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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 12

Discarded Love

Discarded Love

“Milady.., are you truly fine with sharing a room with me?”

After finally coming to his senses, he asked Chloe who was preoccupied making the bed sheet, checking the closet, and inspecting the room in general.

“What’s the issue about it?”

“A huge one, lady. Although we pretended to be siblings, we are a pair of young unmarried persons in truth.”

Chloe who was initially mystified about Shin’s protest, replied in a small giggle. As she is currently looking at Shin’s direction, it made the prince who was watching it in the mirror feel like he was the one being made fun of instead.

“Goodness, Shin. So you do look at me that way?”

“Please do not tease me.”

“Sorry, it’s just a little unbelievable that you are that conscious of me. I thought that was improbable even if you flip the heavens and earth.”

Why would you say that, lady? First and foremost, I am still a man. Or is that milady only still see me as a mere pet?”

Although it looked as though Shin was coaxing his mistress, not at all. He is just stating common sense. But as he brought up one of her outrageous remarks in the past, it made Chloe unusually sad.

“I have said countless stupid things back then…, you were just so important to me that, I was afraid that his highness would suspect you for infidelity. Truly, I had never thought of you as a pet, not now and neither in the past.”

 ‘Hey I can’t see anything!’

Chloe’s finger had covered the entire surface of the mirror because she is touching the brooch, making the prince slightly anxious that she might end up breaking it.

“To tell you the truth, you are my most ideal brother. It would’ve been much better for me if you had been my brother instead of Darck.”

‘Even I would much prefer Momo over someone with such a terrible personality.’

Dark starts rebutting even though the other side can’t hear him. The prince thought that it was also filled with frustration of having Momo as a sister rather than his wife. Before long, Chloe’s finger took off the brooch and instead held Shin’s hands.

 “I am willing to act as lady’s brother or lover so long as she wishes it…, however I am guessing that there’s no one else who could fill the latter role other than his highness, Leddorio.”

“Not at all, his highness doesn’t really matter.”


Shin and Leddorio’s voice were in unison.

(Chloe… that Chloe whom had been sticking by my side all day wherever I go, the lady who kept appealing to me to the point of irritating, had said that?)

“M-Milady…, there’s no one here other than the two of us. There’s no need to force yourself.”

“Rather, I have been forcing myself since before till now, silly. I very much prefer to just have fun you know? Doing ascetic practices, taking lectures as the queen candidate, every single night to the point of almost dying, I didn’t have any other choice than to at least make the engagement worthwhile.  Fine, I admit it. I did love his highness actually, and have fallen in love with him at first sight, but now that the engagement is annulled and I’m chased off like this, he’s an unrelated person to me now. It’s over for us. He’s already in the past. Digging up the past every single time would just be a waste of my time, rather, a waste of my life. I’d rather just forget all about it and enjoy my second life, don’t you think so?”

‘W-Waste of life… Already in the past…?’

“Y-Your highness, please calm down. That is nothing but whining of a sore loser.”

Leddorio who seemed as though he’s about to cross over to the other side of the mirror to confront the lady himself, was hurriedly stopped by Sei. The prince didn’t expect that Chloe is a woman with such a fickle heart. Since from the time they were ten year old, right up to the cancellation of their engagement, the lady had always kept her eyes on him not even sparing a glance to any other men. The only exception was Shin, whom the prince had thought was more of a pet to the lady but–

(And here I thought you’re starting to look better after reflecting, you wench… fine, I’ll give you the greatest of despair for making a fool out of me!)

The observation was initially done with the intention to ease Momo’s worries but Leddorio who was visibly mad had declared that in front of Chloe’s reflection.

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  1. Avatar Jair Gomes Soares Júnior says:

    Please, don’t let our vilainess have some kind of romance with Momo’s reverse harem.

  2. Avatar BlackSheep says:

    First of all you anchovy, shouldn’t you be happy that she’s not pining on you anymore???

  3. Avatar K says:

    Has the prince completely forgotten that she knows he can hear her? That would normally make me at least consider the idea that she’s doing psi ops on me.

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