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ARNRBKM – Chapter 4

Sorry for the late(?) chapter update. But it’s still 11:45 pm, Saturday so… Hmm.. but I don’t think we have a release schedule tho. I will think about it later, then. And is it just me or chapter 4 was weirdly hard for me to translate? I mean, I translated this a few days ago and I was really having trouble with it. I think I have days when my brain isn’t working properly and days it works scarily proper it even shocked me sometimes.

Anyway, one of the reason why this was late because I was busy working on chapter 5 and it was longer than I thought. (;⌣̀_⌣́). LOL. Plus, my editor and I were busy IRL as well. Like, time flies real quick when you’re busy ogling the Aquaman and Tarzan hot bods as well as fangirling over Tom Hiddleston all day long, ya know. (─‿‿─) (¬‿¬ ) (o˘◡˘o)

I have to emphasize this because this is important for this chapter. If you guys have some suggestions to improve the translation feel free to leave a comment or two. We would really appreciate it.

Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 4 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

「Beelzebuth, wait!」

Beelzebuth stopped his movement before he could reach Irene.

I let out a chuckle at the expected current course of event. ――If I were to be the heroine, Beelzebuth obediently will capture me and sent me home while I get to experience the thrill from flying in the sky; but, I think it’s fine if I don’t get to experience such thing because, at the moment, none of us have a favorable impression on each other; thus, for me to have such chivalry from them is very unlikely.

(Perhaps it’s preferable if I die a dramatic death now (1), but  … if he doesn’t love me, there’s no meaning to it)

Claude who had just stopped Beelzebuth, creased his eyebrows a little.

「What are you trying to do?」

「If I want to go home, I can go home on my own. Are you trying to further smear my name by sending me home by flying in the sky while being held by a gentleman who’s not even my fiancee?」

「A gentleman?」

Beelzebuth said that while pointing a finger to his own face, his face making a dubious look upon hearing her words. Claude sat back on his chair and said…

「He’s only sending you home in a normal way」

「No Claude-sama. Sending her home while being held by Beelzebuth-san while flying in the sky is not something normal, you know?  Everyone in her house will end up fainting」

「……。I understand, since I already made some consideration, drop down the sword, it’s bad for my heart」

「How considerate of you」

Irene sheathed back her sword while smiling at the expressionless Claude. Keith put a hand on his chin.

「Reputation aside, what a brave lady.……Speaking about D’Austriche Ducal House, it’s a great noble house that is related to the royalty by blood; and, if I’m not mistaken, there’s also Maiden of the Holy Sword’s blood flowing in her veins. Maybe we shouldn’t let this chance slip……」

「Keith, stop making useless theories。……Anyway, I reject your theories. Please go home」

Irene grinned while clasping her hands.

「If you say 『yes』to my proposal, I’ll definitely go home. It’s simple, isn’t it?」

「I don’t understand your reason. We’ve just met, you know. So, why do you want to marry me?――I mean」

Claude asked her, expressionlessly.

Irene felt dazzled by the gentle breeze blowing inside the room.

「――Do you, like me?」


When she replied to his question without an ounce of hesitation, a strong wind suddenly blew inside the room.

Keith quickly tried to calm Claude down.

「Cl- Claude-sama calm down! Please don’t create a tornado!」


「King, settle down your emotions」(2)

「After all, I mean, we’ve just met, right?」

「It was you who proposed to me right after meeting me though! Besides, you’ve just had your engagement annulled by Cedric, how dare you act with such disgraceful behavior――」

Suddenly, the wind stopped blowing.

It was probably because Irene pointed the tip of the sword right in front of Claude’s nose. The temperature in the room suddenly turned cold.

Even though a sword was being pointed at their King, Beelzebuth and Keith still maintained a cool composure. Because for someone like Irene, if Claude decided to get serious, he can easily turn her into charcoal in a blink of an eye.

Still, Irene held on to that sword, needing to say the words she’s been keeping to herself.

「Then, should I cry miserably? Don’t joke with me. I don’t have the desire to waste my life away, not even a second, for trash like him.

「……Trash. That’s quite hurtful」

「Yes. Women are all about accumulating love. I’ve decided to love you. Now, let’s nurture our love together」

「By pointing swords to each other?

To the Claude who had a cold look in his eyes, Irene smiled as beautifully as she could.

「If we continue to say “I love you” to each other, it seems like it’ll really going to become true. Why don’t you try saying it?」

「I see」

After answering her request in an emotionless voice, Claude reached out his hand. Suddenly, his long fingers were gently scooping Irene’s hair that fell down from her shoulder to her chest while she was still holding on to the sword. His red eyes were scrutinizing her suspiciously.  

「In other words, you came here to seduce the Demon King?」

  1. any idea what this means: むしろ脚色していかないと.
  2. This is Beelzebuth speaking.

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      Firstly, Thanks a lot for the chapter! It’s somewhat refreshing to see a fellow malaysian here (lol). Anyways I’ve a suggestion for the dialogue parts, it’s quite hard to understand the conversation especially when there’s more than two people. Sooooo, it would be nice if you put the names after the dialogues. This has been implemented by other translators as well. BUT, this is just my suggestion, it might just ruins the japanese writing style so feel free to do as you like! Anyhow, keep up da gud werk!

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    Hi! great chapter, only thing would be that isnt Beelzebuth supposed to be Beelzebub? Not sure of the romanization of the word but there is an actual demon named Beelzebub. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Avatar Empress says:

      Yeah, I was surprised to see the way his name was spelled in katakana. it was spelled as “beelzebuuto”. I did consider to simply use the name Beelzebub but I thought MAYBE it was better to make it similar to his name on the manga instead. But now that you brought this up, I’ll make a poll to see if we should change his name to Beelzebub.

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    yaaaaaay it updated ୧⍢⃝୨ don’t worry tack you’r time and the translation in this chapter is excellent (๑✧∀✧๑)a very praiseworthy change from last chapter (´꒳`) sorry for that but it was kinda hard to follow or i wasn’t able to red it too well cuz i was pulling an all-nighter for a few days (・・;)ya my fault im sure(ㆆᴗㆆ) (^^ゞ

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