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ARNRBKM – Chapter 5

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 5 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました


I’m sure I was blushing. That’s because I lacked immunity against men. In my previous world, the only friends I had was my otome games. While in this world, even though I had a fiance, I was raised in a conservative environment. Therefore, I haven’t really done anything with Cedric.

But, I can’t be flustered and let my weakness be exposed. With her back slightly bent forward, I forcefully let out a fake laugh towards the expressionlessly beautiful man.

「Y, yes. T, that’s what it is」

「……。Is it just my imagination because I think I just heard you stutter」

「It, it’s just you」

「It doesn’t look like you know enough about men to seduce them」

「Who do you think I am? I’m a veteran when it comes to seducing gentlemen!!」

Even if I said that with all my might, Claude was still expressionless. But I could see that he was scrutinizing me from head to toe.

My makeup and my dress were perfect as usual. Of course, I was dressed in a light attire because I came to this Demon King’s castle to challenge him but, my attire should be respectful enough to not shame the title of a duke’s daughter. But why did I feel embarrassed all of a sudden, Irene thought as she stood motionless.

(O, of course, you’ll feel nervous when there’s a beautiful person standing in front of you, but……Ah, my hair! It was frizzy, I mean (゚ω゚;)

I just realized. I was overall in a shabby appearance. There was mud staining my shoes, the lace of my dress was caught by something from somewhere causing it to be loose. But, there’s nothing I could do about it because I was walking through the forest. Although I said that, this is a very troubling situation.

In this period, a perfect attire is every woman’s defensive power; it was an armor for the women.

「I……Although I came here to propose marriage, please excuse me for my unsightly appearance. I’ll come back again」

「There’s no need」

Claude’s snapped his fingers. At that moment, she was ready to be attacked by the monsters, but Irene suddenly felt a gentle fluffy wind blew around her feet and light seemingly dancing and scattering around her. The mud on her shoes was removed, the loosen lace had been woven back to normal, and the fabric that was caught by the tree branches was restored. The dress has become pretty.   

(……It’s magic)

Claude said to the Irene who was struck silly.

「With this, you don’t have to come here again. Go home」

「……。I will treasure this clothes」


「I mean, this is a magical dress! How wonderful!」

When I turned around with shining eyes, the hem of the one-piece dress spread around beautifully.

At the same time, a flower in the vase bloomed. Was that magic as well? With a pair of shining eyes, I stared at the vase on the shelf, but there was only one flower blooming; and, there were no further changes on other flowers.

Seeing such a strange occurrence, Irene asked the expressionless Claude.

「Just now, was it magic that made the flower bloomed as well?」


Claude did no further answering.  

Keith, who was standing behind Claude, turned his head around and let out a meaningful laugh.

「As I thought, if women were in the room they lit up the whole place wonderfully. I was worried about the Claude-sama who was always surrounded by monsters alone, losing all of his sense of beauty and his common sense」

「That’s right, I remembered!The crows I met when I was on my way here」

「……I told you to go home, were you not listening?」

「I heard you, but I just refuse to listen to it. So, are those crows your subordinate, Claude-sama?」

Irene stood like a King in front of the Claude who made a subtle expression.

「I think having them around was a good way to warn against those who enter this forest, but it was offensive of the crows to insult those people like what they did to me. After all, the subordinate’s behavior is related to Claude-sama’s honor. Therefore, I would like to educate them so they will refrain themselves from ridiculing people based on some vulgar scandal」

「Why do you need to be the one who tell them all of those things?」

「Because it’ll disgrace me if my fiancee is someone without dignity」

「But, I don’t remember agreeing to be your fiancee at the first place」

「Also, there are few other things that bother me. First of all, Beelzebuth-sama’s appearance is disgraceful. I can see everything (1)」

Beelzebuth wore a bewildering expression upon listening to Irene’s comment while Keith let out a belly full of laughter.  

