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Trouvaille 13. Old man

Old man

The dark sea.

A dark figure with a hooded black satin robe stood in front of the dark sea. The hungry waves splashed at his feet. The figure let out his mana and found out no one was watching him. He walked into the water. The sea paved a way for him to the east. The east area is not visited by anyone as the countries nearby area in the west. And the harbor is also located to the west of the water body.

A magic layer encircled him as he reached a certain point. The water engulfed him as soon as the layer was formed. The sea returned to its usual state. 

The figure went deep under the sea and stopped at a barren area. No creature was found in this area. He went five steps and stopped. A magical barrier appeared when his mana came in contact with it. He drew a complicated seal on the barrier. 

When the seal was completed he pressed his hand. An unbelievable thing happened. In the view appeared a shining dark castle made of obsidian. As he stepped inside, the castle soon vanished.


At this time at the royal palace.

Ivar was kneeling before the emperor to give his respects. The emperor looked at him with a condescending gaze and gestured for him to rise.

The two of them spoke for a minute. The doors opened and Ivar exited. He walked in a random direction and stopped in front of a fish pond surrounded by short trees. The scene itself represented tranquility. It wasn’t clear where he was gazing at.

Sigh, The eighth princess is a bit expensive. Anyways, she’s worth the price, I can at least obtain information from the old man.

He did not know when his plans started to change. According to his plan he was to leave for the Grimald’s house midnight, the day before. And he was tangled up in this kind of mess. His relationship with his father was actually good, but not to the point of ‘my dear father and my dear son’. His old man wanted him to marry as soon as possible but he could very well understand the reason behind it. Because he was not into girl….. .

Suddenly he got a glimpse of a figure. He was curious as to who might have the guts to sneak into the royal palace. Did the palace have such lax security? He was curious, so he followed the figure. He soon reached a remote quarters, nobody was to be seen there. 

What kind of place is this, not even having the least security?

He tapped his feet and soon stood in front of the figure, blocking the figure at the entrance. 

“Who are you?”

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