I’m glad I ain’t a nobleman. Right, Isaac?」

「I ain’t going! Absolutely not, ya hear me?!」(Isaac)

「I wanna try going just once, though! I’m curious on how the interior design of the castle will look like」(Donny)

「It’s pretty normal ya know, Donny. I like that thing called the military uniform」(Beelzebub)

「That’s right……Surely Beelzebub should just go with the military uniform, shouldn’t he? How about you, Keith-sama?」(Irene)

「I’m just gonna dress like how I usually dress, so please don’t mind me!」(Keith)

「Claude-sama will also look good with earrings, right? Let’s go with the color red, the same color as your eyes. Hehe, with this, the maidens will fall head over heels for you ……」(Irene)

「Are you okay with that?」(Claude)

Irene clenched her fist when Claude made that suspicious inquiry. 

「Of course! This is your first evening party debut as the Crown Prince, you know? This! Face! What are we going to do with it if we don’t show it off, Claude-sama!?」(Irene)

「I, I see」(Claude)

「Huhu, I’m looking forward to see the look on everyone’s faces when they prostrate before Claude-sama’s beautiful face」(Irene)

「I don’t really plan to have them prostrate before me, though……Well, I’m looking forward to it」(Claude)

「My, Claude-sama as well?」(Irene)

Was she wrong in thinking that Claude isn’t the type of person who wants to go out much in public?   

Claude smiled a little at Irene’s apparent confusion. 

「I’m wondering if I can make some friends」(Claude)

The shock at that time was comparable to the time when the lightning struck down behind her three times in a row.  

It wasn’t just Irene but everyone in the room had the same reaction as her; all of them had stopped moving. It seemed like someone had spilled the tea over but still, no one moved.   

Under such circumstances, Claude continued in a strangely lively voice. 

「There are many people who are closer to my age at the evening party, aren’t there?」(Claude)


「I’ve never had someone called a friend before」(Claude)


「It’s been a while since I’ve appeared in the social world. I thought I want to meet someone who I can call a friend」(Claude)


Irene exchanged glances with the others in the room while holding her breath. 

It was risky to point out the truth to this guy. 

It was forbidden to give out a sound reasoning to this guy such as “you’re the Demon King, and does the Demon King even needed a friend or something, and moreover, you’re the Crown Prince, you know?” or something the like.  

Yet, Beelzebub readily agreed. 

「If that’s what the King wishes for, I’ll cooperate as well」(Beelzebub)

「That’s……That’s right!!!!???」(Irene)

「Irene-sama, your voice is hitching! Please calm down, my Lord. Please let me take upon myself to say this for your sake」(Keith)

Keith moved as he said that. As expected from a loyal retainer; dared to speak up as everyone was watching attentively while they were anxiously holding their breath.  

「Let’s try doing greetings first!」(Keith)

「You’re starting from there?!!」(Isaac)

「N, no, but it’s correct though, Isaac. Maybe.」

「……Greetings are important」

「Th, that’s right, you know? Those working adults who don’t know how to do proper greetings will be ostracized, you know!」

「Greet……Greetings, huh? I see. Speaking about that, you appeared from the sky during the other day’s evening party, weren’t you?……It’s a blunder from your part. It wasn’t something that a human would do, it’s the Demon King’s」

 What should I do? I don’t know from where should I retort. (Irene)

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    1. Empress says:

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