Beelzebuth’s upper body was only covered by a long vest and we can see the skin underneath it. When I saw his so-called Eastern-style appearance in the Otome game, I didn’t think anything of it; but, exposing skin isn’t a part of common sense in this Kingdom. Also, we are in mid-winter now. Just looking at him makes me feel cold.

「Let’s tailor something proper for you. Next, we need to make sure you learn proper etiquette as well」

「Oi, daughter of human. Why do I have to do those things?」

「You are Claude-sama’s right-hand man, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re a monster or whatever because it’ll cause us trouble if you’re not being proper when you go out in public」

「……。Right-hand man」

Beelzebuth let out a seemingly lively voice. He seems like someone who can easily be manipulated.

「And Keith-sama as well……I have a feeling that you’ve been wearing the same attire for a long time. Wearing something with good quality makes someone look presentable, but this dull attire you’re currently wearing is very embarrassing. Do you have another attire that you can properly wear out in public?」

「Ahー、I have something that was tailored for me a few years ago. It’s that kind of thing, right? Irene-sama, please listen to me. I’m supposed to be a high-ranking officer serving and watching over Claude-sama, but maybe because of my overly strong support for Claude-sama, I have zero salary!It’s even written on my paycheck, don’t you think that’s odd?」

「Oh my」

Maybe it’s embezzlement. Frowning, Irene pondered.

「……I understand. So, you were saying that even Claude-sama has no money, right?」

Suddenly, all of the flowers inside the vase withered; the petals fell and scattered around the room. Both of his followers quickly reacted to it the moment they saw what happened.

「Ah, Claude-sama you don’t have to feel bad about it. For me, I’m having so much fun here」

「Oh King, in the first place, if you need money, we can go and steal some」

「Both of you shut up.――Now you see, there’s no profit in marrying me」

「Oh my, I don’t care for such a trivial thing. I have enough to feed Claude-sama, you know? If so, I am good enough to keep Claude-sama」

Immediately, a lightning strike outside of the window. No longer surprised at such occurrence, Irene let out a laugh.

Claude with no expression on, raised up his voice.

「……how do you even reach to that conclusion? Didn’t you come here to seduce me?」

「Rather than seducing, I think doing it this way fits my style better」

I’ll keep the Last Boss. Irene, thinking that this had developed into something good, let out a giggle.

Claude looked back at her frostily.

「You pretty much don’t know anything about the person you’re seducing. That’s a very weird sense of humor you have right there」

「I’ll take that as a compliment. So, let’s make a contract under the name of marriage. Just say yes to my proposal, then I guarantee you will have a comfortable life and happiness knocking on your door」

「Uwaa, this seems like a strange religious solicitation」

「Claude-sama. In return, your love is more than enough for me. I knew how difficult it is thanks to some trash teaching me that fact」

Claude lifted up his face. I kinda had a feeling that he let out just a little bit of emotion.

To make Claude say yes, Irene got closer to Claude.

「You are a very kind person. You knew how painful it is for the monsters to live among humans, but despite that, you can’t bring yourself to hate humans. Isn’t that what’s really eating you inside?


「I personally think that it is completely fine if the entire human beings are destroyed, yes, I think it would be nice if they were to be eaten alive from head to toe by the monsters, especially those people who had insulted me; but, I think in your case, if you desire for the destruction of humanity, then it will become a reality. I wonder how heavy of a responsibility and struggle it is. I respect your ability to withstand the temptation」

For the first time, Claude’s sadness was shown through his emotionless facade.

Irene’s figure that was reflected in his eyes was smiling devilishly.

「If you marry me, I’ll protect you and your precious monsters. You don’t have to bear the burden on your own. I am fully prepared because I was the former Queen candidate after all」

At that, Claude expression turned back to his former expressionless face.

At some point, she made a mistake; and, in a blink of an eye, Claude’s beautiful face appeared in front of Irene.

「Just go home already」

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    1. Avatar Empress says:

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