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Trouvaille 11. Trouble


The contents flowed from the mouths of  everyone like the following:

A dirty girl was picked up from the sorceress’s tower while killing her. She was handcuffed and brought before the emperor. It was not known where the news that the girl is of royal bloodline came from. The emperor ordered the bloodline testing crystal. The news was true that the girl was of the royal bloodline. 

The emperor did not have that much of a reaction as there were a lot more princesses in the palace. When he named the girl Aquila Auffrye, the golden statue behind him cracked and fell over. He barely managed to survive with the help of the royal guards. At that time the girl opened her mouth and said with empty eyes. “It’s Alwyn”

The emperor soon changed her name to Aquila Alwyn for fear that a curse would befall the empire.

The ladies were already giving her odd looks. Now after the intensity of the story they started to avoid her like plaque. Aquila did not care about it. She drank a cup of wine and went to her sleeping quarters.

Ivar also heard the story of her. And felt even more disgust towards the emperor. He could have blocked the news from going out. He intentionally spread the news directly because he was shamed by a little girl. Resulting in the damage of her reputation.

In this continent, no one would marry a lady if her reputation is spoiled. 

The emperor[age:50] always lusted around beauties and planted his seeds everywhere. Even he doesn’t know the count of his legitimate and illegitimate children. He doesn’t care about state affairs. Only he spends his time in brothels or the concubine’s palaces.

“This will be the last time I’ll meet you, Chrysogon Auffrye”

The founder’s day ended and all returned to their daily chores. The palace was the same as always. Everyone was busy with their assigned duties. But only one area is very quiet with no maids to tend it. Our Aquila was peacefully reviewing her thoughts.

She sat on the desk and wrote her plans one by one. The first step is completed. Next is to solve my unstableness in her elements. She has two ethereal spirits. For most of them, it may be good news to have the type of an ethereal element. But Aquila did not even want it. She had two types of ethereal elements; one was the rarest type, spirit, which is directly related to her soul and the powers in the space above. 

The other was the straight opposite of spirit. Darkness. It is related to pure evil, shadows, and witchcraft. To balance these elements, one must have enormous mental power and physical stability. The way to integrate two types of elements has been written in the history books of Granaria. To access it one must have the backing of higher authorities and should be of the pure bloodline.

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