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Trouvaille 12. True form

True form

Normally in basic books, about combination elements, ethereal spirit is described to heal any type of disagreement between elements. But her condition was quite different. Because the combination itself involves the spirit. The spirit element within her can only suppress the darkness, but it cannot integrate both of them.

It has been giving her a headache for the past year, she was not like others who had to find teachers to seek their path’s goal. She had been able to level up since she was five years old. Normally children who are only ten years old are able to collect and refine mana in their bodies to level up.

Being confined to the palace, her actions were extremely limited to searching for new books. Now onwards she can at least look up to freedom from this dungeon-like place.

Was it the third day?  I hope that guy doesn’t renege on his  promise.

With this thought she started to elaborately write her future steps. Time flew by quickly. Aquila got up from her desk and stretched herself to relieve the soreness in her joints. She looked at the time and noted that there was still some time till night.

The stack of papers were neatly placed under her bed in a secret compartment. She drew a simple lock seal on it. The compartment completely vanished. 

The sky was turning dark. Her eyes flashed. Dark grey mist soon enveloped her and she changed back into a charming man with black hair reaching his knees and deep blue magical eyes. His hair like the night sky contrasted with his snow white skin.  

‘Ambrose, you must never be weak. Being weak means you will be the prey for the predator.’

At that time he could not understand what his dad was saying but now he understood it clearly. His original form could not be hidden forever as he had to find a way soon. He directly passed through the glass window. Even the maids who passed by him couldn’t see him. He soon made his way out of the palace and used a spell to jump to the night guard’s tower.

Safely crossing the barrier magic of the palace he soon flew towards the dark sea. Only streaks of grey could be seen when he left.


On the left side of the emperor’s palace lay the third prince’s office. Currently a guest was at his spacious home. He seemed to not care what the person in front of him was saying. A pen swirled lazily in his long slender fingers. 

“Brother, do you know what happened today at court? The Crown prince was humiliated in front of everyone. Obviously he couldn’t control his allies. A black material about him was released. The council was extremely dissatisfied with him! Hahaha, you should have seen his face…….”

Ren was chatting non-stop. Ivar’s aide Arwin blankly listened to everything. 

Does his blabbering mouth ever get tired?  

His gaze settled on his master. Lately he couldn’t understand his master’s actions. He’s behaving weirdly after the founder’s day ball. Is he happy? He even smiled slightly during breakfast. He found it hard to believe. Anyway It’s not his business.


The swirling pen fell and landed on the ground.

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