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ARNRBKM – Chapter 35

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Poor Keith… 

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 35 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

Keith Aygrid (1). His real lineage was that of Aygrid Viscount House. As the second son of the house, Keith who was 2 years older than Claude, has been chosen to be Claude’s attendant even before Claude was born.

Keith was 5 years old when Claude was suspected to be the Demon King by people around him. It started when Claude used magic to save Keith who was drowning at the garden. After that, when Cedric was born, the battle for the throne reached to the point in which Claude’s life was being targeted; and then, it came to light that the monsters had been protecting him every time such things happened.

(Perhaps, the Royal Family was trying to hide that fact about Claude-sama……I don’t know whether they were thinking about their reputation or doing it out of love though) [Irene]

Because Claude had saved Keith’s life, the matter about him being the Demon King could no longer be concealed. Surely, Keith blamed himself for that. That’s why even now, he was still serving Claude faithfully.

It was a very human way of doing things even when he was serving the Demon King against the Demon King’s feelings himself.

She was glad that she mentally took a note when she was listening to Claude’s story about that plot of land that was bought for the sake of the monsters at that time. There was no way that they could buy the entire of the Earl’s territory cheaply. For the sake of buying that, the immature Keith sold the monsters to earn capitals. He probably selected the monsters by asking the monsters for assistance to come along with him or something. If it was to be done outside the barrier, then Claude won’t be able to notice it.

However, the thing that should only happen once, had become something that continuously happened.

If he refuses to do so, the plot of land will be taken away. He also had no one he was able to consult with regarding the matter about him being tricked. He was struggling on his own. It was either sacrificing a small handful of monsters or saving a great number of monsters; he was to bear the choice that had been imposed on him all by himself.

The transaction continued since there was a profit even on the human side. That was for the matter of Lilia who had awakened as the Maiden of the Holy Sword to come out.

(……The rest is exactly as Keith had said. There was no need to fear the monsters if the Demon King is gone) [Keith]

If the Demon King is gone, the monsters won’t flock together. Their intelligence will decline, and generally, the harmful monsters will be degraded to only small pests. It will be easy for humans to use their devices and wisdom and send several people in charge to hunt them. Moreover, some parts from the monsters can be sold with an extremely high price. If that’s the case, it will be inevitable for those people to come out with a concession that it is better to eliminate the Demon King because the Demon King will vanish with a blow from the Holy Sword.

However, the Holy Sword’s existence is to fight the monsters, so it won’t be effective on humans. While he is still a human, Claude can’t be defeated by the Holy Sword. If that’s the case, it will be preferable if he truly ends up becoming a monster. Those are the details of the Demon King awakening event.

In the game, Keith shouted that it was because he wanted money. With a scornful smile on his face, he had said to Claude that it was precisely because of the profitable business that he served Claude; he definitively stated that he didn’t feel a debt of gratitude or the likes towards Claude.

But, that was certainly a gentle lie.

『You know, I’ve been thinking。……Maybe Claude-sama will be happier if he becomes a monster』(Keith)

Keith said that this morning when he succumbed to the remuneration offered by Irene. His choice was essentially the decision of what Claude should do. If he could at least make Claude carry that feeling of guilt and leave behind that feeling while he remains as a human, he would soon harbor hatred towards all humans and thus becoming a monster; certainly, that was what the game’s Keith had desired.

In the game’s reality, Claude had killed Keith with his own hands in his fit of anger, then he felt despair over humans and thus transformed into a dragon.

In the game situation, especially in Cedric’s capture route, Lilia was involved in helping Cedric who was given a task by the emperor to resolve the matter regarding illicit trade involving the monsters before his graduation; they had suspected Keith and informed it to Claude. Cedric and the others, together with the rear guards tried to apprehend Keith at the dealings scene; however, Keith ended up being killed by Claude in their encounter. And then, Claude, who ended up transforming into a dragon because of his despair over humans, being told「I will end your sorrow」by the heroine, then the heroine annihilated him by using the Holy Sword.

By the way, if Claude’s capture route was to appear in the second playthrough of the game, thereupon, Claude would be restrained by the humans. Claude who was hurt by Keith would be told 「You have me」by the heroine when she healed him, thus he turned back into a human. And then, Claude who decided to live together with Lilia, in order to avoid confrontation with Lilia who was the Maiden of Holy Sword, would abandon his position as the Demon King. He would seal all of the monsters inside the World of Demons and went on to live as a human.

Irene who had regained all of her memories about that situation could only say one thing.

「What a useless heroine……!!」

The moment she was aware of her suspicion towards Keith, she should have carefully considered on how Claude would react. In addition, there were some actions that she should take. Speaking about what Lilia did in the game, she flaunted Keith’s betrayal to Claude and hurt him in the process; and yet, she did things like saying「I’ll stop your sorrow」then annihilated him or saying「You have me」, then made Claude abandoned everything, or doing everything as much as she pleased. And, Irene completely hated the situation from the bottom of her heart.

Moreover, while trying to find a way to wed Lilia the Maiden of Holy Sword who was incompatible with monsters, who would’ve thought that Claude who wanted to protect the monsters, would choose to abandon the monsters instead; Irene felt a sense of disbelief towards his answer.

(I definitely won’t let Claude-sama choose that sort of future)

If it was Irene, she would prepare everything that Claude wishes for.

She also won’t let him abandon the monsters. She won’t let him kill his precious attendant either.

For that reason, it was necessary to settle all the necessary groundwork. That’s what a battle was like.

「――I told you to go home」(Claude)

Just when Claude’s voice was reverberating throughout the abandoned castle, the door opened by itself and there was a blizzard along the hallway.

Translator corner:

  1. キース・エイグリッド。<– I’m bad with names tbh. Lemme know if I spelled his name correctly.

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  2. Shin_Itsuka says:

    useless heroine and definitely a B*tch
    thank for the double release!!!

    1. Ombre Longue says:

      Well, the think is, that if you cute down and analyse most of the story, the MC (male or female) are of this kind : and their “héroic deeds” nothing more than murder cheaply painted like “rightfull and fair” by the author.
      It’s in fact for that i heavily despise and loath most of the xanxia, and chinese cheap novel because, most of the time, the “great mc” are like this b*tch of Lilia … in other more : monster and selfich b*stards dressed as upright and good people.

      1. tbf, they weren’t wrong in portraying MC a.k.a the hero of their story to be a dickhead on power trip. The true definition of Hero is someone who did something no one else could accomplish, their attitude and personality notwithstanding. There’s a reason why heroes who saved people are called Heroes of Justice instead of a plain hero.

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      -That was for the matter of Lilia (had awakened) as the Maiden (of Holy) Sword >>who had awakened../..of the holy
      -he could at least make Claude(carries)that feeling of guilt >>carry
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